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Top 10 Smallest Portable Generator List- How To Choose Genset For Households

Portable Genset comes in various sizes, types & features, There is a number of manufacturing brands that designed the best in quality small portable Genset for sale. These easy-to-carry & small-size Genset are mostly used to run home power backup during power failure. Due to the portability feature of this DG Set, they are easy to carry at the required job location. The huge availability in various makes & models also confuses the clients to select or choose the best one. Here in this blog, we list our top 10 smallest portable generators list that will help you to understand the various type of small portable DG Sets.

The small generator range under 2000 watts is not a more demanding choice apart from the home power needs. So there is a limited selection with a number of options. Get the list of the top 10 smallest portable generators for residential needs,

10 most popular portable generator list

Generators are always the first line of defense when you face the power frequent power cut at the residential location. But when we go to buy a DG Set and just imagine it, the very first image large machine, loud noise & lots of smoke comes in our mind. But in this modern time, this large in size & noisy DG Set modified into small portable generators so that anyone can easily shift or carry this power Genset from one location to another. Also, they are more cost-effective as compared to other backup generators. Take a look at the list of the top 10 smallest portable generators with features & benefits.

1. Yamaha EF 2000i Sv2 inverter generator

With efficient power output & long duration, service makes this Yamaha portable DG Set an idle choice for home power needs. This 2000 watt DG Set design with easy to carry structure, so this mini portable Genset easy to carry from one location to another. Due to its 1600 running watt & 2000 starting Watt, this small generator is able to run multiple appliances in a single time. Also, the high fuel efficiency of this DG Set helps to save more amount of money during the operation. With the 1.24-gallon fuel tank capacity, this backup Genset provides 10-hour continuous service without any interruption.

2. WEN 56200i 2000 watt gas powered portable generator

This WEN 56200i smart inverter generator is an ideal match for small power needs due to its best quality features. Due to its eco-friendly nature such as noiseless performance make this DG Set an unmatched product for various power needs. Also, the low fuel consumption help to save more amount of money during the operation. The 4 stroke engine of DG Set produces more clean & reliable energy with less than 53 dB noise. The fuel tank size of this small portable generator is 1 gallon & they run continuously for more than 9 hours.

3. Generac IQ2000 gas powered portable generator

Design with the latest technology to provide clean & reliable energy Generac IQ2000 gas-powered DG Set present with numbers of features. Such as a power dial which enables it to start & stop automatically. Also, the power bar is used to monitor wattage. The inbuilt inverter increases the performance with double-up power. The DG Set is available with a 4-stroke engine & with a low noise feature. Some other specifications of this DG Set

Running Wattage: 1600 Watt

Starting Wattage: 2000 Watt

Fuel Capacity: 1.6 gallons

4. Champion 2000 Watt Gas inverter generator

With the 1700 running wattage & 2000 starting wattage, the champion 2000 watt inverter generator is able to run multiple appliances during the power failure. The multiple cord connection with high & low current manages the power rating & current fluctuation in this portable DG Set. The electric start feature, noiseless performance & low fuel consumption is a few of the best features of this mini Genset. Few other specifications.

Fuel: Gasoline

Fuel tank size: 1.06 Gallons

Continous running hour: 7 hour

5. RYOBI 23000 Watt Bluetooth inverter generator

With the Bluetooth connection facility RYOBI 2000 Watt portable Genset for sale available with the numbers of features, The starting running 23000 Watt & running watt 1800, it comes with the cold start option which is suitable to start Genset engine in cold weather. This small portable generator work with gasoline fuel with 10 hours of continuous operational duty. The weight of this DG Set is 56 Pound & the noise level is less than 56 Pounds.

6. Jackery portable power station explorer

Jackery is one of the leading manufacturers & service providers of small portable Genset for sale. They design & manufacture the best in quality small DG Set, also they manufacture solar generator with an eco-friendly feature. The inbuilt LCD screen of this Genset displays the current status, wattage & fuel status of the inverter Genset.

The DG Set is able to run 9.5-hour continuously with low fuel consumption features The approx weight of this mini inverter generator is 22 lbs which are very light & weight & easy to carry from one location to another.

7. Foxnovo portable generator

With the 4000 mAh battery & powerful sturdy body, the Foxnovo generator for residential power needs is a suitable match for small power needs. Due to the 3.3 lbs weight, this mini Genset is easy to carry from one location to another. This inverter backup generator contains 2 US standard AC outlets, 2*5 USB ports, & 2*12V DC outputs. The complete charging time of this generator is approx 4 hours also they are easily charged with the help of solar panels. The inbuilt LCD display in this Genest provides complete information with a single touch. The noiseless operation is one of the best features of this generator that make them the best choice for households.

8. Picower portable power Genset

If you are looking for a DG Set for any emergency or outdoor planning, we suggest choosing Picower power station Genset. With an approx weight of 2.7 kg, this inverter DG Set is easy to carry for any outdoor activity or job location. This DG Set is available with 3x DC output points, 1 AC output, and 2 USB ports. Also, they are easily charged with a wall socket, car sockets, or solar panels. The emergency battery backup of this generator provides continuous backup power in the worst weather conditions.

9. Honda EU2200i portable generator

Honda is one well-known name in the manufacturing of small portable DG Set for sale in India. They design & manufacture the world’s best small & lightweight DG Set to run home power. The approx weight of this 46 pounds which is easy to carry at any required job location. The output noise during the operation is approx 48 to 57 dB & provides 9 hours of continuous service during the power failure. The running watt of this Genset is 1800 & starting watt is 2200. Some other features such as oil alert message, voltage & wattage display.

10. Briggs & Stratton P2200 Portable Genset

This is powered by a 111 cc OHV engine having starting watts of 2200 and running watts of 1700. The fuel tank capacity of 1 gallon is capable of running for more than 8 hours with a 25% load. As it can automatically adjust engine speed to reduce noise and save power. With 2x 120V ports you can easily run your household and a 1x 12V DC outlet for all your electronics. You can pull more power by connecting two inverters together. Its weight is 55 lbs with an H -shaped handle which makes it handy.


Buying a small portable generator is one of the wise decisions to run your household during a power failure. This small inverter generator also beneficial to manage the daily routine of our life we all know that electricity is one of the major needs in our daily life. Here in this blog, we shared the information for the top 10 smallest portable generators for sale. These all small inverter Genset present with light-weight & low fuel consumption features. I hope this information will help you to find the best deal on a mini-size inverter DG Set. For more information, you can click on the above links.

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