Cooper Used Generator

The Cooper Generator is a corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of Super Silent diesel generator set with power ranging from 10KVA to 180KVA. The Cooper Found ECOPACK series are powered by 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, And make the reusability, Mantancebilty, Usability cooper -Diesel engines, based on state of the art CRD technology in collaboration with Ricardo, Uk.

Feature Of Cooper Generator

Its ECOPACk series enjoys a unique position among diesel/Gas Power generator. It is found of distinction to several outstanding features and benefits. the ECOPACK set designed in the technical collaboration with RICARDO, UK A leading provider of technology, Product Innovation, engineering solutions and strategy consulting to the world’s automotive and best quality, transport, and energy industries.

Salient Features of Cooper Generator

Cooper Generators are fueled by Cooper’s own engines and offer prevalent preferences. 

  • Lower life-cycle cost and future-prepared discharge rehearses 
  • Accessible in 10 to 250 KVA appraisals 
  • Controlled by Cooper 2,3,4 and 6 chamber engines 
  • Engine extraordinarily structured by Ricardo, UK 
  • Electric Engine Management System 
  • CRDi engine for 2-chamber rendition 
  • Inline, 4-stroke, fluid cooled engines with four valves for every chamber 
  • Security feature included 
  • Most reduced fuel and lube oil utilization in its group 
  • Multiple times calmer 
  • 40% liter in size 
  • 40% lighter in weight 
  • Discharge consistent even with the US and European standards 
  • CPCB II affirmed quiet and too quiet choices 
  • Deals and administrations sponsored by 100+ purposes of contact crosswise over India

Reason To Buy Copper Generator

There are many reasons to buy a copper generator. Some of them are as follow:

Clean and Green Technology

The ECOPACK Series is India’s First Euro, its complete set of generators. This makes ECOPACK the automatic choice for environment-conscious power consumers it is saving for pollution.

The Silent Revolution

The Cooper silent Generator is a specially designed CPCB approved acoustic canopy is a result of in-depth r&d, evolved out of several design & prototype tests. With a 7-tank pretreatment and durable power coating the ECOPACK series function with a commando-like efficiency – stealthy, best Quality powerful and yet the noise measures are within 75 dbA at 1meter, distance under free field conditions

Effective and Consumer Friendly 

ECOPACK Gensets are 40% lighter and require a 25% less space in contrast with different brands of notoriety has an unparalleled eco-friendliness, combined with the most noteworthy upkeep interim of 500 hours and lube oil utilization of 0.1% makes ECOPACK the most financial brand of generators to work and appreciates a B10 life of 7000 Hours. 

After Sales Service 

Cooper ECOPACK arrangement Gensets accompanies the Cooper assurance of value thus breakdowns are not really any. We have across the country system of administration sellers who are well outfitted with authentic extra parts stock and prepared to give brief after deals administration. We additionally welcome intrigued and able gatherings to be our approved deals and administration vendor for unrepresented regions.

Engine Feature

Cooper Corporation was the first organization to produce diesel engines in Quite a while. 

We right now have a specialized tie-up with RICARDO, UK, for the structure and production of cutting edge innovation for engines, meeting present and future discharge standards. The engines are accessible in diesel and gas adaptations and in sizes fluctuating from 1.2 – 7.8 liter. 

Cooper engines are known in the market for their conservative size, top tier eco-friendliness, and most minimal support costs. 

With their incomparable plan highlights, Cooper engines have demonstrated their exhibition productivity in generators provided to household and universal markets. Our engines are being accepted in different applications like Agriculture, Construction hardware, Marine, Automobiles, Pump, Tractor, and then some. 

High Fuel Efficiency

  • Airflow and combustion control
  • Common Rail High-Pressure Diesel Fuel generator & Rotary Fuel systems Are use generator for the new manufacturing. 
  • HLA Arrangement.

Low Noise and Vibration

  • Bedplate architecture
  • Cast Iron structure 

High Durability

  • High Durability
  • Compacted Graphite Iron Cylinder main -Bainitic Material Wet Cylinder liners – Lower Operating System and Cost

Quality Of Copper Generator 

We practice stringent quality control measures for every one of our items. In the Cooper Corporation Quality Control research facilities, items experience Chemical Analysis with an Emission Spectrometer, and Microstructural Analysis using CCTV camera prepared Metallurgical Microscopes and BHN/HRB Hardness Testing Machines. The items are further profundity estimated and tried for Tensile Strength, Elongation, Modulus of Elasticity, Surface Quality and Internal Defects.

Quality Policy

At Cooper Corporation, our Quality Policy has been intended to accomplish the accompanying goals: 

  • Keep up a Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 
  • Improve procedures and lessen cost on a persistent premise through the broad use of measurable methods 
  • Engage workers through shifted preparing openings 
  • Adhere to exclusive requirement housekeeping errands to give top tier working conditions. 

Quality Process

Documentation and assessment of all the basic assembling steps – from material piece to definite examination before dispatch – guarantees that we reliably produce top quality items that fulfill worldwide guidelines. The plan and advancement of new items are likewise steered through the APAQ Process Quality, incorporated into the assembling procedure through. 

  • Procedure checking and working guidelines 
  • Control plans and agendas 
  • Set-up endorsement 
  • Procedure capacity assessment 

A vigorous pressing framework has been created at Cooper which enables parts to be transported over the sea or put away in the distribution center while staying crisp and prepared for-use with no oil aggregation. This additionally settles on it a favored decision for aluminum to bite the dust throwing.

Some Model of Copper Generator and its Specification

Cooper 2A1L1A 20 KVA Generator

Product Image

Cooper 2A1L1A 20 KVA Generator

Specification of Cooper 2A1L1A 20 KVA Generator

Fuel Type: LPG
Cylinders: 0
Phase:  Single-phase
Warranty: 0
Power Rating Range: 20
Fuel Tank Capacity Range: 0 Liters
Weight Range:  700
Speed : 300 rpm
Battery Capacity: 0 Ah
Color:  Orange
Style: Standby Genset
Displacement CC 1189
LxWxH(Weight): 950x1950x1300
Rated KW: 16
BHP: 28.5

Cooper CDA16253D21 62.5 KVA Generator

Product Image

Cooper CDA16253D21 62.5 KVA Generator

Specification of CDA16253D21 62.5 KVA Generator

Fuel Type:Diesel
Phase: Three-phase
Power Rating Range:62.5
Fuel Tank Capacity Range:110 Liters
Weight Range: 1470
Speed :1500 rpm
Battery Capacity:32 Ah
Color: Green
Style:Standby Generator
Displacement CC3300
Rated KW:62.50


We have mentioned above about copper generator and also discuss why should buy used generator. A wide range of copper second-hand or used generators are available. We are from several years in the market. We help our customers from installation to service of the generator. You can contact us through the toll-free number or you can drop an email. Our support team will revert you as soon as possible.