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How Soundproofing A Generator Reduces Efficiency

How Soundproofing A Generator Reduces Efficiency

A diesel generator is useful to run your home or business during the unplanned power cut. But the irritating noise of Genset is always a major challenge for us. The soundproofing of a generator is the best way to reduce the noise of the generator engine. But most of the time we don’t know how generator soundproofing reduces the efficiency of a DG Set.

Here in this blog, we learn the main cause of generator sound & how to reduce the noise of DG Set. Also, we share the information on how a generator soundproofing reduces the efficiency of Genset.

Reason to reduce the sound of DG Set


Due to the noise of the heavy industrial generator, many peoples are not too comfortable to work in the nearby location of the DG set. So we need to reduce the noise of the generator to get hassle-free work experience. Also, a diesel engine power generator produces lots of noise & vibration during the time of operation. Due to the high noise of a DG Set, most of the community has decided to use only a silent generator.

Having a low-frequency generator is one the best solution to reduce the noise of DG Set. But when you need a high power Genset, you will not compromise with the frequency. In that situation again the high noise of a DG Set is a major challenge.

A generator canopy is also a beneficial thing to reduce the noise of diesel generators. Also, this enclosure protects the DG Set from bad weather or heavy storm.

But before reducing the noise of the power backup engine, you need to know the actual source of generator noise.

Why a DG Set is so noisy

Due to the technical feature & heavy-duty performance, a portable diesel generator is designed & manufactured with a heavy power engine. Some of the other factors such as generator cooling fan & frequency are also responsible for the noise of DG Set.

Lightweight small structure home generator also creates more noise, when the power demand is high. Overall, the noise & vibration of the Genset is present due to the forcing frequency of the engine. Therefor for the resulting amplification is to create generator noise. When selecting a generator that is very important to consider proper isolators of vibration.

Way to reduce the sound of DG Set

To control the noise of a generator, we have to use the noise control sheet or control blankets. When we using the noise control blankets they will provide the four-sided solutions to reduce noise. Due to a batter result, we have to use minimum size generators and minimum sound generators.

In today, all the DG Set manufacture using the latest & smart technology to reduce the noise of Genset. Because of this generator soundproofing reduces the efficiency probability is very low. Also, the DG Set enclosures are one of the best ways to make a DG soundproof. Apart from this, you can design this DG according to the needs.

A silent or soundproof DG Set not create the sound more than 72 dB. But when we trying to reduce the sound of the generator, it will also reduce the efficiency of the DG Set.

How Soundproofing reduces the efficiency of the generator

When we focus on decreasing the sound of Genset, most of the time we didn’t aware of the generator soundproofing to reduces the efficiency. The low efficiency of DG Set also affects the work & fuel consumption rate of Genset.

Reason of generator soundproofing reduce the efficiency

Due to the high noise of DG Set, many peoples are not comfortable with the working area of DG Set. The main points of generators sound are loud but at the time we have to need tips to help to make your generators more quite and decrease the sound level. We have to need those types of generators in which we have to reduce the noise from the generators. 

Types of DG Set soundproofing reduces the efficiency

There are several types of DG sets such as home, business, or industrial generator. Also, the various different technology is responsible for the noise & efficiency of a generator. Overall, which type of power backup you are using is to decide, which type of noise generator produces.

Things which is responsible for noise & efficiency of a DG Set.

The engine size of a Genset

If we saw the generator size is too much large the sound of the generators is too louder, it runs which also means that more powerful generators and its likely to make too much noise according to we will use a small generator. The size of the generator’s engine is too much larger, therefore, the sound absorption is too much. Even though small generators’ sound absorptions are minimum to a large generator. 

Generator soundproofing & efficiency reducing

For soundproofing generators, we have several designs that we manufacture a noise-free generator. Soundproofing generators is more important because due to soundproofing generator the sound of noise is decreasing. 

The traditional way of attenuation sound factor is to utilize a sound and absorbing material. Medium is large perforations are used in the lower part of generators.

To measuring the noise of a generator we will use the (decibel meter) is the most common device to help to measure the noise sound.

DG Set sound & efficiency observation material

Commonly we have to use sound absorption materials they are naturally reflected and sound-absorbing. Sound absorptions materials are naturally reflected and hit a large surface. They have to cover a large space of the land. From generators only reflected sound is affected, directly sound of generators is not affected in any way.


Here in this blog, we share the information on generator soundproofing & how soundproofing affects the efficiency of DG Set. Most of the time generator soundproofing reduces the efficiency Genset. But to avoid the irretating sound of DG Set, that is very important to follow the instruction of generator noise reduction.

The range of portable generator, if you need for home power backup. First you need to assure, the noise of DG set is low. Also, you need to clear the efficiency of DG Set. That means check does soundproofing of a generator reduce the efficiency.

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