Basic Differences & Similarities Between a Generator & Electric Motor

Basic Differences & Similarities Between a Generator & Electric Motor

An electric motor & generator both are used to convert one form of energy into another. Where an electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and a DG Set converts mechanical energy into electric energy. Also, we can say this both devices are almost the same in the design as well as similar in components type. Both components are working on the principle of an electromagnetic theorem. But apart from that, there are a few basic differences & similarities between a generator and an electric motor.

They both follow the fleming’s rule at the time of operation. A generator & the electric motor both are differentiated on various factors such as the main working principle of motor & Genset.

The electric motor basically an electric device that works on the law of electricity & magnetism. An electric motor mainly contains the object like stator, rotor, shaft, commutator, and brushes. Apart from that, a generator uses to produce electricity & converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Mostly all the required hardware is the same, but the working principle is quite different.

How generator & electric motor work

An electric motor works when the power is on and brushes supply the current to the commutator. When the current pass through the commutator from the coil which placed between the magnets. The poles of the stator present with a magnetic field. When the current moves around the coil, the process will start. Because of the characteristic of the magnet, the poles retreat from each other and vice versa the poles are attracted. When the rotor rotates, the corresponding shaft rotates and converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Apart from that. An electric generator is a device which use to convert mechanical energy into electric energy. But the most important thing we need to know that a diesel generator doesn’t instantly create energy. It uses mechanical energy & converts that into mechanical energy. Also, a DG Set works on the principle of an electromagnetic theorem. We can say, the rotation of the electric conductor responsible for the electric charge.


Advantages of Electric Motors

An electric motor offering the number of benefits during the operation. Some of the best benefits of this device,

Long durable service

Electric motors contain few moving parts and have a good operating life span. For example, a properly maintained electric motor can provide up to 35,000 hours of service without any interruption.

Low initial cost

The initial cost of the electric motor is very low which is also easy to buy. Also, the low operational cost of electric motors makes them more popular for daily uses.

Clean & reliable energy

Clean energy is the best feature of the electric motor which makes them a more reliable & ecofriendly product. This device does not emit harmful gases which affect badly to human health.

High efficiency

Electric motors are highly effective and efficient with ratings. And it depends on the size and the operating conditions of the motor. Electric motors have a wide and durable operating life. It requires minimum service requirements.

Advantages of Electric Generators

A generator provides continuous prime power in the sector where you can face frequent power cuts. Also, the various range of power backup is useful for the home and industrial power backup. Other best benefits of the electric generator,

Minimal loss

Continous prime power is beneficial to run your business continuously. This can result in a significant loss for businesses. Electric generators work as an alternative power source, and they protect the goods during the power outage.

Safe & secure

In many situations, electricity is really important for convenience as well as for safety purposes also. Keep some spaces for well-lighten during power outages. it will prevent people to get injured themselves in the dark.


The efficient energy of the portable generator offering a long duration service at a very low price. Also, the low fuel consumption of the electric power generator helps you save more amount of money during the operation.

Similarities and differences between electric motors and generators

Apart from the components & design of equipment, there are a number of similarities & differences between electric motor & portable generators. Here you can check the differences & similarities between a generator and an electric motor.

Differences between motor an electric generator

Rule’s that follows in an Electric Moter or a Generator


Major similarities between motor and generator


Here in this blog, we share complete information on an electric motor & generator. Also, we share the knowledge on features & advantages including basic differences & similarities between a generator and an electric motor. Apart from this, you also get detailed information on the working principle & the information on how they both are works.

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