Escorts Diesel Generator Price Inquiry- DG Set For Sale

Select Escorts generator from our online inventory & get the most efficient deal on all makes & models of power Genset. Get the inquiry for the latest design backup DG Set for home, business & commercial power needs. Our highly trusted firm deals in best in quality & well-tested power generators for sale. As we know that, Escorts is one well-known reputed organization that manufactures a wide range of tractors, railway equipment, automotive components, construction material & handling products. But the most demanding in industrial & commercial sector, the Escort diesel generator is one of the best feature products of this company.

The rugged & robust design of this DG Set makes them an ideal choice for the worst job location or any weather condition. Along with this features, efficient fuel consumption during the operation help to cut down fuel price. These various ranges of Escorts silent DG Set present with the quality features & upgrade product specification. With the trusted brand service of Escorts, our Genset trading firm deals in quality home & industrial Genset for sale.

In our generator service & distributing center, you will also get the inquiry for second-hand Genset price & rental DG Set for temporary power needs. For more information click on the below links.

Escorts Generator price inquiry- Diesel Genset cost & specification list

Buy high rated & prime power distributing DG Set at a low & affordable price. Here get more inquiry on the price & specification of diesel generator Escorts for home, industrial & other job sector needs. All the DG Sets offered by our organization are installed only after complete inspection. Our well-experienced team of technicians also gives the doorstep Genset maintenance service if required. Here get an inquiry for our best-selling DG Set.

Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment for Diesel Generator
Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment for Diesel Generator

1. Escorts 10 kVA generator for home & small business

Escorts 10 kVA generator is mostly used for commercial purposes. This generator is able to provide continuous prime service for all power needs. This DG Set is specially designed to maximize the prime power output during the long hour’s power failure. Let’s get more information about the price & specification of this power Genset.

Product Specification:

Genset Rating10 kVA
ApplicationHome, commercial
PhaseSingle-phase, 3 phase
Genset Rating1500 RPM
Compression Ratio17:51
No. of Cylinder2
Cooling MethodWater-cooling
InsulationClass H
Voltage320 V
Frequency50 Hz

2. Escorts 20 kVA generator for sale

Get the inquiry for Escorts 20 kVA generator for commercial purposes. One of the most efficient & reliable power generators for all job needs. The portable design & easy relocation features of this DG Set make them an ideal match for temporary or permanent power needs. Get more inquiry for the price & specification of Genset,

Product Specification:

Rated power20 kVA
Phase3 phase
Power factor0.8 lagging
Rated Speed1500 RPM
No. of cylinder2
Cooling methodWater cooled
Voltage380 V
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H

3. Escorts generator for industrial power backup

We are the largest & trusted wholesale distributor & supplier of Escorts industrial generators for sale. Here you find a low price of 50 kVA, 62.5 kVA, 125 kVA, 500 kVA, and 1500 kVA industrial DG Set of Escorts. Get the latest specification & price detail.

Product Specification

Genset Rating50 kV to 1500 kV
Cooling MethodWater-cooling
Rated Speed3000 RPM
No. of cylinder6 to 8
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
Voltage630 V
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H

4. Escorts diesel generator price & specification

A diesel generator is always the best choice for external power backup needs due to its high efficiency. Escorts design & manufacture diesel generators in the range between 20 kVA to 2000 kVA. We, EO Energy offers the best & affordable price of Escorts diesel generator price in India. Here get an inquiry on the price & specification of this DG Set.

DG Set rating20 kVA to 1500 kVA
EnclosureIP 23
Rated speed1500 to 3000 RPM
Voltage320 to 480 V
Frequency50 Hz
Cooling systemAir & water cooling
InsulationClass H
Power factor0.8 lagging
ApplicationHome, Commercial, Industrial

Escorts DG Set: reason to buy

Buying an Escorts silent DG Set is the best option for getting continuous prime or standby power during any planned or unplanned power failure. The range of power generator they offer is highly fuel-efficient & serve long-durability in any job location or condition.


Escorts Group is an Indian company whose headquarter is in Faridabad, Haryana. The company was launched in 1944. Nikhil Nanda is the chairman and managing director of this company. Escorts manufactures a wide range of tractors, railway equipment, automotive components, and material and construction handling equipment.

Features of Escorts DG

  • Escorts generator engines are certified by the latest norm of CPCB-2 to provide clean & reliable energy.
  • Diesel generator engine design & manufacture to work under low noise pollution. The noise level of Escorts Genset is low than 75 dBA.
  • Heavy metal design acoustic enclosure protects the Genset from bad weather as well as help to reduce the noise of diesel generator.
  • Portable & compact size of power backup easy to install in every location.
  • UV protection coating layer increases the life of a generator & safety feature of Escorts Genset make them more popular for industrial uses.
  • These generators present with various operating features such as- automatic, semi-automatic, and full-automatic.
  • Easy to install in every job site.
  • High-quality door locks & hinge of Escorts DG Set provide the life long service.
  • Easy to maintain with low ownership cost.
  • AMF Panel to Start & shut down standby generator automatically.

Benefits of having Escorts power generator

  • Provide continuous prime power in any planned or unplanned power failure.
  • Range of Escorts home generator keeps running your households and small business power even if you have no idea when the power grid will start to serve electricity.
  • having this generator means, you are able to get extremely high-quality power no matter for which purpose.
  • A small portable or inverter generator provides you the clean energy for home, small event or any outdoor plan.
  • Escorts emergency generators are most beneficial to run life support equipment in hospitals in any emergency situation.
  • Availability in the various fuel engine range gives you the option to choose the best fuel generator according to your needs.
  • Having Escorts Genset means you are able to manage electricity demands during a power outage and reduce the cost.

About the Escorts Genset manufacturer

Escorts manufacture high-quality diesel engine generators from the beginning of the organization, which make them a reputed organization in India as well as globally. Now they lead as the most reliable brand name worldwide. They always put their best foot forward tirelessly in delivering and producing top-class Gensets with newly enhanced technology. To lead as the most reliable and trustworthy brand, which effectively carries out the task of renting generators with customers’ satisfactory prices and enhanced top-class security.

Escort Rental Generator began in 1944 that establishes its headquarters in Faridabad, Hariyana, India. The managing director Nikhil Nanda carried out the job effectively. Now Escort Rental Generator is a top-leading company in manufacturing and offering Generators and its associated services.

In this competitive world, Escorts appears as a versatile brand or company that has taken interest in accelerating India’s social and economic growth. Furthermore, Escorts not only specializes in manufacturing diesel and portable Gensets but also plays a major and crucial role in various tasks such as manufacturing a wide range of tractors, automotive components, and so on.

Why choose EO Energy to buy Escorts Genset

Since 2009, EO Energy deals with a wide range of portable power generators to complete all power needs from households to industrial power needs. Our trusted & reliable power services make us a leading generator distributor in Noida & Delhi NCR. We work with the commitment of 100% customer satisfaction & provide them best in class power for various applications or needs.

Features of our Genset service

  • The range of Escorts silent DG Set provides continuous, cleaner, silent, and more efficient energy.
  • Our small portable generator and diesel power backup for industrial applications strictly follow the safety & emission standards.
  • We keep our power Genset in standby mode at the Noida location. So the availability of generators on rent in Noida or Delhi NCR is very high.
  • EO Energy deals in the small home generator (rental DG Set from 2kV to 25kV) and also deals in standby Genset or industrial diesel power backup.
  • For low noise applications, we provide a soundproof diesel power Genset or gas generator for rent.
  • Remote monitoring feature to serve continuous power & reliability.
  • Provide the cost-efficiency with the load-on-demand setup for different power demands.
  • Load-on-demand set-ups for variable power demands and also ensure cost-efficiency.

The best in class services & availability with a complete range of power backup in our service, provide you the option to choose the best Genset according to your power needs.

Apart from the services of New generator, EO Energy deals in Second-hand generators for sale & Genset on rent. To get more information or want to buy or hire a DG Set on rent, you can call or contact us. Our professional team of sales departments will provide you more information with price & product detail.