Jakson Used Generator

Jakson is a leading energy and engineering solutions company, one of India’s largest suppliers of diesel generators, offering customers a range of products and services in a safe and sustainable manner and effectively meeting their diverse needs Helps in Such as the Jakson businesses include PowerGen & Distribution, Diesel Generator, Diesel Genset Based Power Plant Project, Electrical & Civil EPC, Solar, Solar Rooftop, Ground Mount EPC Project, Construction of Solar Products and Solar IPP, and Defense. It also includes a training facility for Cummins engineers in business in the hospitality and education sector.

Jakson Generator is one of the oldest diesel generator, module and rooftop solar manufacturing companies in India. Which provides turnkey solutions for urban electrification projects and EPC business rural, metro and building electrification, substations and broadcasting, civil construction.

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Established in 1947, Jakson has extensive connections in India.

  •  With 2200 employees
  •  4 manufacturing facilities
  • 1 global training center
  •  22 sales offices
  •  2 service centers
  •  A wide network of multiple channel partners, experts, and dealers.

Jakson corporate headquarters are located in Noida, India. And the business has commercial operations in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, Dubai and several countries in Africa.

Services of Jakson Business

S.No. Powergen & Distribution Solar EPC
1. Cummins Diesel Gensets Solar IPP Urban & Rural Electrification
2. Diesel Power Plants Solar Modules Substation & Transmission
3. Global Training Center Solar Land-Based EPC Metro Rail Electrification
4. Parts Distribution & Services Solar Rooftop EPC Building Electrification
5. Bangladesh Business Solar Products Civil Construction

Cummins Diesel Generator

Jakson offers the widest product range of diesel power generators in the Cummins powered market ranging from 7.5 KVA to 3750 KVA. The product range helps to meet the diverse energy needs of various industrial, residential, commercial and individual customers.

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Jakson Diesel Gensets are one of a wide range of industries as per customer preference and demand, including Infrastructure & Realty, Healthcare & Hospitality, IT & ITES, Automobile, Agrochemical, Manufacturing, and Agro & Aqua.

Why Buy A Used Generator?

Most of the time, businesses are also subject to the notion that backup generators can only be purchased new, knowing that there are no alternatives to purchasing used generators. In other words, the benefits that come with purchasing a generator used for commercial business.

There are several reasons why most businesses have purchased a backup generator. Cost is also the main reason (both operational and purchasing), lack of knowledge about generators, huge lead time for generators, or relevance to requirements.

Used commercial generators are a great way to prepare your business for reliable power that costs even cheaper.

jakson ensures a quality product that allows the customer or business to rely on the Jakson generator used for commercial or industrial applications with these benefits, such as:

  • Lower Cost
  • Lead Time
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Reliability

Jakson Generators List with Detail

sS.NO. Generator Name with  Cooling Type
1. Air Cooling KOEL 25 kVA Air-Cooled Silent Diesel Generator, 230 Volts, And 415 Volts Air Cooling
2. Jakson Silent Generator, Voltage: 380 – 415 V Automatic
3. Cummins Jakson Silent Generator Set, Voltage: 440 V, Power:250 kVA  Water Cooling, Oil Cooling, Air Cooling 
4. Cummins Jakson Silent Generator Set with Manual Control PanelPower: 100 kVA Water Cooling, Oil Cooling, Air Cooling 
5. Cummins Jakson 40 Kva Generator Set With Manual Control Panel Water Cooling, Oil Cooling, Air Cooling 
6. Cummins Jakson  62.5 kVAGenerator Set with Manual Control Panel Air Cooling 

Cummins Jakson 100 kVA Silent Generator Set with Manual Control Panel

  • Rs 7.71 Lakh
  • Phase: Three Phase
  • Power: 100 KVA OR 80 KW
  • Output Type: AC Three Phase, AC Single Phase Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Cooling System: Water Cooling, Oil Cooling, Air Cooling

Cummins Jakson 62.5 KVA Silent Generator Set with Manual Control Panel

  • Rs 5.4 Lakh -/
  • Phase: Three-phase, Single Phase
  • Power: 62.5  KVA 
  • Output Type: AC Three Phase, AC Single Phase
  • Voltage: 230 Volts and 440 Volts
  • Cooling system: Air Cooling
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Type: Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic.

Cummins Jakson 40 Kva Generator Set With Manual Control Panel

  • Rs. 4.68 Lakh/Piece
  • Power: 40 KVA OR 32 KW
  • Output Type: AC Three Phase, AC Single Phase
  • Voltage: 230 Volts and 440 Volts
  • Cooling system: Air Cooling, Water Cooling, Oil Cooling
  • Noise level: Silent & Soundproof.
  • Genset Rating KVA: 40KVA

Air Cooling KOEL 25 kVA Air-Cooled Silent Diesel Generator, 230 Volts, And 415 Volts

Ask price

  • Power: 100 KVA OR 80 KW
  • Output Type: AC Three Phase, AC Single Phase
  • Voltage: 230 Volts and 415 Volts
  • Cooling system: Air Cooling
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Weight: 1130Kg (Dry), 1180 kg (wet)
  • Aspiration: TC

Diesel Power Plants

At present, diesel power plants remain the first choice across the world for captive power generation. Jakson group Diesel serves as the main leader in a power generator. company has the necessary expertise and resources to assist them in setting up world-class diesel power plants to meet the needs of customers in industries as well as provide full turnkey services such as site evaluation, installation, maintenance, operation, And an efficient after-sales support-network.

Jakson, with its wide network of dealers and channel partners, combines its engineering expertise to provide customers with optimal solutions across India. Provide opportunities to achieve.

Global Tanning Center

Global Training Center, established in partnership with Jakson Cummins, offers training facilities such as center focused industry-oriented training courses for engineers and technicians to continuously enhance the capacity and knowledge of Cummins diesel engines and generating sets in India. This training center

Spread over an area of ​​more than 85,000 square feet, it includes a state-of-the-art training room, library, electronics lab, model on display with training and considerable facilities.

Parts Distribution & Services

Jakson Genset also provides annual maintenance service contracts to its customers. And at the same time, the service business ensures that customers have access to the highest levels of genuine products and customer services. And it also guarantees the minimum period of time the engine breaks down in case of a customer emergency.

Advantage of Jakson Generator

  • 24×7 Service Support: Jakson network is behind customers round the clock to provide technical support.
  • Low-Cost Ownership: Lower cost of operation & maintenance throughout product lifeline.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Regular improve in new technologies, Cummins engine offers high fuel efficiency & continuous reliability. 
  • CPCB II Complaint: The new product line gives reduced emission levels and adheres to the latest CPCB II norms as law by the government.
  • 5C Warranty: Jakson offers an unmatched 5-year or 5000-hour warranty coverage on the Cummins Engine’s 5 Critical Products (5C) – cylinder head, cylinder block, camshaft, crankshaft, and connecting rod.

Why choose EO Energy

With 12 years of experience in the field of generator power service, we are the prime distributor & wholesale trader of Used Jakson generator in India. All the second-hand Jakson DG Set checks & tests in all parameters to provide continuous power in all sectors. Also, we work with the motive of 100% client satisfaction.

Here the list of our generator service feature & benefits.

Low cost

We are offering low & easy to buy price of used Jakson generator in India. Due to the low in cost & well maintenance, our DG Set are able to serve long duration service without any interruption.

Low maintenance cost

All the range of used Genset Jakson we sell is properly checked & test in all parameters. Also, our team of technician checks all components of used DG Set to make them more reliable.


Flexibility in our used DG service is one of the major key factors which makes us a trusted partner for the industrial & commercial sector. Our used Jakson DG Set available in all kVA ranges such as used generator 50 kVA to 500 kVA.

These all are a few of the best features of our second-hand Genset service. Apart from the deals in used DG Set, we are offering a rental generator & new DG Set for sale. For more information, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will provide you the detailed information.