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Home Generator Size: A Complete Information

Home Generator Size: A Complete Information

To maintain the luxurious life in modern times, electricity is one of the most essential needs for our living place. But if you live in a place where you can face power outages frequently or for long-duration, then a home generator is always the first line of defense against these problems. A portable generator can fulfill your home power requirement. But the home generator size is one of the most common questions that come to our mind at the time of buying a home generator.

Most people are not familiar with Genset and they didn’t understand how to choose the right generator. So, one bad decision at the time of purchasing a home generator will be an annoying waste of money. Also, You need to understand a few major points at the time of buying a portable generator.

In this blog, we will give you important ideas on how to figure out the right home generator size. Also, if you are wondering whether to buy a home generator, this blog will help you make the right decision.

Important Consider Point For Home Generator Size

There are a few important points to consider when you buy a home generator, but the major things to understand how you will use it.

Some of the important factor about a home generator,

Apart from considering these points, you need to calculate power consumption by your home appliances.

Calculate the power consumption in an easy step for a home generator.

But always choose a few more wattage portable generator according to your power calculation. Because starting and running wattage may differ as per manual guidelines.

for example, if your total wattage calculation is below then 35 kW but more than 30 kW, than its good if you go with a 35 kW inverter generator.

Reference table for your home appliances power need

ApplincesInitial kwRunning Kw
Washing Machine12001200
Cloth Dryer67505400
Air Conditioner87503800
Electrical Heater45004500
Electrical Range21002100
Security Equipment550550
Light Fixture11001100
Door opener1420720

Note: Electric appliances wattage may differ according to the size of appliances, please check manual guide properly.

In this table, you can see the total number of starting wattage is 31560 and running wattage is 22216. So your home power requirement is more than 32 kW to start electric appliances at the time of power outage. Then the best decision, you need to go with a 35 Kw portable home generator.

Also, the most important point at the time of buying a small home Genset, you need to understand which type of generator is best for your home requirements.

There are mainly three types of home generators available.

Here we will describe all the available types of home generators.

Types Of Home Generators

Portable generator


A portable generator is a very lightweight and fuel-efficient generator. This type of generator is one of the best mobile options for lighting temporary projects. Portable generators are a temporary solution for a few basic home appliances. Portable generator engines run on gasoline, diesel, and few portable home generators are also charged by solar energy.

The fuel-powered portable Genset emits few harmful gases like carbon monoxide. So if you use these fuel operated Genset, you need to run outside the house or near window location.

Another option like solar energy powered portable Genset is one best option if you want to use a portable generator inside the home. These types of Genset run on solar-charged batteries.

Inverter generator

The power generators are enough to run low wattage appliances like television, fridge, washing machine, etc.


An inverter generator uses to produce AC power with the help of alternator. Few of these kinds of generators also use the rectifier to convert AC power into DC power.

They are a three-phase generator to produce electricity, uses high-tech circuitry and work in electromagnet theorem.

Energy efficiency is one the best feature of an inverter generator, that means this Genset can adjust engine speed as per power requirement. Because of its lightweight feature inverter generator is easy to carry.

properties of an inverter generator.

Home standby generator


During a long power outage, a home standby generator can provide power backup to your family and business. The standby generators are permanently installed automatic generators. That means at the time of power outage, no need to start this generator manually, the auto panel will start and shut down the standby generator automatically and these generators are fixed in one place. To move this generator you need more man or machinery power.

There is also no need for extension cords in the home standby generator as they required in a portable generator. They are used to provide complete coverage to your home electric appliances or fulfill your business requirements also.

Compared to a portable generator or inverter generator, a home standby generator can produce enough power to complete all of your needs. With the help of a standby generator, you can operate multiple appliances at the same time.

Which home generator size is best for your needs

These are the main three categories of a home generator. You can choose the best portable generator according to your needs. Home Generator size, you can also choose as per your living space, which means if you have not sufficient area, it’s better to go with a portable or inverter generator.

But your power requirement is more and for a long duration, you need to go with a home standby generator. Because they can provide power to multiple heavy appliances at the same time.

You also need to understand which fuel type is better for your family. Because propane gas or diesel fuel emit carbon monoxide, which is not good for health. Especially for kids this gas is very harmful.

So if you have enough space to put your home generator outdoors, then only you will go with this fuel type home generator. Otherwise, it’s better to go solar battery charged inverter generator or electric portable generator.


Without electricity, you can’t imagine your day. From start to the end of the day electricity is one of the essential needs of our daily routine. A power outage is always a horrible experience and many people experienced this situation in his daily life. A portable generator is one of the best solutions to short out this critical issue.

By considering a few important points like home generator size, type of home generator, and fuel type in the generator you will get the best deal in a portable generator. A home generator is always the first line of defense in any emergency or blackout. They provide security to your entire family in bad weather or heavy storm.

Hope this article will help you to find out perfect home generator size according to your requirement and fulfill your power needs.

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