Greaves Cotton Ltd. is one well-known manufacturing organization of power generators for sale in India. All the DG Set designed by this organization is highly tested in all parameters deliver to the client or trading company. Our organization offers all makes & models of second-hand Greaves DG Set for sale. Also, we offer the best & affordable Greaves used generator price in India. Our reputed service & trusted distributorship of used diesel generators make us a prime distributor in industrial & commercial sectors.

All the used greaves DG Set properly inspected by our team of technician & then only we install it to the client job locations. Also, the availability in all kVA ranges such as 7.5 kVA DG Set to 500 kVA generator gives the complete product flexibility & choosing option. With these used generators client will also get the opportunity of Genset customization. That means we do the needed up-gradation in the products based on the job needs.

Apart from the deals in used Greaves Genset, EO Energy deals in compony manufactured new DG Set & rental generators for temporary power needs. For more information click on the above links.

Used Greaves DG Set for sale- Genset price list & specification

Get the detailed inquiry for Greaves Cotton generator price in various kVA range & book the best deal for used DG Set for sale in India. These preowned DG Sets are the best option for low-budget clients & startup organizations. The low cost of greaves used DG Set as compared to buying a new one makes them more demanding for industrial clients who don’t want to buy a new DG Set. Our organization deals with the well-maintained used Greaves DG Set for sale to low-budget customers. All the industrial standby generators check & test all parameters before installation. Also, the warranty with the used DG Set offers more reliability with this product.

Here get an inquiry for Greaves used generator price & product specification in various kVA range.

1. Used Greaves generator 5 kVA price list

The 5 kVA DG Set is mostly used to run home or small commercial electric equipment during the power failure. This Small size DG Set present with long duration service & low fuel consumption rate, that help to save more amount of fuel during the operation. EO Energy offers highly maintain & well in condition 5 kVA Greaves used Genset for sale. Here get the inquiry for price & specification of Greaves generator second-hand. Inquiry now,


Product Specification

DG Set rating5 kVA
PhaseSingle & 3 phase
Fuel tank capacity15 Ltr
Voltage460 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power factor0.8 lagging
InsulationClass H
Rated speed3000 RPM
Battery12 V
Starting systemElectric start

2. Used Genset Greaves 125 kVA price list

For industrial power backup Greaves design & manufacture best in quality 125 kVA DG Set for sale in India. This industrial standby diesel Genset offers continuous prime power during an unplanned power outage. For low-budget clients, EO Energy offers a used industrial 125 kVA Greaves DG Set. This well maintains & properly inspect Genset gives efficient energy at all job locations. Get an inquiry for price & specification of used Greaves industrial diesel generator 125 kVA.


Product Specification:

Genset rating125 kVA
Compression ratio 16:81
Displacement7.2 ltr
No. of cylinder4
Bore*Stroke105*137 mm
MCCB rating200 Amps
Voltage415 V
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H
Power factor0.8 lagging

3. Used generator Greaves 500 kVA- Price inquiry

If you are looking for a DG Set to run large industrial equipment but your budget is low, we suggest buying a used DG Set. This second-hand generator cost is more affordable & easy to buy as compared to buying a new one. Our organization deals in all makes & models of used Genset in various kVA ranges. Our best-selling used 500 kVA generator Greaves is more demanding in the industrial sector for low-budget clients. Here get the inquiry for the price & specification of this DG Set.


Product Specification:

Generator rating500 kVA
Power outputPrime
Phase3 phase
NoiseLess than 75 dB
InsulationClass H
Voltage440 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power factor0.8 lagging
No. of cylinder12
Rated speed1500 RPM
Starting systemElectrical start

4. Used Greaves portable Genset price inquiry

Buy used portable DG Set for home, commercial & industrial power backup. This specially designed diesel generator is easily shifted from one location to another according to the needs. EO Energy offers a complete range of used portable DG Sets with the reliable partnership of Greaves. We check & inspect all the components & used Genset parts before installing them to the client job location. Here get the detailed inquiry for portable Greaves used DG Set price & product detail.


Product Specification

DG Set typePortable
Genset rating5 kVA to 125 kVA
Cooling methodWater-cooled
Voltage230 to 440 V
Frequency50 Hz
Rated speed1500-3000 RPM
Governor typeMechanical
AspirationNA, TCIC
InsulationClass H
AlternatorBrushless, Stamford
Starting systemElectric start
PhaseSingle & 3 phase

About the manufacturer

Greaves cotton limited is one well-known manufacturing organization of power generators for various needs. This 162-year-old organization maintains its legacy with there highly reliable services by making industrial DG sets for sale. All the Genset design & manufacture under the observation of a highly qualified team of engineers. it also made road construction equipment along with concrete pumps and drills. Headquartered of this company in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This company is one of the enlarged operations with nucleus competencies on diesel generator units, diesel/petrol engines, etc. The current center of interest is agriculture equipment, automotive, auxiliary power, industrial & aero engines, and construction equipment by greaves generator.

It was initially established in 1859 by James Greaves and George Cotton. And the company’s operation started as a private limited in 1922.The thing Manufacture by this company i.e diesel, petrol, kerosene, gasoline engines, diesel pump, farm equipment, generator, and construction equipment.

Greaves used DG Set reason to buy- Features & benefits

Many elements to be considered before making a purchase of a pre-owned or used generator. Selecting the best one according to your power requirements. Most important discover the size of the generator after that other factors to be considered. There are few factors to examine while buying a pre-owned or used generator of any type i.e diesel, electric, natural gas, propane, etc. you can visit us by our helpline number to get more tips for buying a suitable generator which fulfills your requirements efficiently. Here get the inquiry for the best features of Greaves power generator set.

Age, hour, and usage:

While buying a pre-owned or used generator you should consider how many hours it can be worked, the age of the generator, and the past used history of the generator unit. It is also helpful to know about where and what it was used for including used as a standby generator or ongoing electric power. Those generators that are used as a standby or backup power source can be considered good maintained than a prime power source. Another very important thing you should keep in mind or recognize most of the time age and usage information of that particular generator simply not present. Dealers of the generator have no idea from where it comes usually get generators from foreclosures, auctions, etc. For these cases you should consider reputed and technical expert because he is one who inspects, test, rebuild, and fix the issues before selling to its customers.

Manufacturer History and Reputation:

The history and reputation of the generator is an important part while buying the used machines for the office or home both because you depend on it for electric power for the long term. It is not beneficial for you to take chances on an unknown brand. You should always hire a reputed manufacturer for equipment i.e used for the long term with tested parts and services whenever you need.

DG Set Maintenance:

Maintenance of the equipment is the most important feature for the buyer. In this, you can check out the dealer’s whole information about the machine and expertise in it regarding maintenance by questioning the steps, installation, testing, and certified employees are important.

Physical Wear and Tear:

You should check out all parts for wear or fatigue. Custome sees any part of the equipment has any cracks or questionable. Load Test: The load test determines the efficiency of the generator. It determines the response for varying loads and efficiency under load time. You should check for proper output and its frequency. This test repeats up to three times for precaution and to make sure there are no unforeseen power breakdowns. It is a standard test, a lot of dealers should have already checked it, but you should still ask to be sure.

Broker vs Dealer/Distributor:

There are a number of brokers, dealers, and distributors who sell out generators to the customers. Some of the dealers do not have a machine shop. This is not the ideal time for the buyer to purchase and pay money for the generator by the street brokers. Diesel generator needs proper maintenance of their parts by the expert technician and certified also because it is complex and should be properly tested by the technician. We suggest you remove risk always going with a professional organization by years in this industry and expertise on it.

Our Used DG Set service in India

With the trusted dealership & wholesale trading of second-hand DG Set in India, our organization is the leading service provider of generators. We deal in all makes & models of used generators for sale in India. Our highly qualified team of technician check & test all the old DG Set in each & every parameter. Also, we replaced old or not useable parts of the diesel generator with new ones. Also, the availability of 3 phase & used single-phase generator for sale offering the opportunity to choose the best DG Set according to the needs.

Apart from that there are other numbers of feature of our services such as,

These are a few of the best features of our used generator trader ship in India. Our company works with the motive of 100% client satisfaction & providing them best in quality service & power solution. Apart from the deals in used DG Set, we are also offering the rental generator service in India. For more information or want to buy a used Greaves generator, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will provide you detailed information on the price & specification of used DG Set Greaves.