Want to hire a generator for your temporary power needs, then hire a Honda rental generator which is power Genset for your home or business application.

The decision of renting a generator is mainly based on the main grid electricity failure in your home or job site location. If you are frequently facing power outage but don’t want power backup for a long duration, then a temporary generator is the best option for your power solutions.

Honda brand is a very well-known & common name in the field of automobile and motorbike. But apart from these services, Honda Design & manufacture a huge range of portable power backup for home, business, and industrial use. For the last 50 years, they served more than 100 million power generators worldwide.

With the trusted name of Honda, EO Energy deals in a wide range of temporary power generators for home to industrial uses. We are a prime distributor & wholesale trader of Honda Genset in Noida & Delhi NCR. When you think Honda generator on rent near me, we are one of the best options.

Apart from the rental power services, We also deal with Honda’s new and second-hand generator for sale. To get more information click on the link.

For the rental power services, we provide a complete kV range of Honda generators to manage various load demands.

Honda generator on rent, we offer

EO Energy offers the best in quality & low price of rental Honda generator in Delhi NCR. These cost-effective DG Set design & manufacture under the observation of a highly qualified team of engineers & technicians. Here find the latest specification & cost of Honda Genset on Hire.

Air-cooled EP-1000 Honda rental power backup

The air-cooled EP-1000 Honda rental DG Set offering a long duration service during the planned or unplanned power failure. The automatic adjustable cooling unit of this DG Set makes them an ideal power source for all needs. This DG Set available in the range of 1 kVA to 25 kVA Honda DG Set Here get an inquiry on the latest specification & price of this brand’s Honda rental DG Set.


Product Specification

Genset Rating10 to 15 kVA
Noise LevelSilent
Cooling SystemAir-cooled
ApplicationHome & Aggriculture
Frequency50 Hz
Starting SystemRecoil Starter
Rated Output750 VA
InsulationClass H
Rating Speed1500 RPM
Maximum Output850 VA
Continuous Duty6.7 Hour

Honda power DG Set

The powerful portable Honda generator is easy to shift from one location to another when you change the job location. This power generator provides a continuous power supply at commercials & construction are. We are offering the best & affordable Honda generator price in India. Here get an inquiry on Honda 15 kVA to 62.5 kVA rental honda DG Set.


Product Specification

Genset Rating15 kVA to 62.5 kVA
Noise Level48 dBA to 54 dBA
Receptacles 20A 125V Duplex
DC Output12V, 100W (8.3A)
Starting SystemRecoil
FuelPetrol, Diesel
Frequency50 Hz
ApplicationCommercial, Industrial
InsulationClass H
Rated Speed1500 RPM
Cooling SystemAir & Water-cooling

Portable industrial Honda generator on rent

Honda design & manufacture various kVA ranges of the industrial generator for sale. This Honda rental industrial DG Set available in the range of 125 kVA, 200 kVA, 250 kVA & 500 kVA DG on rent. Here get an inquiry on the latest product specification & price detail.


Product Specification

Genset Rating62.5 kVA to 125 kVA
FuelPetrol, LPG
Current14.4 Amps
Rated Output3300 VA
Noise Level72 dBA
Battery Specification12 Volt 9 Ah
Srtarting SystemRecoil
Frequency50 Hz
InulationClass H
Rated Speed3000 RPM
Cooling SystemWater-cooling

Reason to hire Honda Genset

Want to release from a continuous power failure or any planned or unplanned power cut? A Honda rental generator is the best power solution for your home or business power needs. This inverter Genset will give you an easy & fast service from the power outage issue. EO Energy provides rental honda power backup solutions for your home, business or industrial temporary power solution.

The best in class technology and great compact design make this DG Set a more popular & trustable name in the power field.

Other advantages of hiring a Honda Genset

Low initial cost

The best thing when you hire a Genset, the initial price of a rental generator. A generator on rent comes at very low & affordable price as compared to buying a new or second-hand generator. Also, most of the rental service provider offers a great discount, if your Genset rental duration is for the long term. This small amount of savings gives you a huge profit at the end of the year.

Product flexibility

This feature in temporary power backup offers you the opportunity to resize your Genset according to your power needs. Also, you can choose a Genset based on the right size & output.

Zero ownership cost

Another best thing about the temporary generator, that there is no need to hire a person to maintain a rental power unit. The maintenance part is completely done by the service provider. Also if you face any problem in the part or service, this will completely be handled by your service provider.

Zero installation cost

When you hire a generator on rent there is no need to pay for the installation. Because the installation of the rental generator is free of cost.

Rent to own option

After completing the rental duration if clients need to purchase the same generator to maintain continuity of business power needs. We provide them at a very affordable price.

About the manufacturer

We all are very familiar with the Honda brand name, This company is one of the biggest manufacturers in the automobile sector. Apart from the motorbike or automobile they provide a power generator for various power needs. For the last 50 years, they are providing their generator services in almost all industrial or business sectors. Also, the record-breaking performance of manufacturing more than 100 million power generators with unbelievable efforts across the world is showing the popularity of Honda.

Honda Rental Generator is the most known leading brand for offering Gensets along with its recommended services. Undoubtedly, the portable and diesel generators work as a Light to eliminate darkness during power loss on job sites and homes.

Apart from that, the best technical feature of this rental Honda Genset makes them best for your business & home power needs. Here the list of some best technical specifications of this rental DG Set.

The best feature of the Rental Honda generator

if you want an external power solution, which is not required for a long duration, then hiring a generator is the best idea. Also, there is no need to pay the expensive cost, which is applied when you buy a new one. The Honda rental generator is present with all of these features & gives you a reliable & durable temporary power service for the short or long term.

Why choose us

With the trustable name of Honda, EO Energy deals in a huge range of Honda rental DG Set to complete power requirements for all sectors. Apart from the rental power services, we provide new and second-hand generators for sale. Here a few of the best features & benefits of our rental generator service in India.

Low rental price of Honda DG Set

Our offering price of all brands included Honda Genset is very low as compared to other rental generator service provider in India. Also, we suggest our clients best generator according to the job requirement.

Zero maintenance cost

The best thing about our rental generator service in Delhi NCR, we are offering free & zero maintenance cost of rental DG. That means, there is no need to pay a single penny on maintenance during the rental period.

Flexibility in product

Product flexibility is one of the best key features of our service which makes us a prime distributor of Honda generator on rent. We are offering the best & affordable range of rental DG Set with various range of kVA. Such as 2.5 kVA Honda rental DG Set to 1000 KVA DG.

These are a few of the best features of our rental service in India. To get more information or want to hire a generator, you can call or contact us. our highly-professional sales team will assist you with further information.