Want to hire Perkins rental generator? Here you will get complete information with the price & product specification of this temporary portable generator.

This organization is the world’s leading manufacturer of home & industrial power Genset. Perkins diesel generator is a prime choice for industrial applications because of its heavy-duty performance. They manufacture Perkins DG Set under the observation of highly-qualified engineers. So these DG Sets completely follow the international standards of power backup & respectively work as a customer-oriented.

From the last 25 years, Perkins is a global partner of Caterpillar & Start to manufacture the world’s largest heavy-duty diesel generator.

With Perkins 85 years of experience as a DG Set manufacturer, EO Energy provides a huge range of temporary Genset on rent from the last 11 years. Our rental Perkins generator’s prices are very low & affordable. Our Industrial diesel engine DG Set is more demanding for the heavy-duty application. Also, we provide a small rental generator for home power needs.

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Perkins rental DG Set, we offer

Perkins 25 kV rental generator

Genset Rating25 kV
ApplicationHome & Commercial
Noise LevelSilent
Output typeSingle-phase
Rated Speed1500 RPM
No. of Cylinder2
Cooling MethodAir-cooling
InsulationClass H
Engine Power23 bHP
Starting SystemBattery Started

Perkins diesel industrial generator on rent


Product Specification

Genset Rating500 to 2000 kV
Noise LevelLess than 72 dBA
No. of Cylinder8 to 24
Cooling methodWater-cooled
Output TypeThree-phase
Rated Speed1800 t0 3000 RPM
InsulationClass H
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage480 V

Perkins portable DG Set on rent


Product Specification

Genset Rating6.5 to 62.5 kV
ApplicationHome, Events, Small Business
FuelPetrol, Diesel
TypeManual & semi-automaic
Output TypeSingle-phase
InsulationClass H
Cooling MethodAir & water-cooled
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage380 V
No. of Cylinder2 to 4

Advantage of Perkins rental DG Set

Investing an affordable & low initial amount to hire Perkins Genset is one of the great advantages present with this rental power backup. This rental DG Set will provide continuous prime power for home, business or industrial power needs. The main aim of the Perkins silent DG Set is to provide complete customer satisfaction & fulfill all the requirements of the job. Because of the excellency & great in class working efficiency, this power Genset is always the first choice for temporary power needs.

Some other benefits of this rental power backup

About the manufacturer

Perkins basically started their business in 1932 at Petersburg (U.K.). This organization is one of the trusted & reliable Genset manufacturers, which deliver a complete range of power generating tools and backup solutions during a power outage. The performance and best in class technology make them a prime choice for home or business external power.

Therefore, as a result, Perkins Rental Generator generated sales in large number across the globe without caring and focusing on various barriers which came on its ways out of nowhere.

Furthermore, Perkins Rental Generator has been targeting various sectors and industries such as industrial and power generation by providing its engineering service to make its diesel generators more noticeable than the alternatives.

Features of Perkins Genset

Reason to choose Perkins rental Genset

What makes Perkins Genset best in class

Voltage regulator

This system is designed to regulate and manage the voltage level that is quite crucial for your electrical appliances.

Fuel system for generator

The Great fuel system of Perkins diesel generator is responsible for fuel-efficiency & high-quality of power output.

Cooling system

The best in a class exhaust system of Perkins portable generator reduces the amount of heat during the generator working period.

Lubrication system

In order to minimize the friction between the Genset parts, the lubrication system of this power generator is best.

Control panel

Help to start an industrial generator automatically when the main grid fails and similarily shut down the Genset when the main grid power comes.

Why choose EO Energy to rent a Genset

With the dedication of customer satisfaction & provide them continuous temporary power with reliable service is our main commitment with our clients. We provide a wide range of Portable diesel generators on rent for various purposes such as home or industrial temporary power needs. This rental DG Sets are check & tested in every parameter before delivery in the job location.

Features of EO Energy rental DG Set

Low initial cost

The initial cost of our rental power backup is very affordable as compare to other rental Genset service providers in Noida & Delhi NCR. Also, we offer a great discount if the client will hire a DG Set for a long duration.

Last-minute saves

We all are in a situation where there was a last-minute change, problem, deadline change, or accident that potentially gives the whole job a risk. That is part of growing and responding to uncertainly or new demand.

Renting a generator from EO Energy means, you can save your site from immediate power needs or last-minute power failure. Our team of professionals is ready to handle each & every emergency.


Flexibility is one of the best features present with our rental power backup. This opportunity will help our customers to select the right size generator for their various power needs. Also, there are no new financial or insurance needs.

Rent to own option

After completing the DG Set rental duration, we provide the opportunity to buy this rental Genset if clients want. Also, if they need to renew the rental agreement, we do.

Apart from these, we provide numbers of opportunity to our clients when they hire a generator from us such as:

These are the few important things we consider before delivering an electric rental generator to our clients. Apart from rental DG Set Services, We provide a new and second-hand generator for sale. To get more inquiries or want to buy a standby generator, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will provide you more information in detail.