75 kVA Generator For Sale: Price & Specification

Do you want to buy a power backup to run heavy electrical appliances in various job locations?. Buy a portable 75 kVA generator to complete all your power needs. These best in class power generators are the surety of continuous prime energy during any planned or unplanned power failure.

EO Energy offers a huge range of Genset to complete all power needs. We are a trusted 75 kVA DG Set wholesale trader & supplier. Also, our 75 kVA generator price in India is affordable & low in cost. Because of our reliable & customer-oriented service, we are leading 75 kVA generator dealers in Noida & NCR.

Due to the high-quality engine of this DG Set, They are the best external power source to run industrial applications. Also, the availability in both single-phase & 75 kVA 3 phase generator offers you to choose the best power backup based on your needs.

Apart from the low cost of DG Set, our 75 kVA generator specification is best in class. Also, because of the rugged & robust design of this power backup, the performance of 75 kVA DG Set is very high in the worst weather conditions or job locations.

similarily like deals in a various range of new DG Set, EO Energy provides well maintain used 75 kVA DG set for sale as well as 75 kVA generator on rent.

75 kVA generator range, we deal

EO Energy offers several brands of 75 kVA silent generators for sale. All generators we install in client job locations are tasted by a professional team of the technician. Due to the proper testing of 75 kVA industrial generators, they provide long-duration performance in the client job locations.

The silent power backup we offer is present in both 75 kVA single-phase & 3 output with the best 75 kVA generator amps output.

Here we provide the information on some of the best 75 kVA generator price lists & specifications.

Kirloskar generator 75 kVA price & specification


Product Specification

Genet Rating75 kVA
FuelDiesel, Natural Gas
Cooling TypeWater-cooling, Air-cooling
OutputSingle-phase, Three-phase
ApplicationIndustrial, Construction
Voltage415 V
Frequency50 Hz
Rated Speed1550 RPM
No. of Cylinder6
Noise LevelSilent or Soundproof
Rated Current278 Amps
Governing ClassA2
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
ConditionNew, Used, Rental

75 kVA diesel generator price & specification


Product Specification

Genset Rating75 kVA
BrandKirloskar, Mahindra, Tata & Other
No. of Cylinder6
PhaseSingle & Three-phase
Voltage415-440 V
Frequency50 Hz
Rated Speed1500 RPM
InsulationClass H
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
ConditionNew, Rental, Used

75 kVA 3 phase generator price & specification


Product Specification

Genset Rating`75 kVA
BrandKohler, Greaves, Volvo & other
FuelDiesel, Gas
No. of Cylinder6
Voltage415-440 V
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
Rated Speed1500 RPM
ConditionNew, Rental, Used

75 kVA DG Set: features & advantages

Having a generator is always beneficial because they run your business or industrial power appliances when the main grid fails. Also, this 75 kVA silent diesel generator is the best temporary power solution for high rise apartments. So that 75 kVA commercial standby generators are beneficial in the continuity of home power backup.

Apart from the various uses of this Genset, a 75 kVA power backup has a number of features & advantages.

Feature of 75 kVA DG Set

  • Due to the portability feature of 75 kVA portable generator, you can use a DG Set in multiple locations. Such as completing the job in one construction site, you can use the same Genset in another location.
  • Because of the best in the class cooling function of 75 kVA DG Set, the generator engine give long durability in a heavy-duty application.
  • Smart controlling panel or AMF panel of this Genset auto-start & shut down the power generator when main grids power fail.
  • Availability in both single-phase & 3 phase gives you the opportunity to choose the best portable 75 kVA Genset according to your power needs.
  • Due to the best quality components & rugged & robust design of this generator, they provide 100% performance in bad weather conditions or worst job locations.
  • Genset enclosure for 75 kVA DG Set helps to reduce the noise of the generator as well as protect it from bad weather.
  • Available with highly work-efficient with low fuel consumption feature.
  • Large fuel tank capacity of the power backup will helpful for a long duration operation.

Benefits of having 75 kVA Genset

  • You can run your home, business or industrial power appliances during a power failure or long-duration blackout.
  • Protect your business & loved once in bad weather or heavy storm by providing continuous power supply.
  • The silent feature of this Genset gives hassle-free work experience.
  • Also, protect your business or household appliances during voltage fluctuation.
  • Due to a low fuel consumption rate of 75 kVA generators, a Genset owner can save more amount of money during the operation.
  • The latest CPCB-2 norms of the 75 kVA diesel generator provide clean, reliable, and eco-friendly energy.

Reason to choose us

With more than 11 years of experience, EO Energy deals with the latest brand power generator to complete all power needs. We work with the motive of the client satisfaction with 100% reliable service.

Our various brand 75 kVA price list in India is present with low cost & affordable compare to other DG Set dealer. Apart from the heavy-duty Genset, EO Energy deals in a various range of the home generators.

Some of the best features of our DG services are,

Affordable price

The best thing about our service is the price of a generator & its components. When you compare our price list with other dealers you find the huge rate differences. Also, we didn’t apply any hidden charges.

Quality components

The generator we deliver in client location is present with high-quality components, which make them more durable for all applications.

Test before delivering

EO Energy test & check all components of Genset before delivering it on client location. Also, we provide a few day’s trial period of the generator. Which help our customer to a better understanding of Genset.

Product security

All the power backup we provide has come with a fix periods generator components warranty. That means if you get any issue in warranty duration the company will change the components with the new one. Also, we didn’t charge any amount in the warranty period.

Parts & service support

Huge support of generator service & parts of industrial power backup, make us a leading service provider & prime choice of our clients.

Low maintenance

Due o the high-quality generator engine & its components, the generator maintenance cost is very low. But you need to do the oiling & servicing when it’s required.

These are some of the best features of our 75 kVA generator dealership. Which make us prime distributor of Genset in Noida & Delhi NCR. Also, here you get a huge range of well maintained 75 kVA second-hand DG for sale & generator on rent.

To get more information or want to buy a generator for home or industrial power backup, you can call or contact us. Our professional team of sales will assist you with brief detail on 75 kVA generator prices in India with the complete product specifications.