Important Factors To Compare Between Home Standby Generators

Important Factors To Compare Between Home Standby Generators

Electricity has become a basic need of human life as food, clothing, and shelter. The major life depends upon electric power, but there is no one to refuse that we experience power outages. At present, we have not on that state of expertise in terms of power supply or distribution. Think about food products that require constant refrigeration or in hospitals where most of the appliances are dependent on home standby generators to operate its functionality.

In such establishments, power outage causes anarchy and money disruption. Power outages are always gritty, whenever organize the household party, at restaurants during peak hours, or in a movie theater during screening.

Definition Of The Home Standby Generator

When we hear the word generator the first thing stuck in mind that it is an appliance you can turn on, there are power outages. The generator is a secondary source of electricity for homes, hospitals, restaurants, businesses, etc. A generator is a machine that gives standby power to use during power outages. Generators are available on the basis of requirements with various configurations and capability to generate power.

The generator comes with the few kilowatts to 3 megawatts. Diesel and CNG generators are commonly and popularly used. Over the years, generators become more effective, easy to use and environment-friendly. In today’s generators are efficient in power taking distribution responsibility in case of a power outage to ensure smooth operations. We praised these machines when there is a power failure. Backup from home generator gives power in remote areas also.

Factors To Compare Between Home Standby Generators

Purchase things after good comparison with multiple options for long term decision-making processes play an important role for long term purposes. Comparison support you to determine which generator is better for your home and also meets with requirements or not. First thing you need to determine how much power your home needs to supply. Then select which generators are fit your requirements. And your choice should be based on features to efficiently meet the supply of power. Also, various important factors on how do I choose a standby generator you need to consider at the time of buying a DG Set.

Current transfer switch

The components of any standby generator are the automatic transfer switch. Standby generator connected with the home panel by an automatic transfer switch that automatically chooses utility power for their normal working or generator power during power outages. For transfer correct transfer switch is necessary for installation. Lots of generators manufacturers provide automatic transfer switches to work efficiently with their generators. Mainly transfer switches designed to supply power from multiple power sources to an electric circuit.

 Location for generators

From starting, set in your mind the best location for the installation of your generators. Most of the models of power generators are suitable for a small yard and also installed closure to the home. We should keep away the standby generator from windows, doors, and vents. Another point to keep in mind includes wind and your neighbor’s homes. People live in coastal choose good corrosion generators because coastal areas have salt in the air which causes corrosion.

Fuel efficient

Home Standby generators work on either LG gas or on natural gas. Some models also operate on diesel. Dealers of generators discuss which fuel is accessible and work well for your home generators system.  Dealer suggests a generator that uses fuel option which is being used in the home. Fuel used by generators is directly related to the electrical load. capacity of the engine sets the minimum fuel use without an electrical load. If the electrical load increases fuel use increases as the engine has to provide more power while running at the same speed.

Power management

Standby generator supplies a fair power for a home, and some appliances don’t need to run all the time or don’t need to run during a power outage, and it is not necessary to buy and install a generator which can supply more power to run appliances  24*7 hours.

It prevents many appliances that use large amounts of power from operating at the same time. The example at home two air conditioners has enough backup power to start one at a time. It allows one unit to run and starts the other if necessary. Manufacturers use different power management techniques, and control devices than others, which makes on comparing methods and capability.

Uses Of Standby Generator

Convenience and Comfort

It is possible with a generator, people can have electricity, anytime, anywhere or for any special occasion. It is a gift from Faraday to this modern-day of convenience and comfort. We are pleasant to have power. Most of the operations of businesses, offices, hospitals, restaurants and our daily life requirements depend upon electricity. It is important for our comfort and convenience. Power outages become stressful and chaotic. Through investing in home standby generators members are able to avoid unnecessary issues related to power and special need for medical.

Portable generators for outdoor activities

Portable generators are more convenient, comfortable and safe for the campaign. For outdoors portable appliances like a refrigerator for safe storage of meals and a coffee maker to serve your favorite drink in the morning are possible with a portable generator. Yamaha generator gives the facility to use an electric fan and microwave oven.

Generators for business, contractors, and commercial use

Generators are important for contractors and workers working on construction sites. With the help of portable generator workers on construction sites able to operate their tools and machines efficiently to continue their work. This facilitated lighting to work indoors during day and night. Small entrepreneurs also invest in generators for business use. Electricity is essential for health care includes small clinics and hospitals for their operations.

Examples like , markets, butcher shops, and restaurants would be affected during a power outage as food stored in refrigerators and freezers become spoiled. Companies that provide Internet services affect their operations when power is out for a few hours.

Generators for backyard

The generator gives power for backyard electric-powered equipment like saw and drill. This is used for sander and grinder working as well as lights and fans. Portable generators are another source of energy and useful for home-based projects to make the task easier.

Generators for extreme weather conditions

Investment on the generator is good for those people who live in a mordant climate. And it is important for individual prospectus who live in very cold weather, where power outages are a major problem to take advantage of the heater. Home standby generators families take advantage of these appliances during power outages. People live in coastal areas having the problem of storms and tornadoes can monitor the latest weather updates through tv or radio can invest in a generator. Power outages occur due to storms. The generator provides backup service in an emergency.

History Of Home standby generator

In 1831 a British scientist, physicist, chemist Michael Faraday create an appliance called Generator. This was composed of a tube made of neutral material, a coil of wire, a bar magnet and insulated in cotton. Faraday connects the appliance with a galvanometer that detects electric current. Then he noticed the needle of the galvanometer kept moving whenever he moved the magnet bar back and forth with the help of coil wire.

This shows that an electric current flowing in the coil of wire. Later he built the first electromagnetic generator as Faraday did. It had a copper disc that moves between magnetic poles or looks alike horseshoe and generates small direct current. Scientists after Faraday starts from where Faraday left off.

After a year a France instrument maker creates a first magneto-electric generator using the same induction principles introduced by Faraday. Around 18-century batteries were the most punctual source of energy. Electricity was not commonly available at that time. So Zenobia Gramme increased the power of the generator to the point that appliance produced more power for commercial use.

Features Of Generators

Some features and specialty a user necessary to consider when buying a generator. The fuel on which the generator work is one of the most important for functionality, application, and usability. Some features are taken as:

Purchase cost: Diesel generators available at low cost as compared to home standby generators. If you are aware of your power requirements and prices then you can take diesel generator for use but if your focus on long term then you are required to see out more features of generators before selecting the best one.

Fuel efficiency: CNG  fuel is cheaper than diesel as well as efficient and effective. when we come on performance, various types of diesel fuel generators are capable of providing greater electrical output and perform long durations of time. If your power necessity not very high or very frequent then the CNG generator would be efficient for your requirements. Otherwise, you can take diesel generators

High Electrical Output With Performance Over Time.

Noise: As a comparison of Diesel and CNG generators, diesel generators generate more noise than CNG. CNG generators are more suitable and perfect for installation in school and hospital.

Emissions: CNG referred to as natural gas which causes very low pollution. It is the cleanest fuel and has a low impact on the environment. On the other hand, diesel release harmful gases on the burning which is not suitable for living things. If you are planning to install a generator in a populated area then a cleaner home standby generators are perfect for installation.

Safety: Diesel is the low flammable and natural gas is highly combustible in nature. However, diesel comes naturally in a liquid form with odor and therefore, a diesel leakage is easy to detect and prevent from harm. CNG is highly combustible which makes it vulnerable to explosions. CNG doesn’t have any odor and in the case of leakage, we can not detect. A home standby generator would be more suitable for you.

Maintenance: For the point of maintenance diesel generators are more suitable than CNG generators. A diesel generator is low flammable as compared to CNG and diesel generator need less maintenance than CNG generator is highly flammable and has no odor to detect. Proper maintenance required to avoid the leakage of CNG. Business is prone or suffers from power outages then we suggest you diesel generator for installation.


Choosing a suitable home standby generators seems to be a difficult task unless you are clear about your preferences and requirements. Diesel generator would be suitable for a large manufacturing unit situated in a remote area because of its durability, consistent performance, and capability to deliver high electrical power output. On the other hand, a CNG generator would be a wiser choice for a small business operating in an urban area where pollution as well noise are more critical points.

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