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The Best Tips To Reduce Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption- (Step By Step Information)

Diesel generators are more popular & demanding due to their high energy efficiency & longer engine lifespan. These diesel fuel generators are mostly used in the commercial & large industrial sectors. Also, you can install them for home power back up to get continuous power during the main grid’s failure. However, regardless of generator service sectors, you need to understand tips to reduce diesel generator fuel consumption.

The continuously rising price of diesel fuel is increasing the overall generator running cost. Lots of users are continuously concerned about the fuel consumption rate of diesel Genset. So how to operate a diesel generator more efficiently to get high power output with a low fuel consumption rate Also, how to increase the diesel generator fuel efficiency is the most important thing to understand.  Here in this article, we have to share the information & tips to reduce diesel generator fuel consumption rate during the operation.

How can I reduce the fuel consumption of my generator?

At the time of operation, the DG Set combustion produces a high temperature. This high temperature is the main responsible cause for the carbon that produce in the valve, piston & other parts Failure to clean up in time all these parts reduces the performance and increases the diesel consumption rate. In general words, we can say the proper maintenance & cleaning of the parts in a fixed time of periods is equally important to get a more efficient power backup service. Here get the list of most common & beneficial tips to reduce generator fuel consumption rate.

1. Diesel Genset servicing & maintenance

The regular servicing & parts inspection of diesel generators increases the life span of Genset. Also, you can reduce the generator fuel consumption if all the parts & DG Set engine is working properly. Because proper maintenance significantly reduces the cost of fuel. So it’s important to hire service of professional & expert technicians for Genset servicing. Also, they give you the complete information for the parts. If there are any faulty parts, they replace them with new & genuine DG Set parts.

2. Remove carbon in every fixed duration

As we know an industrial diesel generator works on the combustion operation, so the relevant components produce high temperature. Due to the high temperature, the carbon polymer appears in the valve, piston & other Genset parts. If this carbon is not cleared on time it affects the performance of engines & significantly affects the fuel consumption rate. So if you are using your DG Set continuously then after 4-6 months get the service of a professional to clear the polymer carbon from the DG Set.

3. Don’t overload diesel generator

If the diesel engine is overloaded, that will increase the consumption of fuel at the same time you see that DG Set emits black smoke. Also, the continuous overload in DG Set damages the parts & decreases the lifespan. So always check the maximum load capacity of the generator & operate it according to the manufacture’s suggestion.

4. Don’t operate DG Set underload

This may be sound the opposite but you need to avoid the underload operation of a Genset. If you are using a DG Set with less than 50% load capacity, your backup generator is at the risk. Because when you run a DG Set in underload that will increase the fuel consumption due to its maximum temperature operational feature.

5. Minimize the running frequency

Always use or operate your DG Set during the requirement. If there is no need for backup power then shut down it. As we know, a diesel generator electricity is far higher than the main gids power supply, so use it according to the needs.

6. Purchase from a trusted dealer

Buying a DG Set from a trusted dealer is the surety of 100% genuine products. So we suggest always choose a dealer with a complete inspection. Because a DG Set is a more expensive product & you will not buy it frequently. Also, you get the complete warranty in all ranges of industrial & home generators which provide the surety of components including the Genset engine. And a high-quality diesel engine fuel consumption is also very less.

7. Maintain the coolant temperature

.As we previously explained, the DG Set parts & engine facing an overheating issue due to combustion in the diesel engine. Because of this overheating in the generator, you face an unexpected shutdown. So the maintain the cooling functionality (liquid or water cooling) helps to increase the generator efficiency. Also, it will help to reduce the overall generator running cost along with the low fuel consumption.

8. Choose reputed brands of diesel generator

There are several manufacturing brands of diesel generators available in India. A few of them are very reputed such as Honda generator, Kirloskar generator, Kohler generator, Caterpillar generator & others. The decision is yours but before going with any particular brands, this is very important to check all the feature, specification & warranty detail of products.


Maintenance & proper care of diesel generators always helps you to get more efficient power output during the operation. Also, it will reduce the generator running cost with the low fuel consumption feature. But without proper knowledge of industrial Genset maintenance tips, it’s hard to get proper output & also day by day your generator performance gets weaker. The bad & faulty components increase the fuel consumption rate of the DG Set.

Here in this article, we have shared the information for the best tips to reduce diesel generator fuel consumption. All the above information will help you to get maximum output with low consumption of DG Set during the operation.

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