High-quality DG Set for sale in India, get the inquiry in all kVA range. We are the trusted distributor & wholesale trader of power generators in various kVA ranges. In our generator service point, you will get the inquiry for small portable homes & industrial generators for sale. Along with the service of DG Set in all makes & model types, EO Energy is the company authorized distributor of Greaves generators for sale in India.

The design & manufacturing models of generator Greaves are available in the range of 2.5 kVA to 500 kVA power output. Also, this organization is counted as the best & leading organization in India to manufacturing the world’s most efficient diesel generators. The range of Greaves Crompton DG Set is well designed to perform in all job locations as well as in every weather condition. Also, the low selling cost of Greaves generators makes them more efficient for low-budget clients.

With the service of company manufactured & new in condition power generator, EO Energy is the distributor of low price used Genset for sale & DG Set on rent for temporary power needs. To get a detailed inquiry to click on the below links,

Greaves diesel generator price inquiry with product specification

Get the inquiry for Greaves power generator price & specifications. Buy DG Set in latest models & best in features. Low & affordable price list of Greaves diesel generator as compared to other generator distributors. We offer the best class Greaves cotton generator for sale with the most reliable features such as price & low fuel consumption. All the Genset tested in all parameters before installation at the client job location. Let’s get more information about the price & specification of Genset.

1. Greaves 5 kVA generator price & product inquiry


Product Specification:

DG Set rating5 kVA
TypeManual, Automatic
Alternator type2 pole rotating
Battery capacity35 Ah
Compression ratio18:1
Displacement0.51 L
Engine typeAir-cooled
No of CylinderSingle
Alternator exciter typeBrushless
InsulationClass H
Fuel typeDiesel, Gas
Power factor0.8 (lagging)

2. Greaves generator 7.5 kVA price & specification


Product Specification:

Genset rating7.5 kVA
Fuel typeDiesel
ApplicationHome, Commercial
Power factor0.8 (lagging)
Output typeSingle & 3 phase
Current43.4/13.9 amps
InsulationClass H
Cooling methodAir-cooled
No. of cylinder1
Battery capacity35 Ah

3. Greaves generator 125 kVA price & specification


Product Specification:

Genset rating125 kVA
Rated speed1500 RPM
Engine model4G11TAG26
Compression Ratio16:8
Alternator Type4 pole alternator rating
Fuel Tank Capacity250 L
Cylinder arrangementInline
Displacement4.87 L
Cooling methodWater cooling
Battery Voltage and Capacity12 V,88 AH
Bore & Stroke108 X 133 mm
Charging Alternator Voltage and Current12 V / 35Amps
Lube Oil Sump Capacity10 L
Oil change period500 hours

4. Greaves diesel generator price & specification


Product Specification:

Genset rating5 kVA to 250 kVA
TypeManual, Automatic
FuelDiesel, Gas, Petrol
Output typeSingle & 3 phase
InsulationClass H
Rated speed1500 to 3000 RPM
No. of cylinder8
CoolingAir & water cooling
Battery capacityUp to 88 Ah
Power factor0.8 (lagging)

About Greaves Organization

The headquarter of this organization is operating from Mumbai (Maharashtra). This company persistently delivers reliable, durable, and best in quality products for external power supply. The various range of silent greaves power generators offering their service in commercial, industrial, telecom, construction, and other sectors. Apart from that, they design & manufacture the best range of generators for home.

Greaves is the most trusted manufacturer & exporter firm of large industrial & portable generators.

Greaves generator company is the most trusted manufacturer and exporter firm. They design & manufacture various ranges of revolutionary diesel generator engines & other infrastructure products. We are continuing to serve the best quality industrial generator in the range between 62.5 kVA to 1000 kVA generator. Also, the best thing about this DG Set, the performance is very high & the maintenance is very low.

The production team of Crompton Greaves generator upgraded with the most modern technology. Also, the best Greaves generator price list in India makes them more popular & easy to buy in every sector. Apart from the range of pre manufacture power generators, they offering customized DG sets according to the client’s requirement.

Feature & advantages of Crompton Greaves generator set

The Greaves generator service offering the best inner feature of the DG Set to handle all the problems & providing continuous prime power without any interruption. Also, the full control microprocessor-based controlling unit provides the opportunity to operate from any remote location. Apart from that, other best benefits & features of this portable Genset.

Why choose us to buy Greaves generator

EO Energy is one of the reputed brands that provide its generator service in India. Our best-in-class Greaves Genset service makes us a prime distributor & Greaves generator service provider in Noida. Our highly professional team of technician help you from installation to maintenance of the generator.

Apart from that, other features of our generator service,

Low in price:

Compare to other generator dealers in India, our price of Greaves generator is very low. Due to our low cost of Greaves power backup, we are the first choice for industrial clients as well as DG Set for home.

Generator flexibility:

Flexibility in power backup offering the option to choose the best DG Set according to the client’s needs. That means our various range of single-phase & 3 phase power generators available to serve in all sectors such as small inverter generators or DG set for industrial power needs.

Low maintenance cost:

The best thing about our DG Set is the low maintenance cost. Because of the low maintenance cost of Greaves Power Genset, they help to save more amount of money. Also, if you get any maintenance issues during the operation, our technician will be ready to help you 24*7.

Product testing & warranty:

Before installation, Any DG set at the client location we check & test all components of the generator in a proper manner. The complete product testing provides 100% surety of long-duration service. Also, we provide a full warranty for the generator & its components. So that if you get any problem during the warranty period, we resole that without charging a single penny.

Product component & parts support:

Apart from the deals in various range of standby generators, we provide the complete solution of Genset parts & service support. Here you can find all the equipment needed to operate a generator. We deal only genuine & 100% original parts.

These are a few of the best features of our generator service which make us a prime Crompton Greaves generator dealer in Delhi NCR. Also, we deal in well maintain second-hand generators for sale.

To get more information or want to buy or rent a Greaves generator, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will assist you with complete information on Greaves’s cotton generator.