Caterpillar Used Generator

Before going to know about the caterpillar used generator. We will know about the caterpillar company. So let’s start with about the company.

Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 corporation that designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to customers through a worldwide dealer network.

Caterpillar is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. This company was founded on April 15, 1925. The key people of this company is Jim Umpleby.

Caterpillar Inc. is manufacturing machines, generator sets and engines in India. Caterpillar has 3 branches in India, which are in the states of Maharashtra (Aurangabad) and Tamilnadu (Thiruvallur & Hosur).

Caterpillar Used Generators

Types of Caterpillar generator

  • Diesel Generator 
  • Gas Generator

Caterpillar Diesel Generator

  • 200 − 250kVA Diesel Generator
  • 320 − 365 kVA Diesel Generator 
  • 500 kVA Diesel Generator
  • 600 kVA Diesel Generator
  • 725 kVA Diesel Generator
  • 1010 kVA Diesel Generator
  • 1500 − 2000 kVA Diesel Generator

200 − 250kVA Caterpillar Diesel Generator

3300 series engine has advanced technology, combines simplicity and earning its reputation for reliability. This series designed to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Engine Feature

  • 121 mm (4.75 in) bore
  • 4-stroke, Turbocharged Aftercooled (TA)
  • Water-cooled engine
  • 152 mm (6.00 in) stroke
  • 15:1 compression ratio

Product Specification

Engine Model 3306 DITA-GP-23306 DITA-GP-4
Speed 15001500
Number of Cylinder66
Bore 121121

320 − 365 kVA Diesel Generator 

This generator is designed for minimum repair costs and minimum maintenance costs.

Engine Feature

  • 137 mm (5.40 in) bore
  • 165 mm (6.50 in) stroke
  • 4-stroke, Turbocharged Aftercooled (TA)
  • Water-cooled engine
  • 14.5:1 compression ratio

Product Specification

Engine Model  3406 DITA-GP-1 3406 DITA-GP-2
Kva 320 365
ekw 256 292
Speed  1500 1500
Number of Cylinder 6 6
Bore  137 137
Stoke 165 165
Display 14.6 14.6

500 kVA Diesel Generator

ACERT technology is inserted into this generator. The engine design technology provides emissions compliance without sacrificing fuel economy and power density. A reliable solution to meet the regulations it combines significant three system improvements in the combustion process: air, fuel, and electronics. Durable and rugged engines have a smaller footprint, resulting in lower installation costs. Advanced controllers provide precise and efficient integration of engine components under any operating condition.

Engine Feature

  • 15-liter displacement
  • 137 mm bore
  • 171 mm stroke length
  • Inline 6 cylinder configuration
  • 16.1:1 compression ratio

Product Specification

Engine Model  c15
Kva 500
ekw 400
Speed  1500
Number of Cylinder 6
Bore  137
Stoke 171
Display 15

600 kVA Diesel Generator

This generator is known for its sophisticated technology and ruggedness. The engine electrically controls low emissions and provides excellent fuel efficiency. Compact design, reliable, easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

Engine Feature

  • Increased time between overhauls
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Excellent transient response during load variations
  • Reduced nitrogen oxides and other gaseous emissions

Product Specification

Engine Model  c18
Kva 600
ekw 480
Speed  1500
Number of Cylinder 6
Bore  145
Stoke 183
Display 18.1

725 kVA Diesel Generator

3412 series engines continue to provide users with a durable and reliable power package for many of the world’s most difficult applications. The stringent design objectives for the Caterpillar 3412 series engine included application flexibility, ease of maintenance, fuel efficiency, and repair.

Engine Feature

  • Increased time between overhauls
  • Meets current Indian emissions requirements
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Excellent transient response during load variations

Product Specification

Engine Model  C 32
Kva 1010
ekw 808
Speed  1500
Number of Cylinder 145
Bore  162
Stoke 152
Display 32

1500 − 2000 kVA Diesel Generator

Crafted from an electronically controlled engine, the generator set features customized fuel injection, whether at full or partial load. With precise diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, 3500B Genset provides optimal performance.

Engine Feature

  • Fuel efficient
  • Electronically controlled fuel injection
  • Durable components

Product Specification

Engine Model  3512B DITA 3516B DITA 3516B HD
Kva 1500 2000 2275
ekw 1200 1500 1820
Speed  1500 1500 1500
Number of Cylinder 12 16 16
Bore  170 170 170
Stoke 190 190 215
Display 51.8 69.0 78.08

2725 − 3000 kVA Diesel Generator

Engine Feature

  • Proven Reliability: The platform is based on the industry-standard 3500 series and is supported by over 100,000 hours of laboratory and field reliability performance.
  • Power Density: More output is produced from a given engine displacement resulting in lower installed cost.
  • Owning & Operating Costs: The components are more robust, allowing longer intervals between oil changes and overhauls. Offering superior fuel efficiency, the ADEM A4 electronic control module maintains a fine coolant temperature and oil viscosity which protects the durability and reliability of all engine parts.
  • Lower Emissions: Combined with improved air system, the C175’s advanced fuel delivery process reduces emissions while maintaining engine performance.

Product Detail

Engine Model  C 175 C 175
Kva 2725 3000
ekw 2000 2400
Speed  1500 1500
Number of Cylinder 16 16
Bore  175 mm 175 mm
Stoke 220 220
Display 85 85

Caterpillar Gas Generator

Gas engines are bringing some powerful new changes to the world. All specifications offer durability, high energy, and fuel flexibility to burn fuel from low-energy landfill gas or bio-gas to piping natural gas or field gases.

Natural gas electric power generation packages are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, which are supplied and installed worldwide. India relies on caterpillars for economic operation in all ambient conditions, including high ambient conditions.

CAT natural gas electric power packages rated from 62ekW to 3860ekW can be used in a variety of applications, in difficult operating environments, for continuity.

Why Should We Buy Used Generator

There are many reasons to buy a used generator. Most of the time, businesses are also subject to the notion that backup generators can only be purchased new, knowing that there are no alternatives to purchasing used generators.

Whenever we buy a new generator, a lot of paperwork has to be done. To avoid a lot of work paperwork, should buy used generator. Minimum paperwork is required to finalize the deal.

The budget is another reason to buy a used generator. The used generator reduces the budget.

Time flexibility is one of the major reasons to buy a new generator. When purchasing a new generator, there is a big difference in time that you will have to wait to get the generator from the order date. This is due to the lead time from ordering to manufacturing to receiving.


Caterpillar is an American Company. It is one of the ideal brand in India. Caterpillar engine features advanced technology, which combines simplicity and earning a reputation for its reliability.

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