Jakson Rental Generator: Rental Service at Best Price

Want to hire a generator for temporary power needs? We provide Jakson rental generator for temporary power solutions. This power backup is one of the best choices to fulfill the power requirement for your home, business, and industrial power load.

Here we provide you the information on various Jakson DG Set on rent. Apart from the rental power services, we also provide new and second-hand Jakson Genset for sale. To get more information or want to buy a power backup, click on the link.

These Rental Generators are recognized as one of the most prominent providers of Gensets on rent which is not only specialized in manufacturing various power generating products such as solar PV modules but also grabs many visitors for majorly offering diesel generators on rent not even in India but across the world at very moderate prices.

EO Energy offers a huge range of power generators for various power needs.

Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment for Diesel Generator
Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment for Diesel Generator

Jakson rental DG Set, we offer

Jakson power generator on rent


Product Specification

Genset Rating25 to 100 kV
Cooling SystemAir & Water-Cooling
Noise LevelSilent
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage230 to 380 V
Fuel TypeGas, Diesel
Starting MethodBaterry started
Battery Capacity88 Ah
InsulationClass H
Cylinder2 to 4

Jakson portable industrial generator


Product Specification

Genset Rating62 kV to 250 kV
Cooling MethodWater-Cooled
Noise LevelSound-proof
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage230 V to 480 V
InsulationClass H
Rated Speed1500 RPM

1250 kV Jakson silent DG Set on rent


Product Specification

Genset Rating1250 kV
Noise LevelSilent
Cooling SystemWater-cooled
Voltage415 V
No. of PhaseThree-phase
Displacement50.3 Liter
Piston Speed7.95 m/s
Rated Speed1500 RPM
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClaas H

Reason to hire Jakson Genset on rent

Jakson rental generator is one of the common & reliable brand names in the power sector. High-quality components & great working ability make them a prime choice for industrial or construction site power needs. few other reasons which make them best in the market are as follows:

  • Jakson rental generator offers you its 24/7 services support system wherever you stuck while operating a generator. Also, whenever you experience any malfunction or glitch due to some technical faults, our dedicated and brilliant technical team always ready to help you in any case.
  • This DG Set offers you high and satisfying efficiency in fuel with long and uninterrupted working hours effectively.
  • The operating and maintenance cost of this rental Genset is very low in price & affordable.
  • Product warranty & security features are a few of the best things about this power backup.
  • Jakson Rental Generator is considered quite suitable for industrial, commercial, and individual purposes as a result, various popular industries shown interest in this rental DG Set by renting a generator from it.

Advantage & specialization of Jakson DG Set

This organization specializes in the manufacturing of Cummins powered diesel Genset. the range of Jakson power backup provides a complete range of portable generators for various power needs in different sectors.

  • They provide an engineer training program for better understanding & work comparability with power Genset
  • Manufacturing & maintenance of Jakson power Genset works under the Cummins parts distribution and operation.
  • The authorized Jakson Rental Services believes in delivering comprehensive and complete temporary power solutions.
  • Ranging from individual retail diesel generator sets to diesel Genset power plant design and execution, all backed by unmatched service support.
  • Jakson Rental Generator is blessed with comprehensive talent and skills to satisfy the power requirements of a wide range of individual and institutional customers.
  • Years of experience in Genset manufacturing make them a more trusted brand name all over the world.

About the organization

Since 1947,Jakson generator services are India’s one of verified & best temporary power service provider. The electric generator of this brand is manufactured by using the latest & modern technology. They serve the best products for home, business, and industrial power needs with consistency and unbeatable & unmatched performance.

More importantly, From 7.5 KVA to 3750 KVA Diesel power generators continue to be sold from Jakson when time is not utilizing fruitfully with power loss or during the blackout.

This company is across several businesses such as Solar, Defence, Education, Electrical & Civil EPC, Hospitality, and including Powergen & Distribution. In the past seven years, Jakson made a reputation rooted in a culture of innovation, engineering expertise and values. The vision of the company for the future is driven by its dedication to improving the quality of life of all stakeholders by providing sustainable solutions and creating value for society.

Jakson Generator can be lifesavers in both residential and commercial situations by providing backup power. It is very helpful for construction sites and hospitals as well as in situations such as fires, floods or hurricanes, the Jackson generator’s power can provide heat, light, and power. And you can also use this generator for recreational activities such as tailgating and camping. These Gensets are noted for their low fuel consumption and pocket-friendly nature.

Why choose us

We are successfully ranked amongst the top Genset service provider, engaged in offering Jakson rental generator. From the last 11 years, we are the prime distributor & wholesale trader of Jakson rental power backup services in Noida & Delhi NCR. We provide our temporary generator on a monthly, yearly, and quarterly basis. Similarly, you get a Genset on rent on a daily basis at a very affordable cost. Also, if you hire a generator for a long duration, we offer attractive discounts.

Our offered services are highly demanded and appreciated among our clients for their promptness and customization facility. Due to our features such as timely execution, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, these services are highly demanded in the Genset market.

The services we offer to our client, are checked on compatibility parameters before we handover them. Even the documentation of the generator services is scrutinized under strict quality norms to ensure the execution of defect-free services to our clients while keeping in mind the industrial norms. If you need any help regarding our service, feel free to contact us. We have a tremendous team who use their talent to deliver top-notch quality services to our client and maintain consistency in our performance.

Few other key features of rental power backup services

  • Low initial cost.
  • Flexibility with rental power backup.
  • Durability with fuel efficiency.
  • Rent to own option.
  • Zero installation cost.
  • Zero maintenance cost.

Apart from the rental power services, EO Energy offers a wide range of new & second-hand generators for sale. To get more inquiries or want to buy a power backup call or contact us. Our sales team will assist you & provide you more information in detail.