Koel Used Generator For Sale In India- Get Inquiry On All Makes & Models

Buy used DG Set at affordable cost, Get the inquiry for used Koel generator price & specification. Our company offered all makes & models of Koel Genset for sale in India. All the range of used DG Set checked & test in all parameters before delivering it to the client job location. This highly maintained second-hand Koel Genset is the best power solution for startup organizations & for low-budget clients.

Koel is one well-known & renowned name in the field of manufacturing of industrial diesel generator & DG Set for home. The product comes under KOEL iGreen technology which presents India’s only digital power backup solutions, designed for the users of tomorrow. It promises world-class performance, robust design, digitally connected, ulmate convenient, smart user interface, superior looks, and a one-stop solution for its esteemed customers. Also, the availability in various kVA ranges such as DG Set 5 kVA to 1000 kVA industrial Genset gives the opportunity to choose Genset according to the needs.

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Here get the detail inquiry on our best selling used Koel generator price & product detail.

Koel used Genset price list in India- Get inquiry

Get an inquiry for the price & specification of Koel used DG Set in India. With the trusted service of EO Energy, buy highly configured & well maintain second-hand portable Genset in Delhi NCR & India. The quality of the DG Set tested in all parameters makes them more useable for all job needs. Also, the performance of the used DG Set is very high due to the proper maintenance & care of the power generator. Get more information for Koel used Genset price & specification details.

1. Used 15 kVA Koel DG Set for sale- Get an inquiry

Get the inquiry for Koel used 15 kVA generator for sale in India. This portable Genset is an ideal match for commercial or small industrial needs due to its unmatched performance. The quality parts of Koel used DG Set check & test in all parameters before delivering it to the client job location. Also, our team of technicians provides complete support after-sale included DG Set maintenance & parts support. Here get the detailed inquiry,


Product Specification:

DG Set rating15 kVA
PhaseSingle & 3 phase
Cooling methodWater cooled
Governing classG2
Voltage320 V
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H
Power factor0.8 lagging
Starting systemElectric start
Battery12 V
Rated speed1500 RPM

2. Used Koel Green Genset 25 kVA- Buy Second-hand DG Set

Second-hand 25 kVA generator for sale in India & Delhi NCR. Here we are offering the best in quality & well maintain used DG Set in all makes & models of Koel Genset. We are the largest distributor & wholesale trader of second-hand generators for sale at affordable cost. Get the detailed inquiry for 25 kVA used Koel DG Set price & specification.


Product Specification:

DG Set rating25 kVA
NoiseLess than 65 dB
Cooling methodWater & Air cooled
Voltage415 V
Frequency50 Hz
Rated speed1500 RPM
InsulationClass H
Phase3 phase
Bore*Stroke90*110 mm
Displacement2145 cc

3. Used 125 kVA Koel Genset for sale- Price & specification

Buy second-hand 125 kVA generator for industrial power needs. This used industrial Genset is the best power solution for low-budget clients or any startup organization. EO Energy deals in all makes & models of used industrial Koel DG set for sale. This DG Set present with a low buying cost & tested in all parameters before the installation at the client job location. Get detailed inquiry & buy used industrial diesel generator at low cost.


Product Specification:

DG Set rating125 kVA
Phase3 phase
NoiseLess than 75 dB
Fuel tank capacity230 ltr
Bore*stroke105*125 mm
No. of cylinder6
Rated speed1500 RPM
Voltage480 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power factor0.8 lagging
InsulationClass H
Deals InUsed Genset

4. Koel diesel generator price list- Used DG Set for sale

Get the inquiry for used Koel generator for home & industrial applications, highly maintain diesel Genset for sale at affordable cost. We are the largest distributor of Koel used DG Set in India, all the generator offered by our organization is highly maintained in all parameters before the installation at the client job location. Also, we check & inspect all the parts of used generators. Get the inquiry for price & specification of used Koel diesel generator,


Product Specification:

Genset rating5 kVA to 1000 kVA
PhaseSingle phase/3 phase
InsulationClass H
Power factor0.8 lagging
Voltage230 to 440 V
No. of cylinder2 to 8
Frequency50 Hz
Rated speed1500 RPM
InsulationClass H
ApplicationHome, Commercial, Industrial
Deals inUsed

About the manufacture

With the best industrial knowledge, Koel is one of the reputed & trusted manufacturing brands of industrial & commercial DG Set for sale. The koel is the child organization of Kirloskar for manufacturing green generators. The highly qualified team of engineers design this power generator to provide clean, reliable & long-duration service during unplanned power failure. Also, the availability in 3 phase & single-phase DG Set with air & water cooling feature offer the opportunity to choose the best Genset for all needs.

The headquarters of KOEL is in Pune. It has four states of the art manufacturing plant. Kagal, Maharashtra is the new plant which got established in 2010. To provide the best power generator for home, this organization launches their compact product Chota chili DG Set for sale.

Reason to buy Koel Used Genset- Feature & benefits

The number of features such as low buying cost, long duration service, clean energy & many more, make this Koel Genset more demanding for various power solutions. But when you looking for a DG Set at low cost or your budget is low we suggest buying a second-hand generator. The koel used DG Set for sale present with numbers of feature & benefits. Here get the list of the best features of this DG Set.

Convenient with AMF:

KOEL iGreen Generator comes with an Auto  Main Failure panel which is specifically designed to perform according to the convenience of the user. In addition to the mains power failure, this panel automatically starts the Genset. Moreover, once the mains power is restored, this panel switches off the Genset, providing a comfortable experience with getting much of the value.

Remote sensing:

KOEL iGreen Generator is also enabled with KOEL remote monitoring system. This system allows the users to control the functionality of the Genset from the distance. This is very useful in case of any type of danger an alert is generated immediately through the ECU, KOEL remote monitoring system. It can also alert the nearest service dealer in case of such happenings. Another striking point of the KOEL remote sensing system is that it can be accessed via a mobile device or desktop.

QR Code:

KOEL iGreen Genset is also friendly with QR code enabling us to get the Genset-related information on a single scan. This QR code is also very useful for accessing the product catalog or issuing product service requests. Also, this Genset comes with a multicolor Genset status indicator which is identical to know the Genset’s current status from a distance at a glance.

Aesthetically Enhanced Generator:

KOEL iGreen Generator is an aesthetically enhanced Genset that comes with considerable product life. KOEL iGreen Genset comes with a unique bolt-less designed canopy. With its seamless appearance, it shortened the chances of canopy deterioration. In addition to this,  KOEL iGreen Genset comes with a silencer inside the canopy which provides for reduced height and symmetrical shape to Genset. The new color scheme makes KOEL iGreen Genset more vibrant and inspires us to go green in today’s lifestyle.

Our used generator service in India

With 11 years of experience in the field of DG Set trading, EO Energy is the most trusted brand in India. Our organization deals in all manufacturing brand of power Genset with reliable & easy to buy cost. Our team of technician work with the commitment of 100% client satisfaction & providing them more efficient & best in quality Genset with various fuel option such as Natural gas & diesel generator.

In the field of used generators for sale, our company is more reliable as compared to other second-hand Genset service providers in India. Here get an inquiry for the best features & benefits of preowned Koel generator service,

  • Less paper processor when you buy an old DG Set from EO Energy.
  • Low buying cost as compared to other used DG Set service providers.
  • Flexibility in products offering the opportunity to choose the best DG Set according to the needs.
  • Warranty with the product means if you get any issue during the operation our technician will help you without charging a single penny.
  • Availability in all makes & models of diesel generators.
  • Apart from the deals in used DG Set, we are offering the service of Genset parts.
  • Doorstep service after-sales.

These are a few of the best features of our DG Set services that make us a prime distributor of used Genset in Delhi NCR & India. Also, we are offering services of rental Genset & compony manufactured new backup generators. For more information or want to buy a used DG Set Koel, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will provide you detailed information with the price & specification of the second-hand Genset.