Best Home Standby Generator – Buying Guide And Installation

Best Home Standby Generator – Buying Guide And Installation

A standby generator is used to supply power in a home when the grid goes down these generators start automatically within a second of a power outage. It is also known as a home standby generator. It starts sending power to appliances, machines, gadgets and light sockets in the home. After power returns the automatic switch transfer of standby generator transfers the electric load to the utility power and produces a signal to the standby generator to shut off the generator.

Its comes to their stand by mode and wait for next outage. So those are facing frequently power cut problem in their area can use standby generators to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of power in their homes. These standby generators need to be installed outside the building.

Which Standby Generator Ideal For Home Use?

Yes, this is the most important question that comes up in your mind when you want to install or purchase your standby generator for your home. Because in the market, there are multiple types of standby generators available as per the requirement of the customer and power usage. But the variation of price creates trouble in front of the customer which is in budget or not.

In the market, there are multiple companies, brand names with their multiple features are available. So at that time, it’s very hectic to decide which option for you. We encourage you which is the most suitable, beneficial, effective and better solution for your home instead of just spending the money on something which does not fulfill your requirements that you want or looking odd at your home.

There are multiple factors  to consider before buying a Standby generator

There are a numbers of factors you need to consider at the time of buying a standby DG Set. Here get information on how do I choose a standby Genset for home or industrial power needs.

Power Needs:-

Every home is different, On a daily basis, we use a large number of things in the kitchen, bathroom and other spaces that are working on electricity. It is essential to know the wattage needs or the power required during outages. Start by making a list of devices that you consider essential and measuring the amount of energy you will need to generate in order to keep these devices powered.

After that add up their watts to know how much wattage you require when the power goes down and when you will go to purchase a standby generator. Because generators are sell or purchase in the market on behalf of power output, as measured in watts. Basically 5,000 Watt is sufficient for a typical home.

Fuel Type:-

In present market Standby Generators run on multiple fuels like(diesel, natural gas, liquid propane gas). Before purchasing a generator it is mandatory to confirm which fuel available in your area because if you purchase a generator that is working on different fuel which is difficult to buy in your area it creates a big problem in front of you.

  • Diesel:- This standby generator working on diesel which is the traditional fuel choice for many appliances and backup power. We all know that diesel generator is economical than others with high thermal efficiency. It can be stored on-site so we can use it in a remote area where other options are not available.
  • Natural gas:-Natural gas is not easy to found in most of the places. But natural gas lines are already run in your house, then you can choose this type of standby generator. These generators also run like gasoline-powered ones because both have little bit the same process of generating combustion. Some time weather having Strome, rough season in your area then cost a little bit more to set up.
  • Liquid Propane gas:- Propane needs some space to store so do you have a proper tank of hot water for propane then you can choose this model for your home. The liquid propane generator provides more power as compare to electric generators that are running on natural gas. In small communities and rural areas, a liquid propane generator is the best choice.


The budget is the prime factor while you are buying anything for your home. So please make sure how much amount you can spend on purchasing a generator for your home. In the market, high end and low end both types of products are available but you need to research on that which one fulfills your requirement and under in your budget.


Generators come in a variety of different sizes generally provide anywhere 2000-7000 watts. The sizing of your generator is critical to the success of any installation. It requires a good working knowledge of electricity as well as the load requirement of your home’s electrical appliances. The price for these varieties of generators is different it depends upon the watt and power. You need more watt than you will need to pay more.

Too Small:-

If you want a power generator for limited items in your home and need low power than you can purchase a small size generator. So there is no need to pay more amount you just check that your generator fulfills your requirement or not.

Too Large:-

The size of the generator really matters as it occupies large space. If you want a generator for your complete home and using heavy electronic items, then you can purchase a large size generator. If the size of the generator is increasing thens you will get more power and also ready to pay more money from your pocket.


Weather also affects your standby generators in some areas where natural disasters, Strom, high electricity fluctuation, severe weather is common. We all know that in winter months generators need proper maintenance and grooming in order to operate properly and effectively. In winter leaves, snow, freezing temperature and ice create problems to operate your standby generator.

If you leaving in an area where natural disasters are very frequent. Then you need to make sure to do the insurance of your generator.

Warranty Duration

Before purchasing a standby generator this is very important to take a close look at standard warranty print on the paper or bill. The standard warranty range most of the manufacturers offers one to five year depend on the type of generator. Some manufacturers also provide optional upgrades and coverage to increase your warranty duration. You can ask for upgrade cost if you want to increase your warranty and coverage at the time of purchase. Everyone needs to know about the delivery method of your dealer because this generator is very large and heavy in weight. Be sure to purchase from your dealer that offers delivery, installation, maintenance, and other services.

Home Standby Generator Installation

After purchasing a standby generator the exact step involved in the installing depends on the type of generator.  Your buy and your specific electrical setup. Usually licensed electrician and plumber install a standby generator in your home where you want outside and inside your home. You might decide to go with a reputed company only those have many years of experience in standby generator installation otherwise, go with referrals. You should keep in mind at the time of installation of a generator located where it’s readily accessible for maintenance, repair and high enough to keep rising water from reaching the generator.

Best Recommended Generators In The Present Market

  • Brigg & Stratton 40532
  • Brigg & Stratton 40396
  • Brigg & Stratton 40445
  • Generac Guardian Series 5871
  • Generac Guardian Series 6551


The Powercut is a break on your personal and professional work. You can deal with it via a standby generator. In this article, we have listed all the points you should consider before you shop for a standby generator. Read and make a choice.  For any query feel free to use the comment box.

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