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7 Signs That It’s Time To Replace your Portable Generator: Complete Guide

Generators are machines that produce electric energy by converting mechanical energy. Which is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It provides electricity and allows you to keep on lights, domestic appliances, essential medical equipment, etc. A portable generator is an important part of our daily life. But due to the continuous uses, there are various kinds of problems that occur in the diesel Genset & due to this problem this is the call for portable generator replacement.

With the design & specification, we can categorize a generator in mainly 3 categories such as inverter generator, mini portable generator, or standby DG Set. The range of portable DG Sets not installed permanently at any location means you can easily shift it from one location to another.

A portable generator is a gas or petrol-diesel-powered generator, which provides temporary electrical power. It is generally used for camping or outdoor trips. Residents and small businesses sometimes left without a power supply. They can use a portable generator to keep their vital appliances operating. This generator usually has enough power to run a freezer, refrigerator, television, and some lights and fans working.

Here in this article, we share the information for portable generator replacement tips & various signs to identify when you replace  DG Set.

When Should you replace portable generator- Identify problems in Genset

The age of portable Genset is not as long as other large in size commercial or industrial DG Set due to the quality of engines. The engine of portable Genset is not as strong as heavy-duty generators. So the lifespan of this home generator is continuously decreased due to its uses during the power outage. So always make sure the installation & maintenance of DG Set in a proper way that also helps to increase the lifespan of backup Genset.

 Its working life expected to be between 1000 and 2000 hours. It means if you run your generator on an average of 100 hours per year. it will be lie between 10 and 20 years. Somehow, at a point, you have to purchase a new generator by replacing it with the old one. It doesn’t matter if you bought the generator at a low cost or the cheapest one or the most expensive one. All of them will have to be replaced someday, just like any other thing. Now it time to know some points that indicate portable generator replacement.

1. The age of a generator

The older anything is, definitely, has to fail one day. The age of a generator depends on how many hours it gets used every year but depends not on its physical age. The average portal generator has been designed to last for 1000 to 2000 hours of use. You can also check your user manual for more information about the expected service life. You can also go to the internet to find more service information about your product.

Once you reach the end of the expected lifespan of the generator, you will start facing more inconsistent performance. The generator refuses to start up continuously and loses power. Then you will need to replace your generator sooner.

2. Starting up failure

Your generator takes longer to start up or delays and hiccups while you trying to get starting it. Sometimes, these problems can be simply fixed. Because maybe the fuel tank is too low for the generator to start properly. To avoid these issues, you service your generator regularly, according to the manufacturer’s manual book, and try to keep it in good condition.

But if these problems occur constantly and you did not find other issues with your generator. So, maybe it’s time to think about getting an up-gradation of your generator.

3. Not flexible for your family

If you purchased a portable generator and expected to have to run a few things only. You can use it easily if you’re a bachelor or couple, but once your family is growing, your power usage will increase accordingly. Hence You all will need more electricity, mainly during emergency situations. And you also may need to use more appliances.

And apart from this reason, even if moving to a new house. it is impossible for you to use your old generator properly according to your need. Let takes an exception if you used to have a unit at your old home, but moved into a new bigger home and have central AC. So your old generator won’t have enough power to run your central A/C system. It may be time to replace with an upgrade in the size, power, and tank size of your generator.

4. Fuel costs increases/ lower efficiency

your generator runs on gasoline, propane, natural gas, or any other fuel source, and nowadays the fuel costs seem to be increasing day by day.  And your generator’s efficiency becomes less efficient. leading to higher fuel costs and lower overall efficiency, it’s quite impossible to handle the expenditure of increased price and less efficiency. So, maybe it’s time for a replacement of a portable Genset.

5. Excessive fuel usage

Your generator’s user manual provides information on expected fuel consumption. But your generator consumes more fuel than its daily consumption. This is because your generator hasn’t been properly maintained and it is worn out due to age. Also, the reason is that some parts are may be repaired or replaced. If repairs and maintenance don’t help, then it’s time for a replacement with the brand new generator.

6. Emitting too much carbon monoxide

All generators exert some defined level of carbon monoxide. Because of this reason, whole standby generators and mini generators are both placed outside of the building. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas present in the atmosphere.

So, you should avoid spending too much time around an active generator. And you should never run a generator in an enclosed space. One thing you can do is monitor the carbon monoxide levels of your generator. If you see the difference in the level of carbon monoxide. This is a major issue if your generator is emitting too much CO gas. This directed a sign to you that, this generator needs to be replaced.

7. Too many repairs

Generators need regular maintenance to function properly. But if your generator needs repairs every time and If you can’t manage your generator in perfect shape. Also, you can’t depend on it for more than an hour or two of power and, maybe it is out of warranty. Spending your money too much on Generator repairs is not worth over time. Also, in this case, you need to replace your old generator with a new one.


Portable Genset is an important & essential thing to manage our daily life. We all know that electricity plays an important role to manage our daily life. But when we face unplanned power failure it’s very tough to manage our routine. Having a portable DG Set means, you can get continuous power during any planned or unplanned power failure. This portable Genset is designed with a number of small components & due to the continuous uses they are not performing well.

But how to identify them & get the information for various signs of portable generator replacement is quite tough if you are not much familiar with this power Genset. Here in this blog, we have shared the information for the various portable generator replacement signs. I hope this article will help you to get a better understanding related to the generator problems.

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