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What Should you Know Before Renting an Industrial Generator- Industrial DG Set Hiring Tips

Before moving to your construction or any other temporary work surety of power supply is very necessary. To get the continuous power supply for the temporary job location most of the owners go with the rental industrial generator. Renting a DG Set is always a wise decision for people who don’t want power backup service on a permanent basis. But before renting an industrial diesel Genset’s knowledge of a few important points will help you to identify the best deal. Here in this article, we have shared the information for industrial generator rental tips. These basic but important tips will help you a lot more to understand what should you know before renting an industrial generator.

As we know that a diesel generator is a device that generates power by combining a diesel engine & an electric generator. At the time of unplanned power outage or the area where the main grid’s power supply is not available, a diesel generator is used as a backup power source. Everyone knows that renting a diesel generator is just for a brief period of time. So that is a must to know the diesel generator checklist before hiring it for your job.

Let’s take a look at the few important industrial generators renting tips & the most considerable points.

Industrial generator renting tips- What you need to know before hiring

At the time of buying or renting a DG Set, there is a number of things you need to know. Such as performance, running hours, maintenance & many more. We know the power is everything in any job site. Without power, you are not able to perform any job in a proper manner. Especially when you rent an industrial generator, it’s very important to find an ideal DG Set. The wrong or bad deal will highly impact your business. Here get the complete information for industrial generator rental tips.

Industrial generator rental cost

A basic but very important thing before renting a generator is the cost. Based on the service providers, the price may differ so before hiring it to get the proper information of how much does it cost to rent a generator for a day, month, or for the year. To get the best deal on a rental generator, DG Set hiring cost is an important factor.

Run time of an industrial generator

Most of the industrial rental generator dealers charge according to the run time of the DG Set. For example, if generally, you are using a Genset 8 hours a day they will charge a fixed price. But for an extra hour of DG Set operation you have to pay a few more charges. In this condition, you need to talk with the service provider & ask them what charge they take for extra hours of generator use.

Trusted brands & rental service provider

We know that there are a number of power generators brands available in the market. Most of them are trusted & reliable but some of local & cheap. We strongly suggest always go with the reputed brand to get unstoppable & continuous power supply.

Read the rental agreement carefully

Before renting an industrial generator you need to do paperwork which we called rental generator agreement. So there is no matter how busy you are but before signing this agreement paper read it carefully. Apart from that ask your service provider to make a transparent agreement that is easy to read & understand.

Condition of generator

Most of the time when you rent an industrial standby generator, the dealer will provide you used generator which looks similar to the new one. So the proper inspection of the rental generator under the observation of skilled technicians is very important. A few important parts such as diesel generator engine, cooling feature, AMF panel, fuel consumption rate & other need to inspect properly.

Right size generator

Choosing a generator based on the output power requirements is equally important as other features. Industrial DG Set’s available in various types & sizes so you can easily select according to the needs. For power generator size calculation you will get the help of experts.

Generator service & maintenance

Generally, the maintenance & service of industrial diesel generators is the complete responsibility of the service provider. But before getting the service you have to put these points in front of the rental Genset service provider & also need to check in the agreement paper.

Apart from that a few general questions, you need to ask your service provider before getting the service. Here is a list of a few most common questions you need to know before hiring a portable generator.

What is the industrial generator’s run time?

Keep in mind that your rental cost is based on an eight-hour-per-day/40-hour-per-week “single shift” run time. You may be charged an overtime multiplier if you run the generator for longer than this. If your project will require the generator to run for an extended period of time, there are “double shift” and “triple shift” alternatives to choose from to reduce these costs.

What generator will match the amps I’ll require?

To begin, you need to know how much power you will require on your job site so that the generator rental provider can identify the most appropriate and effective generator voltage for your needs. Make a list of all your electric demands, including the amps required to function, so you can successfully communicate this to your generator rental provider.

On my job site, who is responsible for maintaining the industrial generator?

Generators need to be serviced every 200 to 250 hours, and the rental business may require the customer to service the equipment while it is on their job site. Make sure you establish who is accountable for repairing and maintaining the equipment, as well as any associated costs, upfront. Rental firms such as Power Plus, on the other hand, will service the equipment on-site for your convenience. Having a skilled generator expert evaluate the equipment provides further peace of mind because they will be able to discover any potential flaws or dangers, which will save you money in the long run.


Renting a DG Set with proper knowledge is the best solution for your business power needs. To get the best deal on a rental generator you need to follow basic industrial generator rental tips which help to get the best deal. At the time of selecting a portable generator for your business needs check all the components, performance & other major things.

Here in this article, we mention the most considerable points for the industrial generator rental tips. I hope the above information will help you a lot more to get a better understanding & finding the best deal on the industrial rental generators.

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