Tips To Fight Back Against Frequent Power Cut

Frequent power failure is one of the most common issues in India. Not only in the small village but most of the time metro cities facing long-duration power failure due to any reason. Majorly there are two types of power failure that occurred in the country. Planned power failure due to the maintenance or for the power deficiency & unplanned power outage due to any damage or bad weather. In this condition, the thing that comes to our mind how to handle this situation & fight back against power outages. Therefore here in this blog, we have shared a few more useful pieces of information & tips for handling power cuts.

The continuous flow of electricity run your households & business application such as computer, processing line, production unit & many more. But sometimes you are facing an unexpected power outage such as a blackout or other types of problems in the electricity transmission distribution system. Hopefully, if you are using a critical facility such as a small inverter generator for home or standby DG Set, you will easily fight back against this condition.

Having a silent generator is the best way to fight against unexpected or planned power failure. Here get the list of some other beneficial tips for handling power cuts doesn’t matter it’s planned or unplanned.

What to do during the unexpected power cut?

The unexpected power failure occurs due to any reason such as bad weather conditions, system error, or any accidental cause. During an unplanned power failure, you need to follow a few basic tips which help you to understand the reason for the power outage. Take a look at the few basic tips for what to do during an unplanned power outage.

Check with your neighbor

If you are facing a power cut unexpectedly, the very first thing you need to do check with your neighbor that they are also experiencing the same or not. If you are the only one who facing this power cut in your location. Then this is a small problem that occurs due to any problem in your line. Also, the reason behind this problem is tripped or blown switch which can be resolved soon.

Make a call to the electricity department

If the complete area or your apartment facing unexpected power failure. Then you need to contact your electricity office & get the inquiry about the same. If in case there is some problem with the power supply line in your area, most of the time electricity department not aware of it. So you need to file a complaint & sending them a request to send a lineman to clear the issue. You will easily get the contact number of the electricity office on your electricity bill.

Stay out from the house

We suggest if the problem is unexpected & you didn’t recognize the actual issue for the power failure. Or if there is any short circuit in the mainline or electric appliances, just stay away from the house. Also, without any delay contact an electrician to resolve this issue. Even if you are facing unplanned power failure in the summer go & seat on the balcony to get fresh air. If the fixing of electricity failure taking more time than community hall, swimming pool or other shaded areas. These are a few of the best places to spend time in summer.

Tips for preparing yourself during the power failure

Self-preparation during the power failure is very important that help you to fight back against blackout. If there is any planned power failure & you know about that, then preparation is easy. But especially during the unplanned power failure, this is very tough if you don’t have any external power solution. Such as commercial or portable DG Sets. Having an automatic generator for the home is one of the best solutions to prepare yourself for power failure conditions. Here we are sharing a few important tips to handling power cuts doesn’t matter it’s planned or unplanned electricity failure.

Backup generator for home: Based on the size of the home or requirement of the power buying a home Genset is always beneficial & the best trick to get continuous power during the blackout. A small in size power generator is able to provide long-duration backup during planned or unplanned power failure.

Storage of Essential needs: In our daily routine we are unconditionally dependent on electricity & without power, we can’t imagine our life. So, this is very important to manage things if you have an idea when you are facing power failure. Such as storage of water, the safety of food, need of emergency torch & many more.

Preparation of plan B: Always go with plan B if the power cut is planned & appears daily. In that condition make a plan for other activities such as shopping, cinema, travel or any other activity. Going to the mall or multiplex is the best option in summer. Because there you get continuous power backup, chilled air & lots of things to do.

Don’t use high power appliances: If you are using a backup diesel generator during the power failure or inverter DG Set for home, We suggest don’t use high power consumption electrical equipment. Because these kinds of electric equipment using more energy & also reduce the performance of generators.

Keep busy: When I say keep busy in blackout it sounds funny but seriously this is one of the best ways to get fun in the power failure. Try to spend the time with family members, play indoor or outdoor games with kids, listen to music on battery-operated radio & other things.


As we know that electricity is one of the important & essential needs in this modern time. Our lots of daily activity is depending on the electricity & we can’t imagine life without electricity. But power failure due to any reason is a very common thing which we are facing regularly. So the knowledge of tips for handling power cuts will help you to prepare yourself during a power outage.

Here in this blog, we have shared the information related to the power failure handling for the home or business application. I hope this information will help you a lot to fight back against planned or unplanned power cuts.

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