Kirloskar Generators

Kirloskar generator is one of the trusted & reputed power DG Set manufacturing brand. They are strongly engaged in manufacturing, trading, exporting, and wholesaling the best quality silent generator for sale. We are offering all KVA range of Kirloskar generators for sale.

From the last 11 years, EO Energy deals with the best in class portable Genset for home & industrial power needs. Apart from that, our new Kirloskar DG Set comes design & manufacture under the observation of a highly skilled team of engineers. These DG Set available in various fuel engines such as diesel, petrol, Kirloskar gas generator. Also, they built to meet the various power needs in every sector.

Our offering DG Set manufacture using quality material & the latest recommendation according to the experts. Due to the highly responsive & reliable features of this portable generator, they are more popular for industrial applications. Apart from the industrial power needs, we are offering Genset between 1 kVA to generator 25 kVA for small power needs. Also, here you find 125 kVA generator for construction & high-rise society.

For temporary power needs, we are offering Kirloskar rental generator & for our low budget clients, we provide Kirloskar generator second-hand in well maintain condition. To get more inquiry on this DG Set click on the above link.

Kirloskar generator for sale, we offer

EO Energy offering the complete range of Kirloskar power Genset for sale such as generator 50 kVA for mid-size business power needs & 1000 kVA DG Set for industrial power needs. Here you get the complete information of our best selling Kirloskar DG Set for sale.

Kirloskar generator 125 kVA price & specification

This DG Set 125 kVA use to run high voltage current in industrial or business operational needs. Also, the Genset follows all standard norms of CPCB-2 to provide clean & reliable energy. Here get the latest specification & price detail of this DG Set.


Product specification

DG Set rating125 kVA
Fuel typeDiesel
Voltage415 V
No. of cylinder6
Bore97 mm
Stroke128 mm
Displacement5700 CC
Oil sump capacity14 Ltr
Compression ratio 17.5
Starting system12V DC
Fuel tank size210 Ltr
Rated speed1500 RPM

Kirloskar diesel generator price & specification


Product specification

DG Set rating15, 20, 50, 62.5, 500 kVA
OutputSingle & 3 phase
CoolingWater & air-cooling
Frequency50 Hz
Rated speed1500 RPM
No. of cylinder2 to 12
Voltage220 to 415 V
InsulationClass H
Output currentDC

Kirloskar generator 15 kVA price


Product specification

DG Set rating15 kVA
FuelDiesel, petrol, gas
TypeManual, automatic
PhaseSingle & 3 phase
No. of cylinder2
Compression ratio17.51
Displacement1.56 L
Frequency50 Hz
Rated speed1500 RPM
Electric starting system12 V
Bore95 mm
Stroke110 mm

Kirloskar generator 5 kVA price list in India

DG Set rating5 kVA
ApplicationHome & small business
OutputSingle & 3 phase
Rated speed1500 RPM
Cooling systemAir-cooling
Voltage230 V
Fuel tank capacity70 Ltr
Bore*stroke102*116 mm
InsulationClass H
Governing classG2
Fuel consumption1.3 ltr/hour
Frequency50 Hz

Reason to buy Kirloskar DG Set

Kirloskar Genset is an ideal power solution for home & industrial power needs. These brand DG Set design & manufacture with high-quality components & offering uninterrupted power supply. Also, the best in class design with a powerful engine performance makes to able them a prime choice for high power needs. Apart from that, the Kirloskar generator fuel consumption rate is very low which reduces the operational cost of DG Set. Here some of the best features of this Genset.

  • The construction of the Kirloskar generator is very robust which makes these Gen-sets very powerful and robust enough to handle any kind of discrepancies.
  • Kirloskar generators are built with the Durable finishing standards enabling them to run for a long time with little or no effect from resistants like water, dust particles, etc.
  • Kirloskar generators are also tested as high performance delivered generators that provide the best output of electricity which is so reliable that they keep up with our constant demand for power supply.  
  • Footprint best in the industry together with compact size.
  • Fuel efficient sets on par or better from leading brands in the industry.
  • Detachable fuel tank – Ease for fuel filling comes with Microprocessor-based Bliss Ear Monitor with protection from both Engine and Alternator.
  • Efficient switching cum protection from devices like MCB/MCCB.
  • Hydraulic tappet adjustment ensuring long intervals between overhauls.
  • Best in quality components of this DG Set provides the surety of durable service without any interruption.
  • Ideally located for lifting and provision for ease of handling and safety to the DG sets.
  • Single window service for all service & information related to DG Set.

About the manufacturer

With more than 75 years in the power industry, Kirloskar is one of the trusted organizations of DG Set manufacturer. This organization uses state of the art technology & offering world-class service. This company has a sizable presence in the international market and they offer their service worldwide.

In today’s time, Kirloskar is a world leader of manufacturing diesel generators for industrial, commercial, and agriculture purposes. Also, they follow all the standard norms of CPCB-2 to provide clean & reliable energy. The specialization in manufacturing both air & water-cooled Kirloskar DG Set provides the opportunity to choose according to the needs.

They build their power Standby portable DG Set based on the future needs of the industrial & agriculture sector. The high-tech manufacturing plant & the team of highly skilled teams of engineers always trying to serve the best quality DG Set for all applications.

Apart from the installation of single-phase & 3 phase Genset, the organization also offers complete training on DG Set operation.

Why choose us

With several years of experience in the generator industry, EO Energy is the largest manufacturer & wholesale trader of industrial & home inverter generator for sale. Our reliable & trusted service makes us a prime distributor of generators in Delhi NCR & Noida.

Here a few of the best feature of our service,

Low cost of DG Set

EO Energy offering the low cost & affordable Kirloskar generator price in India. Also, with the feature of low cost, our generator quality is very high which is suitable for all applications.

quality components

Our organization never compromises with the quality of DG Set components & offering only best in class DG Set to our clients. Due to our reliable service, we are a prime choice for our industrial clients.

High efficiency & low fuel consumption

Our Kirloskar DG Set efficiency is very high. That means when the power outage appears for long-duration this DG Set run continuously without any interposition. Apart from that the low fuel consumption of Kirloskar portable generator helps you is save more amount of money during the operation.

Product warranty

All the DG Set we sell is present with the complete product warranty. That means, if you get any issue during the warranty period, we replace the faulty components with the new one.

These are a few of the best features of DG Set service in India. To get more information or Kirloskar Genset price & specification you can call or contact us. our sales team will give you detail information on all products. Also, you get an inquiry on rental & Second-hand DG Set for sale.