Points To Be Consider When Shopping For A Generator?

Points To Be Consider When Shopping For A Generator?

When the power goes out, a generator can keep your home warm in winter or cool in summer. It can keep your food cool, light your kitchen and charge your computer and phone.

People tend to purchase generators around major storms. When they are prone to making a desperate decision without a plan for what to do when they get it home.Working by flashlight, in a hurry to get power-ups and running, they can skip critical safety steps during setup. And people die every year from generator-related carbon monoxide poisoning.

So, if you are thinking about investing in a generator for your home you must know what should be considered when shopping for a generator. Therefore, here is a few things to keep in mind before shopping for a generator.

Things to Know When Shopping For A Generator

  1. Size of Generator
  2. Type of power generator
  3. Fuel type
  4. Fuel tank
  5. Noise level of Generator
  6. Best Generator buying guide
  7. How to Maintain Generator
  8. Durability

Size of Generator

Before shopping for a generator, we need to know what the size of the generator will be right for the house, industries, commercial buildings, etc. As Size of the generator depends upon the need of users which makes a choice among single-phase, three-phase, kW, KVA. Some key point keeps in mind.  Generators are available in a wide range of sizes in markets. The power supply capacities of generators are 5 kW to 50 kW are readily available in the home or official use.

Industrial generators are starting from 50 kW to over 3 Megawatts. Many people use small generators because they are not running all the time. Unfortunately, a generator under small size is one of the most common mistakes committed by users not only does.  It involves the risks of damaging your new generator. You must remember the size when you shopping for a generator.

How To Determine The Right Size

Before buying the new generator you must consider it with your friends. Without any other consideration is clearly not a good approach. Make a list item that needs the power of the generator before shopping for a generator. You must calculate the total power in KW. You may find the power in amperes and convert the ampere into watts.

Power calculation method

  • watts= ampere *volts

It depends upon the need of using it starts from 48 KW to 2000 kW. According to need, you can choose a generator using the formula to know how much watts you use and what is perfect.


  • No  capacity overload
  • Increased life of your generator
  • Increased system life period.

Type of power generator

There are different types of generators. Each of these has its advantage and disadvantage and different price range. You can select any one type of generator according to your needs and budget.

  • Inverter generators
  • Industrial generators
  • Induction generators
  • Standby generators
  • Portable generators

Inverter generator

Inverter generators convert the AC output to DC and then convert it to AC. It makes sure that the current is passing to device, gadget or appliance. It produces 2000 to 5000 watts of power at 220 volts.

Industrial generator

Different types of Industrial generators are used in industries. The industrial generator gives power industrial applications with their unique works. This generator controls ruggedness, robustness, and ability to perform under adverse conditions amenability to customization. The output power of this generator is 20 kilowatts to 2500 kilowatts.

Induction generator

It is induction motors which turn into induction generators. It is of two types of self-excited generators and externally excited generators. A windmill-driven introduce the self-excited type of induction generators and externally excited generators use elevators, cranes, and hoists.

Standby generators

Standby generator is used in restaurants, hospitals,  hotels, homes/apartments. It can run different fuels. It is a standby source of power used when power fails in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, apartments in commercial establishments. They cannot stop their works.

Portable generator

Portable generators are beneficial in camping or outdoor functions. It is useful in construction activities to provide power to tools. It also uses in agriculture because it comes in low output power. It is ideal for the home.

Fuel type

Generators can be of two types when coming to fuel. One is Petro and another is a diesel generator. The fuel system sends fuel to the engine in distribution to the generator. It stores the engine chamber which is the fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel carburetor. The capacity of storage is measured on the basis of work in an hour. It is mainly of two types of petrol and diesel.

Fuel tank

First, you will need to know how much fuel you can store.  You may need this because it will determine the maximum capacity of your fuel tank. It has three types: emergency stock, lead time for support, and  lead time stock

Noise level of the generator

Generators are used almost everywhere from offices, homes, industries. The noise of the generator can be harmful to the human ear and makes a lot of problems. Central Pollution Control Board makes a rule to makes permission able noise in India. People of India know about these permission noise limits. So they can be shopping for the best generator which is suitable for the area.

In India, the noise is measured by dB (A) which shows the maximum sound. 85 dB noise level can tolerate by the human ear. The common level of noise is 80 dB while the decibel level is 100 to 125 which is uncomfortable for humans. So the industries make acceptable noise for their goods. In India 75 DB noise level in the day and 70 dB in the night. By CPCB guideline the max noise level for a new generator in 1000 KVA capacity is 75 dB. So before shopping for a generator keep this point carefully. Also, check the exhaust & emission control system before selecting any Genset.

How to Maintain Generator

There are many ways to maintain your generator. Generators need proper maintenance, good oil, and exercise some common maintenance tips or purchase a warranty generator. It is one of the main points to know before shopping for the generator and the best ways to protect the generator after every three-month power up your generator. The company recommended after three months a minimum 30-minute charge to electric start. Fill good fuel by which the generator gives a good response and avoids damaging your property. Keep clean your filter and keep oil your generator.

Where The Generator Located

Where the generator may be located which gives easy to repair and maintenance and stop to keep rising with water. It should be located close as a possible fuel supply to the transfer.


It is one of the main points to know before going shopping for the generator. You are buying a generator it does not mean that it is broken down ever weak. You can not cover the generator with meter frames that protect your generator.

The Bottom Line

If you are going shopping for a generator, you should read the generator’s buying guide. We ensure you, the above article will definitely help you. So do not forget to read the entire article and also share it. If you have any questions and suggestions, then you can tell in the comment box.

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