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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy A Cheapest Generator You Can Find- Expert Advice

A generator is a device that is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical form. This device is more common in our daily life. Also, an essential need to manage our busy life schedule. As we know that buying a DG Set is more expensive if you go with a reputed brand name. But buying a cheap generator is not good for your business. Because whatever you save in purchasing cost, the high maintenance cost of a cheap generator will equal it. Apart from that, there are other numbers of reasons to not buy cheap generators. Here in this article, we shared a few of them that help you to understand the difference between branded & local cheap rate DG Set.

In general words, we can say power plays an important role in our daily life doesn’t matter where you are using it. For example, according to a report 10-minute power cut in the industrial sector will become the reason for big losses. To avoid such kinds of issues we need to buy a strong, powerful & efficient backup generator. Here we are not recommending you to pay a heavy amount to buy a power generator but choose wisely. A best in quality & well-reputed brands DG Set offering a long-duration service with low maintenance cost. Now, let’s take the information of reasons you never buy a cheap generator.

Why do you never buy a cheap generator?

In the previous section, we explained the importance of generators in our daily life. Now we will discuss the various cons of low cost & cheap Genset along with the reasons why you never purchase it. Let’s get expert advice for reasons to not buy cheap generators.

1. The cheap generator have a short operational life

Before purchasing a DG Set for home or business you need to consider the lifespan of generators. Generally, the DG Set provides continuous operation for several years. When you buy a high-quality Genset, it will provide more than 3000 hours of continuous emergency service without any major interruption.

The performance & lifespan of any diesel generator depends on various factors such as the use of Genset, maintenance, & others. But the most important factor is the quality of the DG Set. Buying a cheap or low-quality generator may help you to save some amount during the purchase but the low-quality parts affect the performance & & need to replace frequently. Also, you get the problem in the engine, which might be affecting the performance. In short, we can say the life of a cheap generator is very less & the operational cost is very high.

2. Generator warranty

When you buy any reputed brand generator you get the complete product warranty including the engine of the generator. So if you get any issue during the operation, the dealer or service provider resolves it without charging a single penny.

The warrant of the generator is one of the major concerns you need to think about before buy. The high-quality generator provides a warranty card for up to 5 years. Some gave up to 2 or 3 years also. But this thing is not possible with the cheap generators. Low-quality generators or cheap generators provide it up to only 1 year. If your generator has any issue after the expiry of the warranty, you need to spend your money to repair it. That is why the warranty is an important part of saving your cost.

3. Cheap Genset may damage your home or business appliances

If your cheap power generator malfunctions, it could be very dangerous not only for itself but also for all those things which are connected to its electricity. These things are a refrigerator, television, air conditioner, iron, microwave, and many other appliances at your home. This malfunction is one of the big problems that you should never buy the cheapest generators.

So, if you compare the cost of these items to the cheap generator cost, you found that you are at a loss.

4. Low efficiency of cheap generators

As compared to other reputed branded Genset, the cheap quality portable generator running cost is very high. We understand that buying a quality generator is a little bit expensive for the users. But an inverter or industrial generator is a one-time investment & no one will purchase it frequently.

So if you think the other way, you will understand the benefits of a one-time investment (expensive or high-quality generators). The rate of burning fuel of a cheap generator is higher because its engine parts are of low quality. Due to the lower quality parts, these generators provide low efficiency. This thing extends the cost of its running.

5. Pollution

Noise & air pollution control is one of the major challenges with the diesel generator & most of the organizations working on it. Pollution majorly occurs due to the bad quality of the engine & cheap quality parts. In general, all the generators have some level of noise issue but the for-itself noise level is different according to the features, parts, and engines of the generators. Usually, cheap generators have major noise issues because the engine parts of these generators are of very low quality. In short, we can say a silent generator gives you a more hassle-free work experience during the operation.

Also, if you are not using a good quality emission control device it will emit more harmful gases in the environment.

6. Poor customer support

The supplier of cheap generators won’t provide you with good customer support. It may not give an instant response or got a long time to respond to your queries, phone call messages, etc, which creates trouble for the customers. For example, if you need a technician for repairing the generator under the warranty, it may take too long to visit your home.

It never happened to the supplier of reputed generator brands. They provide a good customer support system to solve the customer’s problem. Whether you have concerns about the warranty, maintenance, or you have any queries related to the product, the customer care representative will help you as soon as possible.

7. Probably fails when you need the most

Whether you need the power for your home to run the refrigerator, lights, or the medical emergency equipment or need it for office use. It is very important to be sure about the reliability of the generator and know that it will work without any kind of failure.

Well, it has become the most important point, that you should not leave out at the time of buying a generator. You just need to make an effective investment to buy a good quality generator. It is beneficial for your future.


We have shared some reason which shows that why you should not purchase the cheap generators. If you want to purchase it, you will have to face some issues like the warranty issue, bad customer support, low efficiency, high running cost, etc. Cheap generators are very noisy and become very disturbing when you need silence. These cheapest generator’s life is shorter than that of high-quality generators. It is better to make one investment for buying a high-quality generator and save your future cost. These generators are safe to use for your home appliance and reliable also.

Here in this article, we shared the complete information with the reasons to not buy cheap generators. I hope the above information will help you to understand the reasons & you can easily differentiate between local cheap Genset & reputed branded generators.

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