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Tips To Make Your Home Generator More Quiet

A few months ago I found the best way to Quiet the home generator during the operation. So if you are looking to reduce the noise & vibration of Genset, here in this article, we have shared the best tips to make home generators quiet.

As we know that a DG Set for home is one of the essential needs in modern times. Especially at that place where we are facing continuous planned or unplanned power failure. A power generator is more useful to run electric appliances & other equipment when the main grid power supply is failing. But the loud sound of the generator is always a big challenge for the user. And most of the time we think about how to reduce the noise of a generator. So if you are facing a noise issue in your backup Genset, spend your 5 minutes to read this article & make your generator quieter. But before discussing the tips to make home generators quiet, first, you need to know the responsible factor for the loud noise of diesel generators.

Responsible factor to make your home generator louder

Based on the case study of various manufacturers & service providers of generators there are mainly 6 responsible factors that affect the noise of Genset. Such as engine noise, Mechanical noise, cooling fan noise, induction noise, exhaust, & alternator sound. The noise of the DG Set depends upon the size & category of power backup. In portable home generators, engine blocks & exhaust systems are the major sources of noise.

Like any other motor, A DG Set motor produces heat during the operation & they need proper colling for the continuous operation. There are two types of cooling methods air cooling & water cooling feature available in the power generator. The basic difference between air cooling & water cooling generator, as compared to water cooling DG Set liquid & air cooling DG Sets are quieter but expensive to buy.

Apart from that, the DG Set muffler is also responsible for the noise if it’s not present in good condition. A malfunctioning muffler or silencer plays havoc with your properly functioning Genset.

Tips to make the generator quieter

There are a number of methods to make your household DG Set quieter & vibration-free. Bu using small accessories you will get hassle-free service from your home DG Set. Here get the list of the best tips to make home generators quieter.

  1. Use a soundproof enclosure

The first & very common solution to reduce the sound of the generator is using the silent DG Set enclosure. This one is the most effective way to reduce the noise & vibration of Genset. If there is no need to shift or relocate the home generator soundproof box is always the best solution. The heavyweight & sound-absorbing materials of the soundproof canopy reduce the noise up to 50%.

  1. By using sound deflectors for Genset

Use of the sound deflectors can definitely make a difference with the noise of generators. So if you install a DG Set at our location or under in the shed & there is no plan for the shifting, you can install sound deflectors for a better result. The main reason to install it is to deflect the sound & make sure it’s away from the human reach. Also, they are easy to buy & install.

  1. Install Genset away from the house

Keeping the distance between the generator & home location is also the best method to protect yourself from its noisy sound. Combing this with other sound-reducing tools more effectively makes your backup generator highly soundproof.

  1. Using the rubber feet coating in DG Set

Coating the rubber feet in your DG Set is the most effective way to reduce the vibration of backup Genset. This will also gives a more effective impact on the noise of a generator. Also, you can use a soundproofing mat that absorbs the loud sound of Genset.

  1. Use of water to absorb the sound of DG Set

The use of water with DG Set sounds dangerous but it’s also the more effective way to control the noise of Genset from the exhaust. Things you need to follow this process are a bucket of water & a hose pipe. Now you fix this hose pipe in the exhaust system of DG Set & put 2nd corner in water. This will very helpful in absorbing the loud noise.

  1. Fix exhaust pipe in vertical position

The sound of the DG Set exhaust system also depends on its position. When the position of the exhaust pipe is horizontally they emit the air & noise horizontally which is easy to reach in the human environment. But when you set it vertically the noise will blow in upside & the dB rate automatically decrease for the human.

  1. Use baffle box for DG Set

The baffle box is very similar to the soundproofing box of Genset. If you are familiar with the Genset canopy the DG Set baffle is not a new thing for you. A baffle box is usually designed to decrease the airborne sound. To design the baffle box you can follow the instruction of designing the soundproof canopy.


We know the importance of continuous power in your daily life & how a minor power cut affects your daily schedule. To avoid this type of situation many house owners go with the portable home Genset to get continuous prime service. But the loud noise & vibration of the power generator is always a big challenge for the user.

Here in this blog, we have shared the information & tips to make home generators quiet. I hope the above information will help you to make your DG Set a silent generator as well as provide you more hassle-free service.

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