Greaves Used Generator

Greaves cotton ltd. manufactures engines, and heavy equipment. And it is an Indian engineering manufacturing company, also trades in the National stock exchange of India and the Bombay stock exchange. This company was purchased by Lala Karam Chand Thapar of the Thapar group in 1947 after that in 1950, the company converted into a public limited. It was initially established in 1859 by James Greaves and George Cotton. And the company’s operation started as a private limited in 1922.The thing Manufacture by this company i.e diesel, petrol, kerosene, gasoline engines, diesel pump, farm equipment, generator, and construction equipment.

And it also made road construction equipment along with concrete pumps and drills. Headquartered of this company in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This company is one of the enlarged operations with nucleus competencies on diesel generator units, diesel/petrol engines, etc. Current center of interest in agriculture equipment, automotive, auxiliary power, industrial & aero engines and construction equipment by greaves generator. You can contact us by our helpline number and also access information by our official website to get detailed knowledge.

greaves used generator

Benefits  Taken By Customer from Greaves Diesel engines

 • Takes BSIII (CEV)

 • Highly Customizable engine.

 • The series of the engine extends up to 700hp.

 • Ideal performance across a wide RPM range. 

 • Modified to suit a particular individual task.

 • Low Noisemaking.

 • Fuel and Oil Consumption is low.

 • Suitable according to requirement service and 90% similarity of parts.

 • Branch Offices and Regional Offices provide 24×7 hours of support after providing sale service.

Greaves Used Generator 

Those generators which are used after repairing known as used generator. Used generator does not come with a warranty card, Often it is upper hand to purchase engines. Generator with low hours used engines are available at very reasonable prices, then the high price for a new one. Possible to save up to 50% or more by purchasing a low-hour used generator as a substitute for a new one. Big or small company consistently buy a generator which is pre-owned because it is cost-effective to purchase heavy equipment.

Product Specification

Power amount 7.4 HP
Weight of the product 61 Kg
Max Torque of product  18.8 Nm
Type of Engine used Single Cylinder, Four stroke, Direct Injection, and Air Cooled Diesel Engine
Direction of Rotation  Clockwise direction

Benefits that you can get by purchasing used generators

A lot of benefits to buying a pre-owned or low-hour used generator for agriculture, homes, automotive and for modern-day farmers. 

  • You can save 50 % or more by receiving a low-hour used generator instead of a new one.
  • It can be easily available then we can purchase and operate it fast.
  • Minor risk associated with them.
  • It can be even come with a guarantee. Or guarantee given by some dealers in case of generator before only used for emergency backup and standby power.
  • Low cost

Tips for purchasing used generator

Many elements to be considered before making a purchase of a pre-owned or used generator. Selecting the best one according to your power requirements. Most important discover the size of the generator after that other factors to be considered. There are few factors to examine while buying a pre-owned or used generator of any type i.e diesel, electric, natural gas, propane, etc. you can visit us by our helpline number to get more tips for buying a suitable generator which fulfills your requirements efficiently.

  • Age, hour, and usage: While buying a pre-owned or used generator you should consider how many hours it can be worked, age of the generator and past used the history of the generator unit. It is also helpful to know about where and what it was used for including used as a standby generator or ongoing electric power. Those generators that is used as a standby or backup power source can be considered good maintained than prime power source. Another very important thing you should keep in mind or recognize most of the time age and usage information of that particular generator simply not present. Dealers of the generator have no idea from where it comes usually get generators from foreclosures, auctions, etc. For these cases you should consider reputed and technical expert because he is one who inspect, test, rebuild, and fix the issues before selling to its customers. 
  • Manufacturer History and Reputation: History and reputation of the generator is an important part while buying the used machines for the office or home both because you depend on it for electric power for the long term. It is not beneficial for you to take chances on an unknown brand. You should always hire a reputed manufacturer for equipment i.e used for long term with tested parts and services whenever you need. 
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of the equipment is the most important feature for the buyer. In this, you can check out the dealer’s whole information about machine and expertise in it regarding maintenance by questioning the steps, installation, testing, and certified employees is important.
  • Physical Wear and Tear: You should check out all parts for wear or fatigue. Custome sees any part of the equipment has any cracks or questionable.
  • Load Test: The load test determines the efficiency of the generator. It determines the response for varying loads and efficiency under load time. You should check for proper output and its frequency. This test repeat up to three times for precaution and to make sure there are no unforeseen power breakdowns. It is a standard test, a lot of dealers should have already checked it, but you should still ask to be sure. 
  • Broker vs Dealer/Distributor: There are a number of brokers, dealers, and distributors who sell out generators to the customers. Some of the dealers do not have a machine shop. This is not the ideal time for the buyer to purchase and pay money for the generator by the street brokers. Diesel generator needs proper maintenance of their parts by the expert technician and certified also because it is complex and should be properly tested by the technician. We suggest you to remove risk always going with professional organization by years in this industry and expertise on it.


Factors should be focused and keep in mind while buying used generator of any type for long term use. You should always hire services from a reputed organization of that particular industry. We expect this article to help on your way to buy heavy equipment for the long term or planning to purchase a generator. Customer needs any type of help and support from us then you can join through a toll-free number or online through the site.