TATA Used Generator

Tata motors have gained popularity for being a pioneer in the latest engine technology. This well-known brand offers a wide range of engines for Genset or generator which are known for their reliable nature, mechanical and electrical performance. Tata generators pop up with 1,2,4,and 6 cylinder. All engines set with the latest CPC emission norms and nature-friendly. Tata is considered no.1 engine manufacturer in Asia with 4th ranked.

 The controller of the silent DG set offers you an LCD display where you can easily identify, communicate, and diagnose the glitch with many safety features for engine and Genset protection. Here we have discussed Tata used generators which will be reliable for electric appliances against power cut.

Generators Powered By Tata

Brief Intro Of Diesel Generator

Diese generator is a collaboration of diesel engines with an electric engine to create or generate electrical energy which is designed to run on fuel oil but some types are adapted for other liquid fuels or natural gas.

Let’s look at some features of diesel generator

  • Lowest fuel consumption in the segment
  • 4 and 6 cylinder engine for 30 to 40 KVA Genset
  • Easy serviceability

1. Tata 40 Kva Diesel Generator

Tata 40 KVA Diesel Generators comes with advanced and effective features from starting the generator to shutting down.

Product Image

Tata 40 KVA Diesel Generator Specification

Working Good
Brand TATA
Noise LevelSilent And Soundproof
Battery Capacity130 AH
Fuel TypeDiesel
Motor Power58 HP

2. Tata 30 KVA Diesel Generator

Customers experience easy access and serviceability with aesthetically designed, weather and sound resistant enclosure. It was specially designed demands of the latest CPCB norms of less than 75 DBA. You can feel the ease of handling with appropriate connected center lifting hooks. Tata 30 kva diesel generator comes with an inbuilt silencer up 75 KVA.

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30 KVA Diesel Generator

Tata 30 KVA Diesel Generator Controller

  • DG set parameters display screen including LCD fault
  • Structured DG set with monitoring as well as protection features
  • Popped up in the market with advanced automatic and semi-automatic feature

Product Specification

Cooling SystemOil cooling

3. KVA Tata Diesel Generator

5 KVA Tata Diesel Generator valued for its long-lasting functioning life, high strength and perfect performance.

Image of 5 KVA Tata Diesel Generators

5 KVA Tata Diesel Generators

Product Specification

Brand TATA
Fuel TypeDiesel

4. 20 KVA Tata Diesel Generator

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20 KVA Tata Diesel Generator

Specification of 20 KVA Tata Diesel Generator

Cooling system  Water Cooling 
Power  20 KVA 
Output Type AC Three Phase
Fuel Type Diesel
Voltage 220-450V

5. 82.5 KVA Diesel Generator

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82.5 KVA Diesel Generator specification

Engine Model 697TC
Battery Capacity150 Ah
Power 100 HP
Number of cylinders6
Fuel Tank158 Litre
Lube Capacity14 to 16 Litre
Coolant Capacity24 Litre
AspirationTurbo Charge

6. 35 kV Diesel Generator

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Specification of 35 kV Diesel Generator

Cooling SystemAir cooling
Noise LevelSilent or soundproof
Fuel TypeDiesel
Output TypeAC single Phase
Fuel Tank Capacity15.5 Litres
Battery Capacity100 AH
Number of Cylinders 4
Fuel Tank139 Litre
Lube Capacity6 – 8 Litre
Wash CareNone

7. 25 KVA TATA Powerlux Silent Diesel Generator

25 KVA TATA Powerlux Silent Diesel Generator Specification

Cooling SystemLiquid 
Noise Level Silent or soundproof
DG set Model TPDG25
Fuel Tank135 L
Number of Cylinder 4
Power 25/20 KVA
Engine Model4SPTC25


So, These are the mentioned generators powered by TATA engines of the family with different performances compared to the competition. Generators are considered the best for having excellent fuel economy, low operating cost, reliability, and durability which make these generators preferred one. 

The Generator designed with its acoustic enclosure for maximum serviceability and long-lasting life.