Want to hire a Genset, which is best for your various power needs and serve reliable & continuous power supply. Then go with Kohler rental generator, which provides the best temporary power solution for your home or business power needs.

Kohler Generators’ design and manufacturing, mainly focused on all the requirements of several powers need for all applications. This reliable rental power backup customized with great specifications to fulfill all power needs.

One of the best quality of Kohler is system integration, they will assure you that no matter how large or complex the project, everything works together seamlessly. The function of the working generator and transfer switches to paralleling switchgear and controllers.

They will provide you the best service expert support and problem resolution. The dealer and distributor have access globally, the complete inventories of genuine Kohler parts and provides factory-trained and certified service technicians.

With the high-quality components and reliable services of Kohler diesel generator, EO Energy provides several ranges of silent Kohler rental generator for home power backup & Industrial DG Set.

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Kohler rental generator range, we provide

Kohler 5 kV diesel generator on rent


Product Specification

Genset Rating5 kV
Cooling MethodAir-cooling
No. of Cylinder4
Rated Speed1500 RPM
Bore*Stroke100*105 mm
Voltage415/230 V
ClassA 2
InsulationClass H
TypeManual/ Semi-automatic
ApplicationHome, events, small business

Kohler standby rental generator


Product Specification

Genset Rating45 to 125 kV
ApplicationCommercial, Industrial
Noise LevelSound-proof
Cooling MethodAir & Water-cooled
No. of Cylinder8
Rated Speed1500 RPM
InsultionClass H
Voltage230 to 380 V
Frequency50 Hz

Kohler liquid-cooled gas generator


Product Specification

Genset Rating100 to 2000 kV
Noise LevelSilent
ApplicationIndustrial, Commercial
FuelNatural Gas
Cooling MethodLiquid-cooled
No. of Cylinder8 to 16
Rated Speed1500 to 1800 RPM
InsulationClass H
Voltage480 V
Frquency50 Hz

Features of Kohler rental Genset


The 5 years and 2000-hour manufacturing warranty of Kohler generator set show the extraordinary reliability and performance for various power application.


With the power boost technology, these portable power Gensets are able to perform under heavy load. Also, they provide 100% work efficiency in the worst weather conditions or heavy storms.

High-quality Power

Because of its advanced voltage & frequency regulation, Kohler Genset presents with high-quality power and maximum durability with reliable power efficiency. The ultra-low harmonic distortion comes in excellent power quality for sensitive electronics and demanding load.

Reliable service

The manufacturing unit of the Kohler electric generator has followed the global standards to design this power generator. This fuel-efficient reliable backup generator delivers prime power for emergency & also energy management solutions worldwide from data centers and hospitals to water treatment facilities and government offices.

 Solution center

They will provide you the best service expert support and problem resolution. The dealer and distributor have access globally, the complete inventories of genuine Kohler parts and provides factory-trained and certified service technicians.

Control system

The advanced control system is one of the best features present in Kohler DGG Set. The control strategy of the whole monitoring section is based on the reliability of the design.


This Genset is specially designed as green environmental protection. All the range of industrial diesel generator follows the CPCB-2 norms to deliver clean & reliable energy.

Benefits of Kohler Rental Generator

About the manufacturer

Kohler Rental Generator is one of the most trusted American brands successfully established in 1873 and got its first name by John Michael Kohler “the founder of the company”. Although, Kohler is among the most versatile companies which show its specialization to the globe by delivering various useful products.

Majorly, Kohler Rental Generator has been serving the world its Genset on rent services with full dedication and care. And also lets you experience its comprehensives sets of diesel rental generator services that effectively fulfill various power requirements during the power loss or blackout. Undoubtedly, Kohler Rental Generator has shown its full dedication to manufacturing generators with long and high reliability and durability.

Kohler Rental Generator is blessed with most trained, experienced and devoted consultants who effectively carry out the task of a generator producing process. And significantly, Kohler Rental knows what it takes to make every event truly memorable with over 80 years of experience in power generation.

Kohler generator has supported thousands of successful events all across the country, from major events like the PGA Championship, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, and the Kentucky Derby to more intimate occasions like Pfizer’s national sales party and Jenna Bush’s wedding. Let us help make your event your greatest success with Kohler Rental Generator’s Services.

Why choose us to rent a Kohler generator

EO Energy counted as a prime distributor & wholesale trader of Kohler rental generator in Delhi NCR. Our Kohler generator cost is very affordable & pocket-friendly. With the 11 years of experience as a rental generator distributor, we are standing in a first position to deliver Kohler rental diesel generator.

Feature of rental DG Set services


Kohler is a purely customer-oriented brand, which belive 100% customer satisfaction and delivers the best to the customer.

Zero tolerance with quality

Kohler never compromises with the quality of service. Kohler rental generator directly comes from the manufacturing unit, so the Genset present in good condition. They provide the best service quality to the customer.

Price Efficiency

Kohler rental Generator comes at a very affordable price. They will also give some unique discounts like, if you hire Genset for a long Duration they will provide you an extra discount.

Doorstep service

They understand your power needs and provide you all the services in a single call at the doorstep.

Low noise

Kohler Genset is specially designed after considering the environment. That Genset has come with low noise pollution and low environmental pollution.

Last-minute saves

We all are in a situation where there was a last-minute change, problem, deadline change, or accident that potentially gives the whole job a risk. That is part of growing and responding to uncertainty or new demand.

The rental Genset is beneficial, which means you can save your site the immediate use of power. You will get the exact product you need because you have a team of professionals, who help you to build that assessment and one of the many top tier options for your needs. There is no new financing legwork, insurance or warranty to purchase.


Flexibility is one of the major features when you renting a Genset. You can rent a Genset of any size with the accurate output and correct rating. You can also select another suitable Genset for the next project.

Sometimes the purchase of that equipment is not the right move because you don’t know if your business is going to change. New areas will emerge, even those you would not expect, and present new opportunities that you cannot expect.

Apart from the rental power services, we deal with new and second-hand generators for sale. To get more information or want to buy a generator, you can call or contact us. Our sales & marketing team will assist you in a very short duration with complete detail.