Cummins Generator Service: Price & Specification

Get a soundproof Cummins generator in India at the best affordable & low price. We provide several ranges of this Genset in PAN India and we are leading Cummins generator dealer in Noida & Delhi NCR.

This brand designs & manufacture the most popular power generation equipment with standby & prime power system. All parts of the Cummins diesel generator is manufactured under the observation of a highly qualified team of engineers to provide reliable and robust service.

The segments of Cummins diesel Genset or Gas power backup is manufactured with state of the art technology, which make them best for home or commercial power backup. Also, this organization offers new & remanufactured parts or engines of the generator at affordable prices. The integrated approach of this brand meets & match with all elements to work in a proper and reliable way.

With the trusted name of this brand, EO Energy provides a complete range of Cummins home generator and Genset for heavy-industrial applications. Also, we help our clients to find out the best power generator according to their requirements. Due to our highly reliable & customer-oriented service, we are the leading distributor of Cummins Generator from the last 11 years.

Apart from the Cummins New Genset, we provide well maintained Second-hand generator for sale as well as Genset on rent. To get more information or want to buy or rent Cummins DG set, click on the link.

Cummins Genset we offer to buy

25 kV to 62.5 kV Cummins generator

Genset Rating25kV, 40 kV, 62.5 kV
FuelGas, Propane, Diesel
Cooling MethodAir or Liquid-cooling
ApplicationCommercial, Industrial
No. of Cylinder2 to 4
Voltage415 V
Frequency50 Hz
Bore*Stroke97*125 (mm)
Rated Speed1500 RPM
InsulationClass H

125 kV to 500 kV Cummins generator for industrial application

Genset Rating125 kV, 250 kV, 500 kV
FuelGas, Diesel
No. of Cylinder4 to 8
Rated Speed3000 RPM
Cooling MethodWater-cooling
Voltage630 V
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H

Cummins generator technologies: feature & advantages

Cummins working with the motivation of making our daily life easier in a better way and innovation to making more power in the world. These generators are Manufacture with high-quality components & reliable engines, which make them more fuel-efficient and highly work efficient.

The soundless generator of Cummins’s power gives you a peaceful experience during a power outage.

Feature of Cummins DG Set

  • Due to the rugged & robust design of this generator is able to serve continuous prime duty in the worst job location as well as bad weather condition.
  • Manufacture the best portable Genset for commercial or other temporary power needs.
  • Present in both manual and automatic version in various kV range.
  • Alternative fuels are the best feature of the Cummins generator. You can buy the best fuel engine Genset based on your needs or financial condition.
  • A high-quality inverter generator provides clean energy for household or small business power appliances.
  • With the best engine cooling technology of Cummins DG Set, this generator is able to work for a long duration with high-quality output.
  • Design and manufacture as per client’s job location & power requirement.
  • It comes with best in a class acoustic enclosure, which protects them from bad weather or heavy storm. Also, the generator canopy is useful to reduce the noise of diesel generators.
  • The automatic control switch (AMF Panel) of Cummins generator is operating automatically during a power outage or main grid comes.
  • Available in the range of Single-phase and Three-phase to complete all power needs.

Benefits of having Cummins Genset

  • Cummins electric generator provides unstoppable power supply during a planned or unplanned power failure.
  • Easy to operate make them more familiar with the various job application.
  • Best in class safety feature of Cummins silent generator increases the useability for home, business or industrial power needs as well as most demanding in any disaster condition.
  • Because of high durability, Cummins emergency generators are a prime choice in hospitals for life support equipment.
  • Cummins portable or small home generators are the best options for power in any event or outing.
  • Cummins generator price is affordable, which means you can buy a DG Set at a low price as compared to other available Genset brands.
  • This generator will give you extremely high-quality valuable service with long time service.

About the Cummins Genset

Cummins India Design & manufacture a large series of generator engines in various fuel types. Also, this organization is counted as the top-leading brand name in the field of power generators. They manufacture various types of equipment that generate power efficiently and effectively for different purposes.

Specifically, Cummins is a well-known American corporation located in Columbus, Indiana that holds certificates of specialization in producing and manufacturing power generator products such as portable and diesel generators which are mostly being used in large numbers during the blackout for homes, offices and commercial uses.

Apart from offering and manufacturing various power generator products, Cummins generator service offers its DG set price at an affordable cost. Day by day the team of Cummins corporation working on generator fuel efficiency and reducing noise pollution. They offer several ranges of diesel generator sets with different phases, voltages, models, specifications, and features.

Reason to choose Cummins Genset service

Cummins Diesel Power Generator provides the peace of mind to the homeowners when the power goes out. Hooked up your generator to your electrical system and it will get back you back up. It runs without a lot of noise. Whether it could be a storm, substation invader, or a homeland security incident. It is good to know that your power will kick on with a second.

Many homeowners use the portable generators that power only some portation of your home’s need. And some larger homeowners prefer the standby generator, that power the 100 percent of your home’s need. It’s especially used for emergency and backup when power up and run unattended. One best thing is that you don’t need the gas tank to be refilled every 5 hours or so hours. Cummins Generators have already 50 to 100-gallons tank. It can keep your home powered on for nearly 2 days. You can refill your tank by your supplier in this time of periods.

Why choose us to buy Cummins DG Set

EO Energy is a trusted wholesale partner of Cummins generator, We offer our Genset service in PAN India network. Also, we are leading Cummins diesel power backup & parts distributor in Noida & Delhi NCR. Our services offer numbers of benefits to the clients such as,

Low cost

We offer our power generator at a very low and affordable price as compare to other Genset distributors in NCR. Also, we didn’t charge for DG Set installation so that you do not find any hidden charge with our portable industrial power backup.

Test before installation

We install our DG Set after 100% client satisfaction, which means before installation we offer a trial period of the generator and once the customer will satisfied with our services we install it permanently.

Flexibility in Genset range

The best thing about EO Energy, they offer a wide range of diesel generators for various power needs. So that flexibility feature in our service helps you to find out the perfect size of Genset for every job.

Sales & service support

We provide every kind of Genset maintenance service & support after-sale. We believe in working in the long term with our clients.

Fuel & work-efficient Genset

We check and test all parameters & components of the generator before selling it to our clients. Also, we provide the best in class fuel & work-efficient diesel generator for industrial applications.

Because of our trusted & reputed generator service, we are always the first choice for buying a generator. Our widely distributed Genset maintenance & parts support network is available to resolve any issues in 24*7. Apart from the deal in New generator, EO Energy provides well maintained Second-hand generator for sale as well as a generator on rent.

To get more information or want to buy the best in class affordable Genset, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will assist you with detail information on generator price & product information.