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The various range of silent Escorts DG Set present with the latest quality features & upgraded product specification. Apart from that, the fuel consumption of the used Escorts generator is very low because of the new efficiency engine. Since it consumes low fuel per hour, the industry is widely used.

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Escorts Used Generators For Sale – Price & Specification

For all backup power needs, we also supply compact Escorts generators. You may also pick a great household and company power replacement inverter generator.

10 kVA Escorts Used Generator Price & Specification

Mostly for industrial use, Escorts 10 kVA generators are used. This generator will also provide regular first-class operation for all power requirements. Also, We deliver the best and the cheapest range for sale of this DG Set.

Product Specification

Genset Rating10 kVA
ApplicationHome, Industrial
TypeManual, Automatic
PhaseSingle-Phase, Three Phase
Generator Rating1500 RPM
Compression Ratio17:51
No. Of Cylinder2 to 6
Cooling MethodAir & Water Cooling
InsulationClass H
Voltage480 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz

62.5 kVA Escorts Used Generator Price & Specification

An industrial generator of 62.5 kVA is the perfect way to meet the power demands during any planned or unplanned failure. Also, this power generator produces high-output performance and regular prime power. These backup generators of 62.5 kVA in residential apartments are commonly used in addition to commercial power needs.

Products Specification

Genset Rating62.5 kVA
Aspiration Turbo Charged
Engine Power88 Watt
Frequency 50 Hz
Battery Ah120
Fuel TypeDiesel
Bore90 mm
Rated Speed1500 RPM
Compression Ratio17.501
Engine ModelG62.5
Phase Three Phase
Output Voltage230/415 Volts
Stroke122 mm
Total Displacement 3680 cc

Silent Escorts Used Diesel Generator Price & Specification

Escorts Silent Diesel Generator is designed and developed indigenously, using modern design & simulation technologies. Also, Escort is one of the most competent Diesel Generator Set (Genset) manufacturers in India, which is designed to provide excellent power backup solutions in various business and commercial applications.

Product Specification

Genset Rating10 kVA, 30 kVA, 62.5 kVA
AspirationTurbo Charged
Cooling SystemWater Cooling
Battery100 Ah
Bore 90 mm
Canopy Size2300 L x 930 W x 1380 H mm
Compression Ratio17.501
Engine ModelG20 – II
Stroke110 mm
TotaL Displacement 2145 cc
Phase Single Phase
Voltage230/415 Volts
Frequency 50 Hz
Weight850 Kg

About the Manufacturer

Escorts produce high-quality diesel generators from the outset, making it a trustworthy company both in India and globally. So, They now lead the world’s most trustworthy brand name.


In supplying and distributing top-quality Gensets with newly improved technologies, they still have their greatest strength. Also, The most reputable and trustworthy brand to perform efficiently the job of renting generators at satisfactory consumer rates and improving high-quality safety.

It was established in 1944 also, its headquarters are located in Faridabad, Haryana, India, and CEO Nikhil Nanda successfully completed the task. So, Escort Rental Generator is a leading company in the manufacture and operation of generators now.

Escorts are skilled not only in the manufacture of diesel and mobile devices but are also important and vital in various tasks such as the assembly of a wide variety of tractors, automotive parts and more.

Feature of Escorts Used Genset

The best choice for having continuous prime or standby power Genset during any scheduled or unplanned power outage is to purchase an Escorts DG Set and the selection of power generators that they sell is extremely fuel-efficient and long-lasting in every workplace or situation.

Benefits of Buying Escorts Used Genset

There are many factors why the buying of a used generator will be an intelligent decision rather than buying a new generator. So, Budget & availability, time lead, reliability, decreased paperwork, shopping channels, and versatility in changes are all reasons.

When purchasing a used generator for industrial or commercial uses, we’ll quickly go through each advantage.

DG Set quality

There are many reasons why buying a escorts used generator would be also smart chosen versus buying a new generator. Some of the reasons also are funds and availability, safety, best time, flexibility for changes, paperwork, and purchasing channels.

We will know it in short each benefit when buying a escorts used generator

Availability in low cost

This is one of the biggest perks when purchasing an escorts used generator. A reduced cost is also a valuable reason that most businesses choose to buy used generators over new generators. Also, used generators are a part of the cost of new generators, importantly reducing the cost of purchasing a used generator.


As long as the escorts used generator is purchased from a certified dealer, you can expect the generator or the Genset will be in excellent working condition.

The main reason is that most guaranteed used generator dealers always test, maintain and repair any used generator to guarantee function and safety before selling the generator.

Lead time

When purchasing a new generator, there is a big difference in time that you will have to wait to get the generator from the order date. This is typically due to the lead time to receive from the order to manufacture.

Basically, when you order a new generator, manufacturers have to build the generator to order, which means that commonly available stock is not on-hand. The main time on orders for the new generator is also about 8 (eight) to 16 (sixteen) weeks.

Purchasing an escort used generator also reduces the lead time in generator purchase, as they are ready to be shipped as quickly as you want or need them. and this makes used generators one of the best options for businesses that may need a backup generator directly.

The flexibility of used DG Set modification

When a manufacturer produces a new generator, the purchaser usually has to take the generator in the same form which means that the manufacturer has produced the generator depending on how you get it.

When purchasing a used generator, you have more flexibility to make improvements or changes that will suit your needs.

Paperwork And Purchasing Channels

Another benefit that pleases many businesses is that much less paperwork is required to purchase workplace generators used for emergency, backup, or industrial purposes. There are many different channels and paperwork that need to be filed to purchase a new generator, which can also often be a slow and most difficult task.

When purchasing a used generator, you will still have to do some paperwork to end the deal, but the paperwork and filing process is much less involved, allowing for faster backup generator worship.

Why you should choose us to buy a used Escorts DG Set?

For sales and rent purposes, we have the best-known brands and durable gene collections. Also, For a number of uses, we treat generators with power varying between 15 and 750 KW and We promise that our companies are skilled at the highest level.

To get more information or want to buy a used generator or rent a DG Set for temporary needs, you can call or contact us. Our professional team of sales executives will assist you & provide all the information with the Generators price and product specification.