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How Long Do Diesel Engine Generators Last?

How Long Do Diesel Engine Generators Last?

Diesel engine generator is one of the major parts of any industrial or commercial sector. Due to the high efficiency of diesel fuel, these diesel engine generators are a prime choice for all industrial clients. This DG Set has a long life expectancy, which is beneficial & one of the important factors for the industrial short-term & long-term budget.

Reason to buy diesel engine generator


We all live in an environment where we don’t when the climate or other things affect the continuity of electricity. To continuously run a business or home power backup these portable diesel DG Set will help in any changeable environment. Bad weather, a heavy storm, or any planned & unplanned power cut is a few of the main reason which interrupts the continuity of electricity. Also, they affect your business during this power cut.

When this kind of interruption occurs frequently an industrial diesel or home inverter DG Set is the best way to get permanent power backup. To get a prime or continuous power supply you need to choose a Genset that is more reliable & trusted for all power needs.

But how to buy the best DG Set & how to know how long does diesel engine generator last is not an easy task. The reliable service of a DG Set is decided through the quality of components & performance of the diesel engine. The diesel engine generator working principle always a major factor for its performance.

Here in this blog, we share the information on how long does diesel engine generators last longer than another fuel engine DG Set. Also, we take a look at the factors who are responsible to increase the performance of Genset.

Factors that Determine the Diesel Engine Generator lifespan

An industrial diesel engine generator performance & durability is very high. Its 1800 RPM rated speed & best exhaust system with water cooling facility is beneficial to increase the life of DG Set. Also, they are very much responsible for the continuity of diesel engine Genset.

A diesel power DG Set is able to perform 15,000 hours or up to 50,000 hours without needed any major maintenance or components replacement.

Here some of the major factors that determine the diesel engine generator lifespan are as follows:

Maintenance of generator


Regular maintenance of DG Set is helpful to maintain DG Set equipment in good running condition. Same thing we consider in the form of diesel Genset. If you need to run the DG Set with a long duration and peace of mind service than you need to keep your Genset in good running condition. That means,

Regular maintenance of DG Set includes the things such as oil changing or fuel & filter changing. Also, you need to check for any change in performance, which can be indicate by any of the following sign:

If you get any of this sign in your DG Set, that means your Genset is needs servicing. But to be able to find out these signals, you should exercise your Genset regularly.

Due to the regular use of diesel engine generators, there is very little chance to occurs any unwanted issue suddenly. This is very basic fundamental to increase or maintain the lifespan of DG Set. If a diesel engine generator is not in use regularly there is a very high priority of engine get hot when it will use. Also, the exhaust or cooling system of the DG Set will not respond properly.

Generator size

A diesel engine is able to operate more than 80 to 90% of there capacity. The high working capacity of diesel engine DG Set provides the assurance of the quality of energy. Also, the combustion pressure to hold the piston rings firmly and beneficial to the longevity of the DG Set. When a DG Set runs on the high loads it doesn’t mean Genset is running in out of its capacity.

In fact, obtaining larger than the required generator can affect the lifetime of the generator. Due to the high load efficiency of DG Set, all the machines provide extra work efficiency. But some time overload in diesel engine generator is the main cause of engine exhaust failure or engine heat. In other words, we can say having too much light for a diesel Genset can cause many problems.

On the other hand, continuous-rated Genset operates between 70% and 100% of its load. When any of these generators run at 30% or less of its capacity, wet stacking can occur. When there is any oil or some other leak occurs, it may indicate the machine is overloaded. Also, it may lead to accumulating build-up that can lead to:

Accurate generator sizing cases and improper load size effects will be detrimental to the life of a diesel generator. Calculation of the size that works best for your company involves considering the frequency and voltage dip of the Genset as well as its recovery time.

Other factors

Some of other major factors which affects diesel engine generator lifespan.

Do Diesel Engine Generators Last Longer Than Natural Gas Engine Generators?

Both diesel & gas engine DG Set present with there unique advantages. Diesel has commonly been the go-to choice. Because there are many equipment suppliers with the necessary expertise to provide, transport, install, and maintain with diesel generator sets. Choosing the right generator is also dependent on many other factors such as fuel supply and storage, operating conditions, and load requirements. Diesel-powered generators have an advantage when it comes to durability (measured in hours of use).

A diesel engine powered generator has a long lifespan and also reliable to use. In terms of lifespan, a gasoline generator is less long-lasting than a diesel generator. If so much that a typical gasoline generator will run for about 1000 hours. However, the diesel generator will run an average of 30,000 hours without the need for major overhauling.

Diesel fuel is much better to store than gasoline. It is flammable but is not as large a risk as gasoline that can be explosive. If you will maintain diesel generators properly than there is no need to concerned. Also, due to the minimal visible feature of the exhaust generator is pressed under load change that is served.

Another consideration is the initial cost involved in installing a diesel generator. This is typically much higher than gasoline generators. However, it can be seen that the cost of a diesel generator is when the gasoline generator is much lower than in some years.

How Long Can a Diesel Engine Generator Run Continuously?

Diesel engine generators are cheaper and efficient when used at home power backup. The question is that how long can a diesel engine run continuously can be answered in a different way. But they all bring us to the idea that fuel should be available in the diesel engine generator. In addition to fuel, lubrication and seizing should be checked at all times. There should be a maintenance schedule and, on average, it should be like 24 hours. This is to check that pistons and camshafts or any other parts that are important do not wear out. However, if one keeps refilling the tank continuously, then there will be another problem. You have to stop it for about fifteen minutes for servicing then it will continue work.


If you want to avoid high financial costs and interruptions in business continuity, then you need to set up a diesel engine generator. The most important factor for the lifespan of your diesel engine generator is that always care and regular use. In addition, the exact size of the generator also matters.

Here in this article we share the information on diesel engine lifespan. Also, you get detail knowledge of how a diesel DG Set is better than other fuel Genset.

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