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Generator Noise Level Rules: Permissible Limits And Different Types of Gensets?

Generator Noise Level Rules: Permissible Limits And Different Types of Gensets?

We all know that in today’s time, to maintain our luxurious life electricity is an essential need. Especially in the places where we can face unplanned power cuts for a long duration. The importance of power generator increasing day by day. But the noise of a DG Set is always a challenge for the user. Also, the generator noise level rules are various from different places.


Also, we are all aware that most of the generators are accomplished due to the noise of the diesel generator which occurs when we operating it. This unwanted noise is also a major cause of human ear diseases & other problems. That’s why the CPCB (central pollution control board) has set permissible noise levels for various reasons in the country. Therefore, before buying a generator you need to know about the permissible level of generator sound for home, commercial, and industrial applications.

In this article, we explain the permitted noise level for the generator. So that you can choose the best silent generator for your needs.

What is noise level pollution in the reference of a generator?

Any unwanted sound which is painful for the human is called noise. The decibel unit we are using for the measuring of sound. Which mainly depends on the volume of sound. In general, we can say the human ear can tolerate noise levels up to 85 dBA, and more than dBA than this sound is harmful to human health. If the sound level is more than 85 dBA, we can say loud, or if more than 100 to 125 dBA is calling uncomfortable.

Therefore, all machines working in an area must generate noise within an acceptable noise level to maintain the wellbeing of the surrounding people.

The World Health Organization has ranked noise in the third place as pollution (third after water and air) in big cities. It is a threat in most areas of the world. This threat has increased due to population growth, increased vehicular traffic, high industrial activity, and many others. This attendant problem has resulted in many illnesses and even deaths. One reason for noise pollution is generators. Along with it to control diesel generator emission or pollution, many companies offer emission control & exhaust system.


Because many developing countries depend on them for various activities. Nigeria is inclusive. This study was initiated to assess noise levels from generators using a sound level meter. Four locations were identified to measure this noise level: two residential, commercial, and industrial areas. A total of one hundred generators were monitored.

Average results in DBA (minimum and maximum respectively), whose noise level is as follows: OK Erie Estate – (88.7. 3 10.3, 90.5 90 15.2), Housing Estate (81.7, 9.2, 85.0) 9.5), Stencil Road (84.8,) 10.0, 113.4 .5 17.5) and Phuta Road (81.9 A9.3, 90.0) 15.2). The study concluded that the areas are noise-polluted because the obtained levels are above the permissible limit. Now let’s try to find out about the permissible limit of the generator noise level.

Permissible noise limits of a generator

The organization named CPCB has set permissible noise levels in India for various regions. The noise limit for an industrial sector is 75 dBA at day time and 70 dBA at night. In commercial areas, it is 65 dB and 55 dB, while in residential areas it is 55 dB and 45 dB during the day and night respectively. Additionally, there is a category called ‘Silent Zone’ which includes areas that are located within 100 meters of the premises of schools, colleges, hospitals, and courts. The allowable noise limit in this region is 50 dB during the day and 40 dB during the night.

The allowable generator noise level

According to CPCB guidelines, the portable diesel generator noise level for a new generator with a rated capacity of 1000 kVA is 75 dB (A). In addition, there should be an acoustic enclosure for the diesel generator. The acoustic enclosure is a perfect treatment to reduce the sound level of a DG Set. This DG Set canopy is made of soundproof materials, which reduce the noise pollution to ensure that neighbors are submerged. The allowable generator noise level of diesel generator sets used for domestic purposes is 85–90 dB.

Different types of Gensets over the period of generator noise level?


Now here we will talk about what kind of beneficiaries are there? Before that let us tell you that the generator is also known as Genset. Which is a combination of electrical energy and an engine that produces a single device that produces electric power? There are three types of generators, depending on the noise level parameters of the generator. Let us try to know about them in detail.

Generators noise levels less 75 decibels

We all know the importance of electricity in our daily life. But a power backup is not only needed for home power backup, but these generators are also appearing on a large scale. So due to more uses of DG Set, the chances of noise pollution are very high.

Therefore to avoid this problem generator enclosure is design to reduce noise pollution. Also, the noise level of less than 75 dBA can receive applications in commercial areas such as hospitals, schools, offices, etc.

Generators noise levels less 120 decibels

The DG Set range of more than 75 dBA & less than 120 dBA is usually work in the industrial area or large factory. This DG Set makes a lot of noise during the operation. We must have to check this Genset before installing it to any job location. Because the noise pollution is very high when they provide their service. These generators are very important in the construction & industrial sector.

Soundproof generator

Soundproof generators are the best option for your home or industrial backup power. This Genset is coming with a soundproofing enclosure which helps to reduce the generator noise & vibration. A silent generator enclosure built with high-quality sound observing material. Also, they are an ideal choice for silent zones such as hospitals, homes, schools, and other public areas.


A standby generator is one of the essential needs & best power option during the power cut. But most of the time we didn’t understand the harmful effect of the diesel generator engine noise. Here in this blog, we share helpful information on the generator noise level. This information will help you to understand noise permissible limits in the various sectors. Also, you can choose the best Genset according to the need for power such as small inverter generator for home & large silent generator for industrial power needs.

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