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7 Reasons To Invest In A Used Industrial Generator- Best Advice For Preowned DG Set

Short-duration power cuts or any indefinite shutdown in the industrial sector is the major cause of the big loss. To resolve that kind of issue many industrial owners go with the power backup service such as industrial diesel generators. But buying an industrial Genset is not an easy task due to its higher cost. As we know, compared to small home generators large industrial DG Sets are more expensive. Due to this reason, most industrial owners are interested in a used Genset. There are various reasons to invest in used industrial generators such as low ownership cost, flexibility, availability, less paperwork & many more.

Here in this article, we will share brief information & the best benefits of having a preowned generator for the industrial sector.

Reason to buy used industrial generator

As we previously mentioned that buying used equipment is always cost-effective. But before choosing it finding the right size & quality product is more beneficial. Choosing the right generator properly maps out the requirement of the job. People with a low budget or having a startup organization mostly want to buy used diesel generators due to their low buying cost & easy availability.

Let’s take a look at the most beneficial feature & reasons to invest in used industrial generators.

1. Affordable cost of used generator

Due to the cost-effective feature of a preowned standby generator, they are an ideal choice for the startup organization & for low-budget clients. As compared to buying a new industrial DG Set, you will get 40 to 60% less price. This affordable & easy to buy price of used Gensets is one of the main key features & reasons to invest in used industrial generators.

2. Quick Availability

The lead time for the bulk of new construction generators can be anything from 8 to 22 weeks. Is it possible for your company to operate without electricity for that long? No, that is not the case. Your consumers and staff require consistent power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The worldwide electricity grid isn’t as stable as we’d like to think. Every day, thousands of businesses are disrupted by unplanned power outages.  So, to avoid certain problems for your company’s operation, it is suggested for you go with used industrial generators.

3. Try before buy

Most of the used generator service provider offers a trial period before the complete installation of Genset. During this period users will get complete information about how a diesel generator works. Also, in this trial period, you will easily optimize if there is an issue with the DG Set. So the dealer will resolve it or replace it with another one.

4. Less documentation

When you plan to buy a new generator the most irritating part is the long process of documentation. But with the used generator you are not facing this problem because there is very little documentation process present with this Genset.

5. Genset insurance cost

Buying a new generator is similar to buying any other product & we are more protected by this equipment. To get security against theft & vandalism we are doing the generator insurance. But when you are choosing any policy the cost of generator insurance is much higher. As insurance premiums are often calculated based on the asset’s replacement cost, if you buy a new industrial generator, the insurance that covers it will cost you more than if you buy an old one. Thus, another reason to buy a used industrial generator over a new generator is marked.

6. Minimal working hours

Another major advantage of purchasing old portable generators is that they typically have relatively few hours on them, especially if they were primarily used for standby. For the price of a used machine, you can have a machine that works like new. Generators are designed to endure a long time, and they do just that. Hundreds of thousands of hours can be spent on many Gensets. If you have access to the maintenance records and can verify that the used generator you’re interested in has been adequately maintained, you shouldn’t be concerned if it has a few hundred hours on it.

7. The used Genset depreciation cost is very less

Another benefit of a used industrial power generator is its low cost of depreciation. New industrial generators, like new cars, depreciate fast within the first year after being “driven off the lot.” Invest in a used industrial generator to avoid depreciation costs and stretch your expenditures further!


Having a diesel generator is always an excellent choice for industrial applications. But its higher cost is most of the time a big challenge for the low-budget client. That’s the reason many industrial owners go with the better option such as a second-hand industrial generator. A used generator for sale is always an ideal & better choice for the startup organization due to its various feature including the low ownership cost.

Here in this blog, we have shared the information for features of having a used Genset & reasons to invest in used industrial generators. I hope the above information will help you to get a better understanding of the benefits of second-hand industrial generators.

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