Sometimes buying a new generator is not a great choice, because you don’t know when your business is going to change. Also, new areas will emerge, even those you would not expect, and present new opportunities that you cannot expect. Hence, a DG Set on rent is always beneficial in this condition. With 11 years of long experience in generator dealership, EO Energy provides several ranges of Ashok Leyland rental generator.

Our brand new Ashok Leyland rental generator directly came from the manufacturing plants. We also provide maintenance and product support services after-sales and help you in choosing the best Genset on rent. We designed our rental power generator unit as per the client’s requirements.

If your power Genset requirement is not present for long-duration than Choosing a generator on rent is always beneficial as compared to buying a new one. A rental Genset comes with a number of features such as low cost, flexibility, less maintenance, etc.

EO Energy also gives special discounts in rental generator prices, if the rental period is for a long duration.

Note: Apart from the DG Set on rent, EO Energy also deals in Ashok Leyland’s new and used generator. For more information related to these Genset’s click on the link.

Ashok Leyland (Leyopower) rental generator presents with a number of key features. The compact engine design of this Genset makes them great in fuel efficiency. But, before getting features & product information of DG on rent, first, take a small overview of this company.

About Ashok Leyland Group

Ashok Leyland Generator in India which headquarter is located in Chennai stands out as a new brand that not only offers you an effective and powerful generator at the time you face blackout on rent but also lets you avail of its assistance for selecting a suitable generator that can meet all the needed requirements without facing any kind of hurdles or obstacle.

Furthermore, One of the facts that will take on cloud nine that Ashok Leyland Rental Generator roots are connected with a popular and well-known brand called EO energy(A top-leading supplier of numerous sorts Gensets) as its new emerging brand which specializes in providing portable Genset and diesel generators.

Facts Will Make You Admire And Believe Ashok Leyland Generator

Straightforward Features Of Ashok Leyland Generators That You Should Be Knowing

Benefits Of Ashok Leyland Rental Generators

Keep your money in its right place of course in your pocket

This is one of the major and great benefits that everybody would agree to us as rental generators are provided here at low and cheap rates at the time you need to have it without letting you face any kind delay.

Make yourself Satisfied before Renting Gensets At Ashok Leyland Generators

We people always like to use the thing before investing money and rental generator offers you this chance of testing with complete satisfaction.

Warranty And insurance is something which you can’t let it go at any cost if it is knocking at your door

At Ashok Leyland Generators it requires you no money to pay for warranty and insurance at all as we offer you, highly-qualified technicians, to reform any kind of malfunction.

Different Range of Ashok Leyland Rental Generators We Offer

ashok leyland 125 kVa genset
Ashok Leyland 125 KVA rental Genset

Genset Model LP75D/LP82.5D kV

Genset ModelLP75D/LP82.5D
Power Rating75kV/82.5kV
Electric Power60kW/66kW
Rated Current104.34/114.78
DG Size2800 * 1200
Fuel Tank Capacity190 Ltr.
Battery Capacity90 AH
System DG Voltage12 Volt
Engine ModelAL4CTIDG3
Engine Rated kW/Engine Rated HP78/104.59
No. of cylinders & configuration4, in line
Bore x Stroke104 x 113
Compression ratio16.5±0.5:1
Fuel Consumption13.6 Lts / hr
Lube Oil Capacity approx. (Ltr)11
Coolant Capacity approx. (Ltr)15.5
Alternator Brushless, Single Bearing, IP23, Class H Insulated, 50 Hz, Voltage Regulation + 0.5%, 0.8PF Lag

Genset Model LP250D

Genset ModelLP250D
Power Rating250 kV
Electric Power200 kW
Rated Current348 Amp
DG Size4700*1600
Fuel Tank Capacity340 Ltr.
Battery Capacity105 AH
System DG Voltage24 Volt
Engine Model AL8NTIDG6/AL8NTIDG3
Engine Rated kW/Engine Rated HP 223/299
No. of cylinders & configuration6, Inline
Bore x Stroke112 x 135
Compression ratio17.5 ± 0.5 : 1
Fuel Consumption40.3 Ltr/Hour
Lube Oil Capacity approx. (Ltr)25
Coolant Capacity approx. (Ltr)49
AlternatorBrushless, Single Bearing, IP23, Class H Insulated, 50 Hz, Voltage Regulation + 0.5%, 0.8PF Lag

Genset Model LP650

Genset ModelLP650
Power Rating650 kV
Engine RPM1500
Rated Current904
DG Size5600*2000*2800
Fuel Tank Capacity990
Battery Capacity12/180
Gross Engine Output (Bhp)744
Engine ModelTAD1653GE
Engine Rated kW/Engine Rated HP25.2/33.8
No. of cylinders & configuration6, Inline
Bore x Stroke144*165
Compression ratio16.5:1
Fuel Consumption At 100%/75% (Ltrs/Hr) 134.7/103.56
Lube Oil Capacity approx. (Ltr)48
Coolant Capacity approx. (Ltr)118

Genset Model LP750

Genset ModelLP750
Power Rating750 kV
Genset Weight8900 k.g.
Rated Current1043 Amp
DG Size2000 X 900
Fuel Tank Capacity990 Ltr
Battery Capacity (V/Ah)12/180
Number of fuel filter3
Engine Model6M33D660E310
Engine RPM1500
No. of cylinders & configuration6, Inline
Bore x Stroke150*185
Compression ratio15:1
Fuel Consumption At 100%/75% (Ltrs/Hr) 171.4 / 132.6
Lube Oil Capacity approx. (Ltr)61
Coolant Capacity approx. (Ltr)159

Apart from the heavy diesel generator, EO Energy also deals in a different range of small generators on rent for a home or small business purposes.

Reason To Hire Ashok Leyland Generator

While, from the key feature of Ashok Leyland Genset, there are lots of advantages of hiring a DG Set on rent. Likewise, here we will discuss the benefits of Ashok Leyland Genset on rent.


Flexibility feature in rental generators gives you the opportunity to resize your Genset for a particular task. Also, you can choose a Genset on rent with the right output & right size. rental generator dealer also gives you the freedom to select another suitable DG Set on rent for the next project.

Low Cost

The biggest advantage of hiring a generator is that it can often be cheaper to rent than to buy. Because of the limited budget for Genset, it is often an important driver. Also, you will get more discount if your rental Genset requirement is for a long duration. Because Saving a little amount of money per month can save a large amount at the end of the year.

Less Maintenance

Another benefit of hiring a generator on rent, there is no need to spend money on a technician. Rental units are well maintained during the rental period. Also, if the generator encounters any issue, service technicians are available from your rental provider to repair or replace the generator.

Rent Without Installation Price

Another best advantage, when you get a generator on rent, there is no need to pay Genset installation fees. Because the most rental Genset service provider provides rental generator installation free of cost.

Rent to Own Option

Also, you will purchase your rental Genset after completing the rental period. Because most of the rental service provider including, EO Energy provides you rent to own option. Once you will complete the rent agreement duration, but your Genset requirement is not completed. So, we give you both options, if you want to renew your Genset rental agreement will do. Otherwise, buying a rental generator option is also available.

Ashok Leyland rental generator is always beneficial if your budget is low or the power backup requirement is a certain time of periods. Also, this rental power Genset gives you lots of advantages, for example, flexibility, low cost, less maintenance, and rent to own option, etc.

EO energy provides a wide range of generators on rent and also if you rent a DG Set for a long duration, we offer attractive discounts. If you have any queries related to rental power backup, you can contact us and our team will assist you in a short duration.