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Difference Between Single-Phase & Three-Phase Generator

Here in this article, you will get to learn about single phase vs three phase generators. Read on to last to have complete understanding.

A power generator is one of the essential needs to manage our daily life during power failure. In this modern generation, our official or unofficial works are completely dependent on electricity. That’s we all need the facility for backup Genset. But do you know what are the types of generators when we talked about in the terms of power output? Here in this article, we shared the important information & difference between single-phase v/s three-phase generators. So if you want to learn that knowledgeable information, take a few minutes to read this article.

In general words, we can say a single-phase & three-phase generator is like relatives in the power backup industry. But don’t make the mistake when you go to buy one for home or Genset for the industrial sector. Both types of generators are used to provide prime power backup service in industrial & commercial sectors. People are mainly wondering when we talk about the difference between single-phase v/s three-phase generators. What is the power generation function of both of them & how long they are?

Let’s discuss the difference between the generator based on the power output including the specification, feature & benefits of both backup DG Sets.

Single-phase V/S Three-phase generator

Single-phase & 3 phase generator provides power in a different manner. The most common difference is the method of power delivery. Both types of diesel generators provide AC power. But when we talked about 3 phase generators, they produce 3 separate waves of power delivered in a sequence. Due to this feature, a 3 phase generator is more powerful & provides an uninterrupted power supply as compared to a single-phase DG Set.

Let’s get more information on the single & 3 phase DG Set.

What is a single-phase generator?

In a single-phase generator the power is produced in a single voltage & that alternates continuously. Due to its single wave power generation feature, the level varies throughout its cycle. The varying waves of single-phase DG Set are mainly responsible for the power level drop throughout the process. These waves are generally undetectable through the naked eye during the operation.

What is 3 phase generator?

A 3 phase generator produces three separate waves of AC power output. The AC power that operates in a sequence, gives the surety of a continuous power supply. Also, the power level of 3 phase generator is never dipped like a single-phase Genset. Due to their unmatched reliability, these generators are more powerful & efficient.

Three-phase generators work by producing three separate waves of AC power that operate in a sequence, ensuring that there is always a continuous flow of energy and that the power level never dips as it does with single-phase generators. Because of this uninterrupted reliability, three-phase generators are much more powerful.

The characteristic difference between Single-phase & 3 phase generators?

The single-phase generator having a low cycle current which is more suitable for small commercial & home power backup. Here are some other characteristic features of the single-phase DG Set.

A 3 phase generator is built to provide high-rated power output at large commercial & industrial sectors. During the operation of this DG Set, all 3 current cycles produce a heavy amount of current to run heavy-duty electrical equipment. Also, they will connect with three different equipment to provide power at the same time. A few more attractive characteristics of 3 phase generator.

Is a 3 phase generator is better than single-phase

The proper knowledge of operational functionality, features & benefits of a three-phase generator helps you to pick the right DG Set. Moreover, the single-phase & 3 phase generators have some special characteristics that make them suitable according to the needs. But when we compare the difference between single-phase v/s three-phase generators, I personally suggest buying a 3 phase DG Set is more beneficial. Here get the list of a few of the most beneficial features of a 3 phase generator & reasons to buy.

Powerful, reliable & durable: A 3 phase generator is more powerful as compared to a single-phase Genset. Also, they are able to provide long-duration service in industrial & large commercial sectors.

The overall cost is less: At the time of buying a 3 phase DG Set looks more expensive but when we compare throughout complete operational cost, the DG Set is less expensive. Because they need less maintenance & also the 3 phase generator fuel consumption rate is more affordable.

Minimum torque: Due to its less torque conversion, the mechanical vibration of the three-phase generator is very less. The high vibration in DG Set is a major cause for the unstable waves. And due to these unstable waves, you will not get a more efficient power supply.

Quality power output: The output power quality of 3 phase generator is more clean & reliable. Also, the noiseless feature of this silent generator provides a highly hassle-free work experience.

When do you buy a single-phase generator?

When an application doesn’t require the power of more than 240 kilowatts, you will go with the single-phase DG Set. In general words, we can say a single-phase portable Genset is mostly used in the home & small business purposes. This type of DG Set is not an ideal match for the high power rated sectors such as the large commercial & industrial sectors. The various brands of diesel generator manufacturers don’t recommend using this DG Set for high O/P power. Here get the list for single-phase generator use.

When do you buy a 3 phase generator?

If you want to buy a generator for industrial or any large commercial sector, the 3 phase generator is a very clear choice. The longer time running operational feature in higher voltage gives the more reliable & stable power output. This type of generator is highly impactive for the industrial equipment during the main grid failure. Here is the list of 3 phase generator uses applications.


Understanding the various types of DG sets based on the power output is more important when you need a DG Set. A power generator is mainly available in single-phase & 3 phase power output. According to the needs we choose between both of them such as a single-phase generator for home power backup & 3 phase DG Set for industrial sectors. But when we talk about the types of Gensets, there is a huge difference between single-phase v/s 3 phase generator apart from the electricity production.

Here in this article, we have shared the information for the difference between single-phase v/s three-phase generator including the characteristics, features & benefits. I hope the above information will give you a better understanding of both types of DG Sets.

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