2.5 kVA Generator For Sale: Price & Specification

Are you facing frequent power cuts in your home or business location & looking for an external power source? Buy a 2.5 kVA generator.

Due to 2.5 kVA inverter generator durable performance, they are the best external power solution for small or mid-size power needs. This latest design portable DG Set available in various fuel types such as gas, propane & diesel. Also, the soundproof feature of 2.5 kVA silent diesel generator makes them a prime choice for home power backup.

EO Energy offers the best in a class power generator for all power needs. Also, our 2.5 kVA DG Set price is more affordable & low in cost. Because of the best quality powerful engine, the 2.5 kVA Genset capacity is very high. In other words, we can say this Genset can run multiple appliances in a single time.

Our 2.5 kVA generator for sale available in single-phase & 3 phase power output. Also, We offer affordable & low cost of 2.5 kVA DG Set prices in India. Due to the low fuel consumption & high 2.5 kVA generator load capacity, These Gensets provide the best in class work performance at a very low operating costs.

Apart from the deals in the new 2.5 kVA Genset for sale in India, We provide the best quality used 2.5 kVA DG Set for sale. Also, you can hire a rental 2.5 kVA DG Set.

Genset 2.5 kVA for sale, we offer

We offer the best quality 2.5 kVA diesel generator for sale in various brands. Such as Kirloskar, Koel, Mahindra, and Honda 2.5 kVA generator.

Here we provide detailed information on 2.5 kVA Genset specification & price detail. Some of the best range of power generators we offer.

Honda 2.5 kVA generator price & specification

Honda is one well-known DG Set manufacturing brand name. They manufacture highly reliable power backup for all power needs. Also, the Honda generator 2.5 kVA price in India is more affordable & easy to buy. This Honda Genset 2.5 kVA is available in various fuel types.


Product Specification

Genset Rating2.5 kVA
FuelDiesel, Petrol, Gas
TypeManual, Automatic
PhaseSingle & 3 Phase
NoiseLess than 70 dBA
Cooling TypeAir Cooled
Voltage220 to 240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Rating Speed1500 RPM
ApplicationHome, Shop, Business
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
InsulationClass H
ConditionNew, Used

Kirloskar generator 2.5 kVA price & specification


Product Specification

DG Set Rating2.5 kVA
ApllicationHome, Business
PhaseSingle & 3 phase
No. of Cylinder1
Voltage240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Cooling methodAir Cooling
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
InsulationClass H
ConditionNew, used

2.5 kVA diesel generator price & specification


Product Specification

DG Set Rating2.5 kVA
Fuel TypeDiesel
Operating TypeManual, Automatic
PhaseSingle & 3 Phase
NoiseLess than 70 dBA
No. of Cylinder1
ApplicationHome, Business, Shop
Voltage240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
Cooling TypeAir Cooling
InsulationClass H
ConditionNew, Used

Why we need 2.5 kVA DG Set: features & advantages

A generator is always the first line of defense against any planned or unplanned power failure. A 2.5 kVA silent DG Set is the best temporary power solution for home or small business power needs. Especially, when you live in a place where the power cut is always a major issue, this portable 2.5 kVA Genset working as a lifeline.

Due to the best in class 2.5 kVA Genset specification, this power backup present with the feature of durability. Apart from the best 2.5 kVA DG Set load capacity, there is a number of other features & advantages present with this power generator.

Features of DG Set 2.5 kVA

  • Due to the reliable engine of this 2.5 kVA portable power backup, they highly work efficiently with low fuel consumption.
  • The high-quality components of this DG Set help to provide durable service during the operation.
  • Easy to push start & shut down button of power backup make them easier to operate.
  • Due to the availability in various fuel engines, offer you to choose the best Genset based on fuel type.
  • Because of the rugged & robust design of this power DG Set, they able to serve continuous prime duty in the worst location or bad weather condition.
  • Due to the portability feature of this 2.5 kVA portable DG Set, you can easy to move this power backup from one location to another.
  • Low noise pollution (less than 70 dBA) of 2.5 kVA silent generator makes them a prime choice for home or another small commercial power backup.
  • The high-quality acoustic enclosure for 2.5 kVA DG Set protects it from bad weather and beneficial to reduce the noise of DG Set.

Benefits of having 2.5 kVA Genset

  • Run your home or small business power appliances during the main grids power failure.
  • Available at very low cost, in other words, the cost of 2.5 kVA Genset is very low & easy to afford.
  • 2.5 kVA generator fuel consumption is very low which helps to save more amount of money during the operation.
  • Apart from the home or business power uses, you can use this portable DG Set in any event or outdoor activity.
  • A super silent range of 2.5 kVA silent diesel generator gives you hassle-free work experience.
  • These 2.5 kVA diesel Genset follow the latest norms of CPCB-2 & provide clean & reliable energy.

Reason to choose EO Energy to buy a DG Set

We are a prime distributor and largest 2.5 kVA Genset dealer in Noida & Delhi NCR. EO Energy works with the motive of 100% client satisfaction and providing them reliable service. Also, we offer the best 2.5 kVA generator price list in India as compare to other DG Set service providers. Which makes them more affordable for all power needs.

Some of the best features of our Genset service are,

Affordable selling price

Our 2.5 kVA price in India is more affordable & easy to buy. Also, we didn’t charge any hidden price with our DG Set. The best transparency in Genset price makes us a prime choice as a Genset dealer in Delhi NCR.

Low cost of maintenance

Due to the high-quality components & reliable engine performance, our generator maintenance cost is very low. The regular oiling & parts maintenance is beneficial to increase the life of DG Set.

Product warranty

The range of 2.5 kVA home generator we sell is present with a warranty for the product & its components. That means if you get any issue in product during the warranty period, We change the components of Genset without charging a single penny.

Parts & service support

Apart from the deals in the range of Genset 2.5 kVA, EO Energy provides a complete solution of generator service & parts support. Due to the best quality & genuine parts of power backup, we also offer warranty in parts.

Product testing

Before the installation of 2.5 kVA DG Set in client location, we check & test all components & parts of the generator. Due to the proper testing of Genset, the downtime risk is very low.

These are some of the best features of Genset dealership which makes us prime distributor & wholesale trader of 2.5 kVA DG Set. Also, the best specification & product warranty make this product highly demanding for small or mid-size power needs.

Also, apart from providing the service of small or mid-size power backup, EO Energy offers heavy-duty industrial generator in several ranges of kVA.

Similarly like deals in new DG Set, We offer a huge range of second-hand generator 2.5 kVA & rental DG Set 2.5 kVA.

To get more information and want to buy or hire a Genset 2.5 kVA, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will assist you with detailed information of 2.5 kVA generator price & specification.