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9 Essential Tips To Maintain Industrial Diesel Generator- Complete Guide

To run your business in a smooth way during the power failure having an industrial generator is the best solution. This high-rated power generator is able to run large & heavy power electrical equipment when you face any planned or unplanned power outage. But, due to the continuous & long-duration services, industrial DG Sets needs more care. In this blog, we are trying to share information on essential tips to maintain an industrial diesel generator. This information will help to increase the life span & efficiency of diesel generators.

An industrial generator needs proper maintenance which is very important to run them smoothly. It’s the same as healthy food & exercise important in our daily life, The portable DG Set is also needed maintenance to prevent them unnecessary breakdown. Also, the proper maintenance of Genset provides longer life to the DG Set without any expensive repairs. Because when you know that any parts of industrial diesel generator got damaged, replacement is much costly.

The various tips to maintain an industrial diesel generator are more beneficial to secure the life of Genset.

Tips to maintain industrial diesel generator

Whenever you use any primary or backup power source, this is very important to get the proper output during the operation at any job site. The regular maintenance of any industrial DG Set is not much crucial. The small understanding & proper knowledge of diesel Genset will help to easily understand maintenance tips of diesel generators for industrial needs. Here top 9 basic tips to maintain your Genset,

1. Regular inspection of DG Set engine oil

During the operation of an industrial diesel generator, this is very important to check the condition & level of engine oil. Also, when you buy a new DG Set change that engine fluid after the first 20-hour running operation. In the regular operation of diesel generator change the oil in every 100 hours.

2. Check spark plug

The spark plug in the generator is an essential part to run the DG Set. But after the long duration uses spark plug will not respond in an ideal manner. So this is very necessary to do the complete inspection after every 100 hours of use. Due to the continuous contact with oil, there is a high layer of carbon buildup around that parts. The very first process is to clean it with the help of any wire brush & check it if the condition is good you will continue with the same. Otherwise we suggest replacing it with the new one.

3. DG Set annual inspection

The annual inspection under the observation of the Genset professional team is one of the great ideas to increase the performance with a long life span. The annual maintenance plan of a generator is to make sure to change the engine oil, air & oil filter at the regular duration. Additionally, the team of technician check & inspect all the parts such as the alternator, switches to stable the performance of DG Set. Also, the replacement of old parts done under this procedure. The annual inspection of Genset is one of the important tips to maintain industrial diesel generators as well as other commercial DG sets.

4. Genset cooling feature

The cooling of the engine during the operation is very necessary because the industrial generator provides a high power output So the engine gets high heat. And this is the major factor that auto shut down the diesel Genset. Most of the diesel generators present water-cooling features. So that is very important to maintain the water level for the proper colling of Genset. If the Genset present with an oil cooling feature changes the oil as per instruction.

5. Cleaning of engine

Do the proper cleaning of the DG Set engine, remove unwanted dust & other particles from the engine. These small size particles one of the major cause which affects the DG Set badly. Also, that will maximize the chance of stopping the operation. To protect the DG Set engine against this problem, this is very important to clean it regularly. Also, use an air blower to clean the engine apart from using water pressure.

6. Battery testing

To start the engine of DG Set during the power failure the battery plays an important role. Also, the battery must be fully charged & well maintained to avoid any kind of problem. Because the weak & uncharged batteries are the most common reason of standby generator power system failure. Also, they must be cleaned & present with perfect electrolyte level & gravity.

7. Recommended fuel to run Genset

This is very important to choose recommended fuel to run the industrial generator. In short, don’t use mixed oil & only use high-quality fuel. Dirty fuel is a result of improper storage or refilling tanks in dusty conditions. To prevent this problem, store fuel in an OSHA-approved receptacle and keep it out of high-traffic areas. Also, don’t refill in windy conditions where dust is more prevalent.

8. DG Set filter cleaning

Various filter in the generator is used to prevent the DG Set against small particles & dust. This DG Set filter is an important component to run the DG Set in a proper manner. Such as oil filter is used to remove small particles from the fuel, air filter protects the Genset engines against dust at the time of diesel generator operation. So always inspect the filter in a proper manner & replace them with the new one if needed.

9. Genset installation & safety tips

Always install your industrial diesel generator in a safe place. That means choosing the location for industrial generator installation which is dry & clean. Apart from that, always use a generator enclosure to protect the DG Set against bad weather, theft & vandalism. Also, the rugged & robust design of these canopies allows the performance of the generator at the worst job location & any weather condition. So buying a canopy for the generator is one of the best ways to maintain a diesel generator.


A generator is an essential & important equipment to run your business during a power outage. This high-power-rated industrial DG Set is able to run large-size electrical equipment & manage the workflow if main grid power not appear. But without the proper maintenance & parts inspection, this is very hard to get proper output during the operation.

So this is very important to maintain the DG Set after every fixed duration of DG Set operation. Here in this blog, we shared a few basic information & tips to maintain an industrial diesel generator. I hope this information will help you to get the proper knowledge & understanding of maintaining your DG Set & get the proper output without any interruption.

Also, if there is any major problem appear in the industrial DG Set, we suggest getting the help of professional technicians.

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