Escorts Rental Generator

If you need external power for your business or home power utilities which is not required for a long duration, then hire a generator on rent is more beneficial compared to buying a new one. Rental power generator presents with a number of features & advantages, but the low initial cost is one of the best benefits with a temporary DG Set. There is a number of brands that deal with rental Genset services, but apart from them, Escorts rental generator one of the best external power options for your home or business power needs.

EO Energy provides a huge range of these power Gensets for different applications. We are the most trustable & reliable brand of rental generator services in Noida and Delhi NCR. Here you will find a range of single-phase & three-phase portable rental DG Set for various power needs.

Apart from the temporary power services, EO Energy also deals in new & used Escorts power backup. For more information or want to buy a new or second-hand Genset, click on the link.

Before getting detailed information about Escorts Genset products & specification, first, we take a small overview of this organization and other features of this rental DG Set.

Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment for Diesel Generator
Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment for Diesel Generator

Escorts Rental Generator we offer

EO Energy offers a huge range of escorts Genset on rent. We provide a rental diesel generator for industrial uses as well as a generator for home use.

Escorts sound-proof diesel generator


Product Specification

Genset Rating10, 15, 20, 25 kV
Noise LevelSound-proof
Cooling SystemWater-cooling
Fuel TypeDiesel
No. of Cylinder4
Frequency50 Hz to 60 Hz
Voltage230 V, 415 V
Rated Current56 AMP
Power58 BHP
InsulationClass H
EngineG 40-II
ApplicationHome and Commercial

Escorts industrial diesel power backup


Product Specification

Genset Rating500 kV to 2000 kV
Noise LevelSilent
Voltage230 to 480 V
Frequency50 Hz
Colling SystemWater-cooling
InsulationClass H
No. of Cylinder12 to 24
Rated Speed3000 RPM
Frame160 MA

G-30 Escorts diesel generator


Product Specification

Genset Rating30 kV to 62.5 kV
Noise LevelSilent
Colling SystemOil & Water-cooled
Applicationcommercial & Industrial
InsulationClass H
Rated Speed1500 RPM, 3000 RPM
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage230 to 480 V
Governing ClassA1

ELG 25 Escorts diesel generator


Product Specification

Genset Rating10 kV to 125 kV
PhaseSingle & Three-phase
Cooling SystemAir & Water-cooling
Rated Speed1500 RPM
Starting System12V DC
Battery100/120 Ah
Displacment3120 cc
No. of Cylinder3 to 6
InsulationClass H
AlternatorBrushless, Stamford
Lube Oil Consumption0.1% of Fuel
ApplicationHome and Business

Here a few products specification, we provide for rental services. Apart from these rental power backup, EO Energy deals in a wide range of home rental generators and industrial generators on rent.

Features of hiring Escorts generator

Having an Escorts rental generator gives you a luxurious and comfortable experience during a power outage. These Diesel power DG sets are more powerful & provide a long duration clean and reliable energy for home & industrial power needs. Other important facts are:

  • Due to the AMF panel installation, generators are automatically started when the power goes out & shut down when grid power comes.
  • Controlling by the remote, make them easy in use.
  • Availability in all sizes for different applications.
  • Design & manufacture with fire-resistant material.
  • Present with highly secure features such as HWT1, LFL3, CHF4, RWL5.
  • All Genset follow CPCB-2 norms.
  • Low noise pollution & minimal vibration.
  • High-quality electronic sensor.

Reason to hire Escorts generator on rent

Because of the low cost & product flexibility, Hire a Genset on rent is always beneficial as compare to buying a new one. Also, if you are starting a new business or want a generator for a certain time of period, Escorts rental generators are the best option. Some other benefits of having a DG Set on rent.

  • The low initial cost of a rental generator financially makes you stronger, which means when you hire a power backup its initial cost is very low as compare to buying a new or second-hand Genset.
  • Because of the flexibility in rental DG Set, these temporary power backup more popular for home or industrial applications.
  • Less ownership cost, which means till the rental duration period all the maintenance of a generator or if any fault occurs will be handled by rental generator distributor.
  • Also, the installation of the rental DG Set will be handled by the distributor, which means there is no need to pay for the Genset installation.
  • Rent to own option, which means if clients want to purchase the same rental power backup after completing the hiring duration the option is always open.

About the manufacturer

Since Escorts Rental Generator started to appear in the market as a best-known Generator manufacturer in India. It has always put its best foot forward tirelessly in delivering and producing top-class Gensets with newly enhanced technology. To lead as the most reliable and trustworthy brand in India, which effectively carries out the task of renting generators with customers’ satisfactory prices and enhanced top-class security.

Escort Rental Generator began in 1944 that establishes its headquarters in Faridabad, Hariyana, India. The managing director Nikhil Nanda carried out the job effectively. Now Escort Rental Generator is a top-leading company in manufacturing and offering Generators and its associated services.

In this competitive world, Escorts appears as a versatile brand or company that has taken interest in accelerating India’s social and economic growth. Furthermore, Escorts not only specialized in manufacturing diesel and portable Gensets but also plays a major and crucial role in various tasks such as manufacturing a wide range of tractors, automotive components, and so on.

Important factors of Escorts rental DG Set

  • Rental Generator must be customer and environment-friendly which can eliminate and regulate unwanted sounds or noises with soundproof and low vibrations effective features.
  • Although there are countless requirements which are to be fulfilled in Rental Generator. Also, CBCP 2 norms are one of the crucial requirements that usually demand from Escorts Rental Generator.
  • You also experience Clean emission which comes with Escorts Rental Generator.
  • Remote access features to start and stop the Generator in order to be safe and secure.
  • For making Generators safe and pretty much easy to use, Escorts Rental Generator manufactures Gensets by equipping with fire-retardant features.
  • Quick and instant delivery of power in case of power outages.
  • Escorts Rental Generator leaves no chance to offer well-planned security to its users and customers as its technician’s team of hardworking members set up the safety features while manufacturing.

Manufacturing advantages of Escorts DG Set

  • Rental Generator From Escorts must offer high and satisfying performance with best and high durability.
  • Escort Rental Generator must take care of the well-constructed structure of Gensets or must deliver sturdy construction.
  • Fuel will be consumed as low as possible in a rental generator.
  • Removal of the possibility of high smoke emission to protect and guard nature and surroundings.
  • Commendable service support must be offered to customers and clients.
  • Maintenance should be implemented at a cheap cost.
  • High reliability must be served with low prices.
  • Assure you of delivering a quick response if you stuck somewhere facing any kind of difficulties in terms of Generators.

Since the last 11 years, EO Energy is the prime distributor & wholesale trader of Escorts rental DG Set in Delhi NCR. We provide this Genset at affordable prices for rental purposes. Our temporary power units are available for home to industrial application & power needs.

Also, we provide an attractive discount if Genset hiring duration is for the long term. To get more information or want to hire Escorts Genset, call or contact us. Our sales & technician team will assist you quickly.