Important Generator Services – Add To Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

Important Generator Services – Add To Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

In recent times, a generator is one of the essential accessories. Reason is-We can’t afford the loss because of power failure. So, a generator is a necessary requirement And like any other machine, it also needs maintenance. But you must plan what services you should include in the preventative maintenance plan of your generator.

In this article, we are mentioning the list of maintenance procedures that need to be performed on a regular basis.

Important Generator Maintenance Services

generator maintenance
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Here we are listing the most useful services in generator maintenance

  • General inspection
  • Lubrication service
  • Cooling system service
  • Fuel system service
  • Servicing and Testing starting batteries

It is a generally good idea to start and adhere to a schedule of maintenance/service based on the power of specific rule and revolution generator and application the severity of the environment. For example, if the generator set will be used frequently or subjected to extreme our operating conditions, the recommended service should be shortened accordingly the rule of maintenance.

Some of the other factors that required more frequent maintenance include:

  • Using the diesel generator set for continuous duty
  • Extreme ambient temperatures
  • Exposure to weather
  • Exposure to dust, sand, or other Air-borne contaminants
  • Check your generator daily
  • Exposure to saltwater

Some other things important to know you about the generator service. If the generator set will be subjected to some or all of these our extreme maintenance schedule. You can check the daily basis of your list and also the service list of your generator. It is the best way to keep track of maintenance services intervals is to use. The running time meter on the set of generator

Maintenance to keep an accurate log of all services performed. This thing profit to you the log also will be important for warranty support.

General Inspection

This is the first and most used inspection in generator maintenance and services. Hope you will read this inspection carefully and you follow all guideline under the section of general inspection. When the generator set is running on the daily routine time operator needs to be an alert for mechanical problems and that could create an unsafe zone or hazardous condition.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system is the most used in the generator maintenance. With the generator, inspect the entire exhaust system, including the exhaust system or the main thing exhaust manifold, muffler, and exhaust pipe.

Check the leaks at all connections, welds, gasket, and joints and make sure that the exhaust pipes are not heating on surrounding areas excessively. Check for all excessive smoke upon starting it can performance and air quality issues that may require immediate attention.

 Fuel System

This is the second system you used in the section of generator maintenance. With the generator set operating, inspect the fuel you can check supply lines, return line, filters, and fittings for cracks or abrasions. you make sure the line is not rubbing against anything that could cause eventual failure. Repair your leakage any case when you have altered line routing to eliminate wear immediately.

DC Electrical System

This is the third system for use generator maintenance. First, you have to check all the terminals on the starting batteries to make sure the connection is clean and safe or light also. Then you have check loses or corroded connections create resistance, which can be hinder starting.


This is the fourth process you have used in generator maintenance or general inspection. First, you can check to monitor fluid levels, oil pressure, and coolant temperatures frequently. Most of the engine problems gibe an early warning.

Look and listen carefully for changes in engine performance, sound, or appearance that will indicate that service repair in. You can check it time to time be alert for misfires, vibration, excessive exhaust smoke, decrease in power or increase in oil or fuel consumption.

Control System

The control system is the most uses system in the generator maintenance or general inspection. Control system inspects the control system regularly, and make sure you have logged your data properly during the engine exercise. You should be sure to return your control system back to normal automatic stand by when your testing and maintenance is complete.

Lubricant Service

It is the second service when we use it in a section of generator maintenance. It is very important to know for a generator owner and serviceman also because this is the main service we have applied for 6 months approximately. When you have applied a service for your generator you have checked the engine oil level when the engine shuts down at the interval specified in the table.

You check accurate readings on the engine dipstick shut off the engine and wait approximately 20 min. Wait 20 minutes and allow the oil in the upper portions of the engine to drain back into the cracked.

Next step you follow the engine manufacturer recommended for oil classification and oil viscosity. When you have done all these steps now you can keep the oil as near as possible to the full mark of the dipstick by adding you the same quality or brand of oil.

Now you can change the oil and filter also the intervals recommended in the table. Next, you check with for procedure for draining the oil and replacing the oil filter also. Now you can change used oil and filters must be disposed of properly to avoid environment damaged or livability.

Cooling System Service

Cooling system service is the third service in the generator maintenance.  It is used mostly because it is based on the engine cooling system. Cooling based on engine working time. When our engine works continuously one spot our engine going to a very hot and vibrating. The cooling system only works, to cool down the generator engine and maintain level off cooling.

Now you can check the coolant level during shutdown periods at the interval specified in the table. Now you remove the radiator cap after allowing the engine to cool, and if necessary add coolant until the level is about 2/3 in.

However, below the radiator cap lower sealing surface. You can put heavy-duty diesel engines require a balanced coolant mixture of water, antifreeze, and coolant additives. Now use the coolant solution recommended by the engine manufacturer.

Now you inspect the exterior of the radiator for obstruction and remove all dirt or foreign material with a soft brush or cloth also. You can use care to avoid damaging the Finns.

If you have available use low pressure compressed air or a stream of water in the opposite direction of airflow to clean the radiator. Now you can use a cooling system but first, you check the operation of the coolant heater by confirming that hot coolant is being discharged from the outlet. Now our engine cooling freshly.

Fuel System Service

Fuel system service is the number of stand-in fourth. fuel system basically depends on diesel or filters. We use this service because most problems occur in the fuel system. So here we talk about the service of the fuel system. lets go,

All we know that diesel is subject to contagion and deterioration over time and reason for regular system service recommended by the engine manufacturer, the fuel filters should be drained at the interval indicate a=in the table.  Now we can water vapor accumulates and cordless in the fuel tank and also must be periodically void from the tank along with any sediment present.

We can talk about the engine air intake components that should be checked at the interval indicated in the table. The frequency of cleaning or replacing air cleaning filter elements primarily determined by the condition under the generator set operators. Now we have a new fuel system. It works on the freshly or respectively.

Servicing And Testing Starting Batteries

This is the fifth service we have generally service maintains in generator maintenance. We mostly use the starting batteries service because it is the most used service in generator maintenance. We have weak or undercharged starting batteries are a common abuse of standby power system failures.

Even, when we kept fully charged and maintain and lead-acid straying batters, we are subject to deterioration over time. It should be replaced approximately every 24 to 48 months or when they no longer provide backup hold a proper charge. However, they are also subject to distortion and need to be charged regularly tested under the load.


Maintenance of a generator is not an easy task. So when you Servicing the generator, Do it very carefully and perfectly. Different kinds of the generator are available to based on your budget and uses. Some of for less uses like, for a single house. Some of the huge energy requirements like high rise society for industrial purposes.

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