Portable Vs Standby Generators: Which is Right for Your Home

During recent years, the heavy major storms & bad weather prompted most people a question that buying a generator is a great idea. But how to choose the best DG Set for different power needs is always a big question. The portable and standby generator compression helps you to find out the best power generator based on various power needs.

Here in this blog, We share the knowledge on compression between a standby & portable DG Set. Which helps you to find out the best generator for home or DG for commercial power needs.

Why we need a DG Set

If you live in a place where your environment can see small or rare electric failure, then you can spend your time without using an external power source. But if you live in a place where you can face power cut frequently or there is no main grids power supply available. Then having a portable or standby generator is the best solution against unwanted power cut. So a power failure is always a horrible experience for all of us.

Everyone wants to protect there home & family during any power cut & the bad weather or heavy storm is one the main cause of power outage. Due to this power cut, you are not able to run your home appliances such as TV, air conditioner, washing machine, and other electric utilities.

A home generator is one of the basic common solutions to protect your loved once during this situation. Commonly a home generator is available in 3 form inverter generator, portable, and standby generator. According to the requirement of power output, you can buy a perfect home generator size.

Before buying a DG Set, you need to understand which generator is best to fulfill the power requirement. There are many types & brands available in standby & portable diesel generators. Both DG Sets are used to supply backup power for home energy & run electric utilities during a power failure. But both are present with a few common differences.

Now we explain the differences between both power backup. Which helps you to choose the best portable diesel home generator.

Portable Vs Standby generators: portable and standby generator compression

Generators for domestic usage fell into two very broad classes-portable and standby.


Portable generator

Range of portable DG Set for home presents with the feature of easy to carry from one location to another. Due to its portability feature, you can use this Genset in multiple locations & multiple purposes. This generator commonly available in the range between 800 to 1500 watts.

A portable diesel generator is also using for your day to day activity. such as they are useful to charge your electric car or scooter. They are also the best solution for the household during the main grid fail- you could use to run the air conditioner or cooler in the summer to reduce the temperature. Also, when you compare the price feature a portable DG Set is present at a low cost.

Due to the clean & reliable energy of portable inverter generator, you can install this DG Set inside your home.

Standby generator

If you are facing power failure frequently in your living area or you need external power in large amount, buy a standby DG Set.

Permanently installed standby generators are mounted outside the home location. These Standby DG Sets directly connected with the fuel supply pipeline such as gas or propane. A standby diesel generator is mainly used to power the needs of the complete household. These power backups present with the AMF panel, which helps to auto-start & shut down the Genset during the power cut. Also, you need to consider a few important points at the time of thinking about how to choose a standby DG Set.

They are able to provide continuous prime power for all power needs & mange with an electronic switch to the home electric system. Due to the automatic switch panel, they supply the power in a few seconds when the main grids fail. Also, when the main grids power come the generator will automatically go to the standby mode.

These generators are big in size as compare to portable DG Set & this big home Genset available in more than 25,000 watts.

Some of the large size heavy duty standby Genset’s are wide uses in industrial power needs. They are available in up to 100,000 watts.

The best comparison of Portable & Standby DG Set: portable and standby generator compression

Advantages of having a portable power backup

  • The cost of a portable generator is more affordable & they present with the low-cost features.
  • Availability in various fuel engine offers you to choose the best DG set based on your needs.
  • Due to the portability feature, this portable Genset’s are easy to relocate from one location to another.
  • Low fuel consumption of a portable generator is one of the best features present with this power backup. That means they provide the same power output but the fuel consumption rate is very low.
  • Portable DG Set maintenance cost is very low as compare to other heavy size Genset. These generators are able to perform 2500 to 3000 hours without any maintenance.
  • Also, you can maintain these generators without the help of any professional. Because there is no need to maintain the spark plug in a portable home generator, the regular oiling & parts checking will increase the shelf life of Genset.

Disadvantages of a portable generator

  • Need to install under the roof or need an acoustic enclosure for portable home Genset to protect them bad weather or heavy storm.
  • Also, able to run small appliances, if you want to run heavy household utilities, you need to buy a large size portable home power backup.
  • Due to the single extension cord, you can’t run multiple appliances at the same time.
  • Regular running & importance is very important for portable DG Set.
  • Need refueling in between loading with minimal running time.
  • If you are using portable diesel Genset for home power backup, you need to install it outside the home with proper security.

Advantages of Standby Generators

  • Due to the AMF panel of a standby generator, it will start & shut down automatically when the main grids power fails or presents.
  • No need to refueling in every time duration, because the generator is able to directly connected with the fuel supply pipeline.
  • Able to run all power units for home, business, and industrial power needs.
  • The automatic warning alarm system update if there is any requirement for oiling or coolant change.
  • Due to the rugged & robust design of standby generators, they provide continuous prime power in bad weather or worst job location.
  • Widely uses in high rise apartments, health care sectors, and small or large industrial applications.

Disadvantages of standby DG Set

  • The cost of Standby generator is compared to a portable DG Set is higher.
  • Apart from the buying cost the installation & maintenance cost is also high.
  • Due to the large size of the standby generator, the need more space for installation.
  • Also, because of the large size & heavyweight, these Gensets are installed in one location. That means you can’t move them from one location to another.
  • Due to the heavy engine & large power output capacity, standby DG Set full consumption rate is very high.

How to choose the right size DG Set for a home

What you would like to use largely depends on you. Make a list of the must-have appliances you want to use during the power cut. Also, you need to list out the thing which is very essential in daily routine. The power calculation is one of the best ways to choose the right size home generator.

Also, the starting voltage & running voltage of power appliances may differ. So always go with the starting voltage of electric goods. This is the easiest way to look for a guideline for your specific devices. Which you want to run during the power failure.

some of the essential things you need to run during the power cut.

  • Lights.
  • Washing Machine.
  • Fridge
  • Dish washer
  • Air-Conditioner

These are some of the most needed things in your daily life. Apart from them, you can choose other items according to your needs.

The range of portable or standby generator is available in single-phase & 3 phase power output. So before buying a DG Set, you need to consider, which kind of output you want?.


The requirement of electricity to run power appliances is a major factor when you choose a DG Set. A portable generator is mainly measured by the watts of DG Set. But before choosing a Genset for home or other power needs, always assure the total required power consumption during the power failure. Also, for temporary power needs, you can hire a generator on rent.

Here in this blog, we share the detailed information of portable & standby power backup. Also, we share the information on the advantage & disadvantages of this DG Set. A portable generator is often available on the store for purchase to the improvement of the house used, whose needs in a range from 5,000 to 7,000 watts. While the demands of those who have installed 12,000 watts or more can be at least 12 kilowatts for standby generators. Here you get the best portable and standby generator compression.

I hope this article will help you to choose best generator for home or other power needs.

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